Getty Images Owns Largest Legal Collection of Child Pornography

Seattle based Jews control SINGLE largest collection of legal child porn on the planet – source

Getty Images, Eastcastle Street, London. Image credit: Philafrenzy, via Wikimedia Commons license, some rights reserved.

From the early seventies up until 1993, child pornography was legal in the Netherlands. In fact, during the eighties, it was openly sold on the street in various storefront locations throughout Amsterdam.

Something I personally witnessed, while touring Amsterdam in 1978, where it was being sold at various ‘newsstands’ throughout the city.

Chick – Dutch Adult Publication, Image via Catawiki

Chick, self-styled “sex magazine for the worker”, was an explicit sex journal that started in 1968. Chick was founded by Joop Wilhelmus. In 1970, the publication of sex magazine Chick resulted in the Dutch “Chick-arrest” by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, which in turn led to the new Dutch moral law of 1971 that no longer criminally sanctioned pornography. As a result, child pornography also became effectively legal and Joop Wilhelmus started publishing child pornography magazine Lolita. – Wikipedia


Lolita was first published circa 1970. Wilhelmus encouraged readers to provide new child pornography images so as to ensure his magazine’s survival. A gift magazine was given in exchange for each new child photograph, and the sum of $350 was offered in the magazine if Wilhelmus could take the photographs himself. While Wilhelmus was arrested by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands for publishing Lolita in January 1971, he was released immediately after the interrogation, and was never prosecuted for publishing the magazine.

In 1986, the PSI subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs called Lolita “the most notorious of the foreign commercial child pornography publications”. The magazine reached issue 55 in 1984, and was eventually closed down by Dutch authorities in 1987.

Lolita became an almost universal brand name for child pornography. In an interview with the VPRO, Dik Brummel of the NVSH declared that he had bought some Lolita’s and considered them to be “historical documents”. – Wikipedia

Legal Status of Child Pornography by Country

According to John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, this “historical documents” clause is still in effect, meaning anyone can legally purchase child pornography that was produced in the Netherlands prior to 1993, before it officially became illegal, as long as it remains in the country and has documented historical provenance demonstrating its origins of production.

And, reportedly, exactly what Getty Images did after its inception in 1995, by Jewish co-founders Mark Getty and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Klein, creating Getty Investments LLC.

Since its formation, Getty Images has pursued an aggressive programme of acquisition, buying up many privately owned agencies that had built up the stock photography industry, from small family-run firms to larger agencies. By 1999 it had acquired one of the largest agencies, Tony Stone Images; the online art seller; the sports photography agency Allsport; the market leader in the Benelux and Scandinavia: Word View (1996, from Mr. Bert Blokhuis, four offices, for undisclosed sum); journalistic specialists Liaison Agency; Newsmakers the first digital news photo agency; Online USA, a specialist in celebrity shots; and the Hulton Press Library, the former archive of the British photojournalistic magazine Picture Post. The Hulton collection was sold by the BBC to Brian Deutsch in 1988, when it was renamed Hulton Deutsch. In 1996, the Hulton collection was sold on once more, this time purchased by Getty Images and renamed Hulton Getty. With the acquisition of the Hulton library, Getty Images took ownership of the rights to some 15 million photographs from the British press archives dating back to the Nineteenth Century. Hulton Getty also included photographs from the Keystone Collection, as well as images by notable photographers such as Bert HardyBill BrandtWeegee and Ernst Haas. – Wikipedia

“They literally bought all of the legal child pornography in the Netherlands,” Dixon said. From companies and agencies holding vast collections like “Top Score” that, under Dutch law, were legally grandfathered in, via the “historical documents” clause, along with provenance demonstrating its origins of production.

Getty Images, Inc., Seattle Headquarters, Image via Google maps

Getty Images, Inc. is a visual media company, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is a supplier of stock images, editorial photography, video and music for business and consumers with an archive of over 200 million assets.

Getty has distribution offices around the world and capitalizes on the Internet and for distribution. As Getty has acquired other older photo agencies and archives, it has digitized their collections, enabling online distribution. Getty Images operates a large commercial website that clients use to search and browse for images, purchase usage rights, and download images. Image prices vary according to resolution and type of rights. Cost-per-image is typically around US$500. The company also offers custom photo services for corporate clients.

In February 2008, it was announced that Getty Images would be acquired by the private equity firm Hellman & Friedman in a transaction valued at an estimated US$2.4 billion. The sale to Carlyle thereafter was announced at $3.3 billion [2012], with co-founders Getty and Klein and the Getty family all carrying their investments over into the new ownership structure. Getty continues to serve as chairman and Klein as chief executive. In September 2018, the Getty family announced it would acquire majority stake in the company from Carlyle Group. – Wikipedia

Getty Museum, Image via Wikimedia Commons (click to enlarge)

Dixon said the Getty Center, in Los Angeles, is a playground for the elite to perform a variety of sexual escapades, all hidden under the facility, where their collection of images can be accessed during their sexual charades, typically involving children.

Bauer Dixon, 33rd degree Freemason

He should know, being that his uncle, Bauer Dixon – a John Bolton look-alike 33rd degree Freemason – is the largest dealer of child pornography on the west coast, and an associate of the Getty family.

National Security Advisor, John Bolton, Image via Infowars

The elite use child pornography for a number of reasons; mostly to compromise politicians, mind control the public, and as sexual energy reward among themselves.

This is why Getty Images chose to become the largest holder of legal child pornography in the world, thus allowing them to control the masses.

Jew Adam Schiff, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, from California, Image via Wikimedia Commons

Since the state of California (esp. Los Angeles) is home to the national seat of Pedogate, there are many CA politicians who are controlled by it.  Many have surmised that Hollywood functions as the CIA’s operational headquarters for Pizzagate-type enterprises all over the USA. Which begs the question: To what extent is Schiff blackmailable for his utterly wacky professional conduct?  Adam Schiff: A Wackadoodle on a Witch Hunt ‘Controlled By Pizzagate’?SOTN


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