Senator Slade Gorton’s Crypto Sister

Marge Browning and Sen. Slade Gorton
Dorothy “Marge” Gorton and her Senator Brother Slade Gorton

Jewish Washington State Senator Slade Gorton (III) descend from a long heritage in the Seafood and fish packing business.

In fact, his grandfather, Slade Gorton, started the original Slade Gorton & Company fishing packing business back in 1874.

That’s right, “Gorton’s fish sticks” and “trust the Gorton’s fisherman” stem from the same breaded frozen fish still being sold in the freezer section today, as well as at McDonald’s.

From Wikipedia:

In 1899, the company patented the “Original Gorton Fish Cake.” In 1905, the Slade Gorton Company adopted the fisherman at the helm of a schooner (the “Man at the Wheel”) as the company trademark. Today, he is known as the Gorton’s Fisherman.

Gorton’s timeline:
1849 – John Pew & Sons emerges as an official company
1874 – Slade Gorton & Company is founded
1875 – “Gorton’s” becomes a registered trademark
1889 – Gorton’s codfish becomes the first record of nationally advertised fish and Gorton’s codfish becomes a household word. Gorton’s billboards line railroads and roads across the United States
1899 – Slade Gorton & Company patents the Original Gorton Fish Cake, later sold to McDonald’s
1906 – Gorton-Pew Fisheries is founded
1926 – Gorton-Pew introduces Gorton’s Ready-to-Use Codfish in a can
Late 1950s – Gorton’s Research Laboratory achieved a revolutionary new frozen process, exclusive under the brand name of Gorton’s of Gloucester, Inc., known as the Fresh-Lock Process. The “Fresh Lock” process was patented in 1963
1957 – Gorton-Pew Fisheries name changes to Gorton’s of Gloucester
1963 – Gorton’s acquires BlueWater Sea Foods, a Canadian brand
1964 – The Gorton’s Fisherman first appears on a Gorton’s box, which was a blue silhouette for many years until changing to a 3D color illustration in 1995
1965 – Gorton’s of Gloucester becomes The Gorton Corporation
1968 – Gorton’s merges with General Mills as a wholly owned subsidiary
1978 – First production of the Gorton’s jingle “Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman from Gorton’s of Gloucester”, later shortened to “Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman”
1995 – Unilever purchases Gorton’s from General Mills
2001 – Unilever sells Gorton’s and BlueWater Seafoods to Nippon Suisan (USA), Inc.
2005 – Gorton’s removed trans fat from its entire line of products one year ahead of the January 1, 2006 U.S. federal deadline

As you can see, the original Slade Gorton & Company was sold off a while back multiple times before landing with Japanese investors Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd., however a new namesake remnant of the old company seafood trademark still exists within Gorton family hands under trade name Slade Gorton & Co. Inc.

The third Slade Gorton (Senator) was born on January 8, 1928 in Chicago, and later served in the Army (1945 to 1946) before entering into politics in 1958, right after attending Dartmouth College and Columbia Law School, where he was elected to the Washington State Legislature for ten years serving as its highest ranking member.

Gorton served as Washington State Attorney General from 1969 until returning to the Senate again in 1981, where he became a U.S. Senator representing Washington State for almost twenty years straight (2001).

Judge Nathaniel Gorton
Judge Nathaniel Gorton
Mike Gorton Sr.
Mike Gorton Sr.

Senator Gorton was born of Jewish descent and has two younger brother’s; Judge Nathanial (“Nat”) Gorton, of the U.S District Court, District of Massachusetts, and Mike Gorton, Chairman of Slade Gorton & Co. Inc., which sells seafood under various brand names, but is no longer associated with the original “Gorton” frozen food brand trademark everyone is familiar with.

