Pedophile Bing

Bill Gates is a self-admitted porn addict, and Jewish.

Jewish Bill Gates: Crypto-Jew, Pseudo Christian

Reportedly, Bill Gates also has a vast child porn collection he purchased from John Bolton’s first-cousin, Bauer Dixon (uncle of this website’s source).

Bauer Dixon 33rd degree Freemason

In the mid-seventies, Bill Gates, age 21, was apparently arrested with Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico for picking up underage girl(s) while drag-racing with locals on the outskirts of town near some old railroad tracks.

Gates was pulled over after speeding through a stop sign in his Porsche. The officer made the arrest due to the fact Gates had a minor girl with him and Allen in the back seat (while racing the locals), thus putting her life at risk, he claimed. Where thereafter, Gates father bailed him out and had the record erased.

Purportedly, Gates and Allen were both stoned at the time (marijuana), as evidenced in the arrest photo below:

As of 2018, Bill Gates’ company Microsoft appears to be promoting underage girls having sex in its Bing search results.

Jailbait Definition – Microsoft Dictionary

The age of consent in Washington state (Gates home state) is 16-years-old.

‘Jailbait’ search term query’s 404,000 hits on Bing and 3,590,000 hits on Google.

The financially profitable corporate protected search term ‘Jailbait’ produces 15-year-old girls (and younger) in online webcam videos having sex on both Bing and Google results.

Jail•bait: an offensive term for a minor under the age of consent who is sexually desirable to somebody older (slang) – Microsoft

Both of the two major search engines are promoting ‘Jailbait’ minors under the age of consent having sex in videos online in their search results.

The term ‘Jailbait’ could legally be construed as patent entrapment by two of America’s largest and most prestigious Jewish owned corporations operating with exemption within the U.S.

Querying the chat website search term ‘Vichatter’ produces photos of girls as young as 10 having sex via webcam on Bing and Google image results.

Not to mention the mired of additional similar images found under Bing ‘recommended search terms’ displayed under this web chat search result.

Coincidently, Jews own the majority of ‘Jailbait’ sites currently available on the internet – where the bulk of images and videos that support these sites come from social media sites, Jews own as well.

Jewish corporations housed in America, like Stickam and Omegle, operate under U.S. Jurisdiction.

In fact, virtually all the video chat websites used to chat online are exclusively owned and operated by Jews right here in America.

Whereby, the underage sexual revolution proliferating out all over the internet is being profited exclusively by Jews using ‘Jailbait’ images and videos at viewers’ expense.

Thus, these exclusively Jewish owned corporate entities, operating under immunity, like Google, Bing, Stickam and Omegle, conspire with Jewish owned Jailbait sites to generate budding jailbirds.

Can you spell e-n-t-r-a-p-m-e-n-t?

Like a mafia don, the state then publicly threatens the sexual rights of minors for sexting while turning around and profiting from the very videos they officially supposedly condemn – linked under Google and Bing – to an array of jailbait sites.

The state then turns a blind eye toward the Jewish publishers of these underage videos – created, linked, and posted exclusively on their Jewish owned websites – while inevitably going after only the non-Jewish contributors of these sites.

John Bolton

Bing owner Bill Gates, publicly admits to having a pornography addiction. Reportedly, Gates also has a vast child pornography collection that he keeps at his home in Bellevue, Washington, that he purchased from John Bolton’s first cousin, Bauer Dixon – the largest dealer of child pornography on the west coast, source claims.

Bill Gates Bellevue, Washington Home

The bottom line, is that elite Jews are profiting from the sweltering sexuality of minors on their exploding Jailbait sites all across the web.

This is why Bing and Google are including underage ‘Jailbait’ search results in their search engine queries – all while being given immunity from the state.

[jáyl bàyt]
An offensive term for a minor under the age of consent who is sexually desirable to somebody older (slang) – Microsoft


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  1. If you want another perfect example of this, look up the “Allison Rapp” case.

    She was a PR agent for NINTENDO in Redmond, WA. The same Nintendo that makes the most popular children’s video games in the world. Rapp was an open supporter of pedophiles on her social media accounts, and her college Capstone paper was about why western society should legalize sex with minors. There is no way Nintendo could have not known about this before hiring her, especially since she was applying as a PR rep.

    It’s my estimation that people like Rapp are commonplace in companies like Nintendo but she was too public and vocal about it. One thing that has helped to ruin the American “millennial” population is the widespread proliferation of “Lolicon” cartoon pornography on the internet which depicts underage anime girls and characters from Western cartoons in sexual acts. It skirts by all regulation since it is all animated and cartoon drawn. And it delivers a double whammy by sexualizing people’s favorite childhood cartoon and video game characters, further breaking down all senses morality, decency, and reality itself.

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