JEW WAR: Moscow Murders Likely Racially Motivated

Four Aryan students were murdered by Jewish suspect with criminal psychology degree from WSU.

Aryans Kalyee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle and Madison Mogen

All four murder victims were ARYAN.

Jew Bryan Kohberger

The suspect is JEWISH.

Aryan Chief Fry

Moscow Chief of Police James Fry is also 100% ARYAN.

This likely was a JEWISH Tribal mass murder, with many Jews aware and emotionally supportive of the crime.

I went to High school with John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, who said the single driving force behind Freemasonry is a JEW WAR to exterminate ARYANS.

John Bolton

Chief Fry said there is no clear motive for the killings.

Details of the killings, and the motive for them, are yet to be released with law enforcement saying a sealed arrest affidavit will be released once Kohberger is extradited back to Idaho.

I doubt you will ever find one – because it is a JEW WAR against Aryans – not allowed to be discussed without being labeled anti-Semitic. Good luck with that MOTIVE thing…

Katherine Ramsland

Prior to attending Washington State University, Kohberger was a student at DeSales University, where he learned all about forensic psychology from famed criminologist Katherine Ramsland.

Author Katherine Ramsland

Katherine Ramsland is half-Jewish. Ann Rule was another half-Jewish author who also wrote extensively about serial killers from an “insiders’ perspective”, according to Dixon, who said Rule knew who committed the crime before the suspect was identified and charged.

Ann Rule

Rule is best known for The Stranger Beside Me (1980), about the serial killer Ted Bundy, with whom Rule worked and whom she considered a friend, but was later revealed to be a murderer.

Jew Ted Bundy

Classmates at DeSale said Kohberger took the course ‘Psychology of Death Investigators,’ named after one of Ramsald’s books, and had completed a research project asking ex-cons to map out how they committed their crimes, The Daily Beast reports.

Jew Ted Bundy Murdered Only ARYAN Women

Bryan Kohberger Photo Sparks Ted Bundy Comparisons in Appearance, Age, More…

Bundy, who was roughly the same age as Kohberger at the time of his first murders, spent time as assistant director of the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission in Olympia, Washington, where he wrote a pamphlet for women on rape prevention.

In early December, John Henry Browne—Bundy’s onetime attorney—told news outlets he believed there were numerous similarities between the Idaho killings and those committed by his client, who left behind only paltry evidence at the start of his killing spree that left some three dozen [Aryan women] dead.

Jews hate Aryans who are carefree, friendly, and community oriented with other Aryans, Dixon said (as the victims appeared to be). Bundy’s victims were all female Aryans, Dixon further disclosed.

In a now-deleted Reddit post about the project, students had wanted to ‘understand how emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime.’ 

Kohberger and his project partners had asked the former criminals questions about how they targeted their victims, how they prepared for the crime, their travel details and how the crime played out.

Kohberger graduated from DeSales University in Pennsylvania in May 2022 with a master of arts in criminal justice. 

Kohberger is [currently] a Ph.D. student in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.

Kohberger may have attempted other ARYAN victims.

Reddit Post

WSU is only a 15-minute drive to Moscow, Idaho, where the victims were murdered while attending the University of Idaho.

This crime has ‘INSIDER’ written all over it.

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  1. >SO on point< concerning Ann Rule Edmund Dantes. Just SPOT-ON….

    Anne was a fellow traveler PNW Cultist member "plug'd In" so to speak with the local Hiveite-minded neural network used here by tha perps in WA/Whidbey Island area. Im VERY familiar with em & the tech n' tricks used by this point…
    -The problem, & what I observe as an almost arrogant flaw, with Anne, was that she failed to even partially disguise her insights & observations concerning the psyches of the men she often wrote about. She authored all those books from the very literal perspective of occupying rent-free space within the subjects OWN MIND, but to her readers, she & the works just seemed like astute, clinical observations of her sharp, inquisitive, analytical mind @ work, busily deducing this, that n' the other….
    -Having become intimately familiar myself with the weaponization of human neuro-science, existing patents, end application(s) of exotic technology & transmission methods, in a round about manner, she really may have been sitting RIGHT THERE in the subjects very MINDS w/o the targets even being AWARE of the intrusive presence. R.N.M-Remote Neural Monitoring & E.E.G Heterodyning tech come to mind… (ElectroEncephaloGraph-See Natalie Woods final 1983 film: "BrainStorm" as an example of EEG oriented link-up)

    -Such can be accomplished overtly or covertly w/o any other indicative physical symptom other than ringing, beeps or tones in the targets ears, depending on techniques employed, or if telepathic or community organized stalking/harassment is used on the targets. The end-target may possess I.P that may be of lucrative value or importance to an envious Linked in Cultist that can then steal that idea(s) on the sly, lift future patents or book ideas, written songs, corporate info, intel, data & then profit quite nicely from the access….
    -Originally being a VERY effective Military Espionage tool thats gotten out into corporate usage with ill effects when used improperly. Companies such as S.A.I.C in CA, designs, constructs & $ells such items to Govt's/Telecoms/Militaries/Etc.
    Another odd one about Anne Rule that Id seen in her Scott Scurlock book entitled: "End Of The Dream-The Golden Boy Who Never Grew Up" (Scott was a PNW/Olympia kid n' free spirit who in the 1990's took to rob'n local banks QUITE succe$$fully @ that-IMAGINE robbing the same Seafirst bank location 3 TIMES, in a short 3 WEEK time period?!..BaaaaHaHaHa!)

    -By reading that book, it was blatantly OBVIOUS he'd made her WELL more than a bit hot under tha bonnet n' $exually excited by the manner in which she described him, wrote & spoke about the guy, tons of sexual references made & not 'jus chalked up to writers using smoky, saucy descriptive words to spice up the writing. She seemed so VERY intimately oriented with HIS OWN personal experiences & INNER personality, that only a personal, long serving mental health therapist would be privy too IF he'd ever seen one regularly? I'd bet NOT…;)
    A little too intimate a relationship I'd say for never meeting him personally, unlike Ted Bundy, & seeing this type of pattern present itself in many of her books really makes me wonder?
    -We also have had a/the Scurlock family call Whidbey Island home, theres a Scurlock road over in Mukilteo/etc, being a local/Scottish immigrant surname, as its kinda common in the PNW, Ive known other Scurlocks from the Shelton/Olympia area, no idea how much genetic material is shared between all the people bearing such a surname, more likely than not I'd surmise?

    Great articles…

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