Whidbey Island Jewish Grocers Peddle Toxic GMO Foods

Exclusively Jewish owned grocers on Whidbey Island are selling toxic cancerous GMO laced foods to unsuspecting customers –

Image Credit: Joe Mabel

For example, Steve Springer, owner of the Red Apple at Ken’s Korner in Langley, Washington, is selling Atlantic farm raised salmon without labeling it as ‘farm raised.’

Atlantic farm raised salmon is one of the most toxic GMOs you can buy – it’s literally off the toxicity chart.

Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon – Off the
Toxicity Chart (far right) – Image Credit: RT News

The Goose Grocery, also in Langley, is once more owned by a Jew who uses the pseudonym ‘Goosefoot’ for his first and last name (no shit).

Top level source, with family all over ‘The Island,’ reveals Goosefoot uses that name because he wants people to believe he is an American Indian, rather than a rich Jew.

Most of Goosefoot’s employees, like Springer’s Red Apple, are Jewish, and clearly pride themselves on purchasing organics – based on what I have seen – yet are routinely peddling the far more toxic cancerous unlabeled GMO products to their unsuspecting customers, particularly children, without any visible remorse or compunction.

For instance, the Goose sells shitloads of GMO corn tortillas, but only stocks one that is organic, frozen behind glass, that is exorbitantly priced ($4+), even though I have repeatedly requested ‘Buenavista’ brand organic tortillas that Whole Foods sells for one dollar.

Not wanting to be hijacked on organic corn tortillas, I reluctantly purchased Don Pancho yellow corn tortillas from ‘The Goose’, as I couldn’t access Whole Foods.

Simply put, they made sick as shit.

Thanks Gooser!

Multiple times, I have raised concerns to Goose Grocer employees about not labeling their deathly GMO’s by bringing up ‘Fair Trade.’

The organization Fair Trade took the issue of ‘workers rights’ directly down to the retail level, and won. Yet attempting to do this with GMOs is met with contempt and disdain – where GMO death continues to reign.

However, do you really think that the rich Jews who own ALL the grocery retail on Whidbey Island actually give a shit?

I think not.

Monsanto GMO Tumor Rats Cancer Study Using Corn for 2-Years

Undeniably, Steve Springer’s Red Apple has got to be the most degraded grocery on Whidbey. For years there wasn’t even a public restroom. And the exorbitant prices seem to change with the foul. Case in point; the price of a rarely seen organic cucumber typically ranges from about $2 all the way up to $4.50 and non-organic broccoli goes for as much as $4.79/lb. (but usually just goes bad).

GMO Fruit and Vegetable Label Codes

Furthermore, Steve Springer refuses to purchase the food from his own store, which he profitably pedals to his customers – because “he thinks it’s nasty and disgusting… and likes it that way,” source revealed.

Jewish Red Apple Owner Steve Springer

In fact, the only item Springer ever buys is ‘cat litter’ for his felines (confirmed by an employee). This should be reassuring to his customers.

Which begs the question: Where does, Springer buy his food?

Red Apple at Ken’s Korner in Langley, Washington

Of course, the real goal Springer has in mind for the Island community (mostly made up of lower class Jews) source revealed, is for it to be denigrated, through purposeful nasty food and shopping experiences.

In fact, Michael Cooler, who used to work for Springer, told me not to purchase the meat at Springer’s Red Apple because he caught Springer replacing items he pulled that had expired, back into the meat case.

Then of course, there is always the precipitous odor from the stench of rotten meat (50% plus of which gets tossed) emitting from the back of the store. Where according to source, Springer lets the stench flourish as means to taint the patrons of the adjoining restaurant, owned by a race Springer reportedly despises.

Non-Jews (Europeans), would never let 50% of the meat gets tossed, and would gladly label GMO upon request. Yet on Whidbey, where all the grocery is owned by Jews, the grotesque waste and Frankenfood continuously spews.

When I asked Cooler why he was no longer working for Springer as store manager, he told me, among other things, that he was “tired of babysitting adult children.”

Apathetically, many of the Red Apple employees seem as though they give a shit about you, often acting like children, with the exception of Pam, who is Jewish, just like 90% of the retail employees I have encountered on Whidbey Island.

In fact, I have been deceived multiple times at the Red Apple by one Jewish employee in particular, who likes bagging your groceries in multiple bags, unnecessarily, then leaves one of them on the portable hanger facing towards her, so you have to come back to get it when you realize you’ve been duped.

Both the Langley Red Apple and Goose Grocer share employees, indoctrinated by this ‘shut up and eat’ mindset management no less, and will most assuredly care less when you come down with a GMO related ailment, at your expense.

Chronic Diseases are Skyrocketing

For proof of this mentality, Cooler said Springer told him the nastiest black joke he’d ever heard. “It was really nasty” Cooler reiterated.

The black joke by Springer is telling to say the least, and consistent with the targeting of other races he despises, like certain ethnic restaurant owners, along with “underclass Jews” and “Aryans,” as source confirms.

Interestingly, Steve Springer is a Jewish crypto family in law (of an in law) on my mother’s side, according to my source, and why I wish to report this information about how he and other Jewish grocery retailers on Whidbey Island are peddling deadly toxic GMOs to their unsuspecting customers (mostly fellow Jews) .

As mentioned above, the organization Fair Trade took the issue of ‘workers rights’ directly down to the retail level, and won. I suggest we do the same, demanding GMOs be labeled, locally, by these same grocery retailers that sell them. Otherwise, the intended outcome of Monsanto (now Bayer) and Bill Gates, facilitated by local grocery retailers, will be, for the clinically naive, as pictured below.

Monsanto GMO Tumor Rats Cancer Study Using Corn for 2-Years

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