In 1992, Kennedy graciously agreed to grease the skids for the Senate confirmation of Slade’s brother Nat to the federal bench in Massachusetts. – John C. Hughes

Senator Slade Gorton’s maternal grandfather, Edward Everett Israel, was a hard-shell prohibitionist Presbyterian of Jewish Welsh extraction. He is also the only other documented elective office-seeker in the history of Slade’s family. Grandpa Israel ran for senator and governor several times in Louisiana as a candidate of the Prohibition Party. “He got maybe 3,000 votes in a statewide election,” Slade says, but was undeterred.
Grandpa was a huge baseball fan. He had a tryout as a major-league catcher in the 1890s. His major weakness in the secular world, in fact, was the St. Louis Cardinals. But he couldn’t go to a baseball game—even listen to one—on Sunday. The Sabbath was a holy day. Slade’s kid brother, Mike, says grandpa used to fudge. He’d turn down the volume and put his ear right next to the radio so grandma wouldn’t know what he was up to.
The Israels also believed fervently in the power of education. Slade’s mother and Aunt Dorothy were graduates of Louisiana State University in an era when few women finished college. – John C. Hughes

According to my source, John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Senator Slade Gorton concealed the fact he had a crypto-sister named Dorothy Gorton, years older, who publicly presented herself as his Aunt Dorothy, as referenced in the above quote from John C. Hughes.

Dixon said that for this very reason Dorothy changed her first name to “Marge.”

Attorney Ben Browning
Jewish Attorney Ben Browning

Dixon said Marge Gorton married prominent attorney Ben Browning, who is also Jewish, and was very close friends of my grandfather, Wayne Green of Pocatello, Idaho.

Green was a Scottish-Welsh Aryan who worked for Garrett Freightlines as one of its top executives after working his way up from loader at their distribution center in Pocatello.

Green’s primary job on behalf of Garrett’s was to testify in court defending current and expanding trucking routes, a common practice in the seventies and early eighties before Reagan mandated deregulation of the industry.

Prominent Jewish Attorney Ben Browning was retained by Garrett Freightlines to defend these territorial trucking routes. Under which he preferred using Green in court testifying to these territorial issues.

Garrett Freightlines Inc. (Pocatello)

“He was the best witness I’ve ever seen breakdown complicated trucking legalese into compelling yet simple understanding for jurors” – “He could get the jury to eat from the palm of his hand.” – Ben Browning

Years of the pair working together led to a friendship which lasted for decades, where my grandmother became friends with “Marge.”

Dixon said both Ben and “Marge” routinely poisoned my grandparent’s drinks, as both couples were moderate to heavy drinkers, thus giving them easy access in their Jew War against Aryans.

My grandfather died prematurely of prostate cancer in his mid-seventies.

Attorney Ben Browning also set my parents up on a Kirkland real estate deal in 1974 by dividing the property in two, a lawyered transaction which hurt the underclass Jewish seller as well, under a plot intended to keep large swaths of real estate from both parties respectively.

Around 1972, my parents and I, at the age of seven, were invited along with my grandparents to go salmon fishing with the Browning’s at their Puget Sound waterfront home, located on Harstine Island in Mason county, Washington.

Addressed as:  482 Chesapeake Drive, Shelton, Washington.

While out retrieving crab pots from Case Inlet on Puget Sound with Ben Browning and my grandfather, Dixon said Ben tried to tangle the rope around my feet upon releasing the 70 pound crab pot back to the bottom of the inlet.

At the age of only seven, the heavy crab pot could have dragged me under into the cold water had the rope gotten tangled around my feet, as Ben intended, Dixon said.

It was on this fishing trip that I personally photographed both Ben and “Marge” at their home with my camera.

Marge [Gorton] Browning
Dorothy “Marge” Browning
The first photo was of Ben grabbing some beers, and the second of “Marge” fleeing into a bathroom for safety before finally acquiescing.

Dixon said the picture I took of Senator Slade Gorton’s crypto-sister Aunt Dorothy (“Marge” Gorton Browning) is the only public photo available of her anywhere.

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Marge Browning and Sen. Slade Gorton
Marge Browning and Senator Slade Gorton

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