CNN Jews

CNN – the Cable News Network – aka the Criminal News Network, Corrupt News Network, Communist News Network, Conspiracy News Network, Clinton News Network, Corleone News Network, CIA News Network, and Con News Network is owned, headed and staffed exclusively by Jews.

This is by no means an anomaly, as Jews control the MSM, the internet, all major financial institutions (FED), education, energy, the food supply, and most of the US government.

For further documentation of the record, here is a list of Jews working for CNN as of 2017.

(click to enlarge)

Jewish US Senators 2016

JP Morgan: House of Morgan Media

Seattle: MSM Pedophiles

Jew Island

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    1. The entire chapter of Obadiah is about these false Jews, or Edomites. They are not the seed of Jacob but rather Esau, and hate Christ and scattered Israel.

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