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KIRKLAND, WA — If you had one chance to convey preemptively acquired knowledge… would you take it?

I grew up attending Jr. High and High school with John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon.

Dixon never mentioned to anyone about who his relatives were – are.

Ultimately, time caught up with this reality and the truth was unfurled at astonishing speed.

Over the course of one night, in 1998, Dixon revealed that he is closely related to high profile CFR Neocon John R Bolton (father’s first cousin) – among many other notables.

Dixon is the Masonic source for most of the information contained herein at Corruptico (obtained in 1998).

Dixon comes from a very large Norwegian Masonic family that genetically descends directly from the Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tutankhamun.

King Tutankhamun (Credit: Roland Unger/Wikimedia Commons)

Dixon explained how his Masonic uncle, John Bolton, is a high-ranking member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and a top member of the Neoconservative movement (Neocon).

Bolton publicly served under president Bush as United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2005-2006.

In 2017, John Bolton was considered for Secretary of State by President Trump before selecting Rex Tillerson, a close friend of Bolton’s.

After Tillerson was fired in 2018, Trump selected John Bolton as his National Security Advisor to work with him in the White House on security threats from around the world. However, Bolton may be the biggest threat of all.

Which Path to Persia? Is Bolton’s main objective, designed to start WWIII by falsely blaming Iran for nuking Israel. A New American Century false flag (PNAC) designed to justify use of the Samson Option in response, as means to exterminate the Aryan race form the face of the planet – the nemesis of Luciferian Jews, and Masons – both of whom Neanderthal.

Greg T Dixon – Jack Nicholson – Dr Phil McGraw – Dave Killackey

Dixon further reports being related to big time movie star Jack Nicholson, television talk show personality Dr. Phil McGraw (aka Dr. Phil) and Jay Leno’s good friend and mechanic Dave Killackey –  whom he frequently visits regularly in California .

Henry Yesler, Founder of Seattle, Seattle's First Millionaire
Henry Yesler – Seattle’s Founding Neanderthal

Dixon claims he has 3,000+ family members living in the Seattle area alone, and is a direct descendant of Henry L Yesler, the city’s founding father and first millionaire, who also was a Norwegian Freemason.

Bauer Dixon 33rd degree Freemason

I’ve personally met another one of Dixon’s uncles, Kirkland crypto police officer Bauer Dixon – a John Bolton look-alike  – and purportedly the largest dealer of child pornography on the west coast: dealing mostly to prominent Jews in the area, whom he also arranges sex with children for whilst personally standing by “keeping order.”

The “Secret” of the Crypt – is Sex with Children.

Reportedly, “the Jews” are steadily taking control of the city of Seattle and surrounding areas away from his ruling-class Norwegian family – at every possible position of power in Government and Industry.

Jack Nicholson and his look-alike relative Greg Dixon

Furthermore, Dixon’s Masonic family doesn’t like the Jews, and won’t marry into their Jewish bloodlines. However, they have to be civil to them in their dealings while sharing power throughout corrupt corridors of Washington state.

Dixon expressed concern that Jews are trying to dissolve his Masonic Norwegian family genetics from the planet – as stated in the Protocols.



Moreover, Dixon said that I (Corruptico) am being relentlessly targeted by the Powers that Be – mostly prominent Jews – based on my “Aryan & Bohemian bloodlines” and historic genetic “truth exposing archetype.


Additionally, my genetic connection to Charles Lindbergh through my Aryan father, further plays a big role in why the Jews and Masons (Illuminati) want me dead – quickly.

Top Jew Threatens to Kill Aryans

Not to mention my maternal grandfather, Wayne Green, who descends directly from Mayflower passengers Howland, Winslow and lineal descendant Butterworth.

Descending further, directly from the bloodline of Mary Hicks Collins (not Crapo), whom closely ties directly to Alex Jones, among other notables.

Wayne lived in Idaho, where he was targeted by Jewish Sen. Slade Gorton’s crypto-sister, Dorothy Gorton (aka “Marge Browning”), among other Jews, based solely on his lineal genetic ancestral “Scottish-Welsh Aryan bloodline.

Aryan Mary Hick Collins Crapo and her Descendant, Great Grandson Wayne Green. Ultimately conceived in Paradise, Utah from an 1850s Butterworth affair – (not Crapo).

Illuminated further, is how my ultra-wealthy Aryan German physician father (UW, Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth) is being assiduously targeted by Walt Disney’s Jewish nephew, Leon Kos (who literally grew up at Disneyland while it was being constructed in the 50s)  – based solely on my father’s genetic connection to Charles Lindbergh.

Jews: Walt Disney and his favorite nephew Leon Kos

Upon reflection, and throughout numerous occasions while in the perilous company of these traitorous inbreeds, I had suspected being put in peril without the disclosure of such intent.

It took Dixon to fill in the blanks with specifics, consequently revealing to me the true intentions of multiple perpetrated acts upon my family during innumerable times of deceit (all hidden under the guise of friendship), thus waking me up from my slumber to this most hostile reality.

The Jews have always hated Lindbergh for being (Aryan) on the “America First” committee

“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

They Are Not Like Us – by Jack Harper

 “Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu or Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind (Aryans) in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man (Jews) and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” – Overlords of Chaos

This is the premise documented throughout this site, where I will be revealing information conveyed by John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon, along with experiences witnessed firsthand.

WHERE: The truth of the matter; we are all being seriously misled by Neanderthal Jews and Masons (Illuminati Luciferians) who have absolutely no problem lying right to our faces, for the mass destruction of races – Aryan genocide being their basis.

Time to step up to these inbred paces and let ’em know where their place is.


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