NBC King 5 Lesbian Anchor Jean Enersen Warned Not to Take 18-Year-Old Date Out Publicly

Jean Enersen
Jean Enersen

Seattle’s age-old top rated news anchor, Jean Enersen, is also a self-admitted lesbian. In fact, Jean reported this material herself, live on-air, to millions of viewers all across Puget Sound a few decades ago.

However, due to a backlash of angry hate calls and letters flooding the King 5 studios, Jean was told to stay in the closet regarding this subject on future broadcasts.

But this didn’t stop her from dating girls of questionable age, nonetheless.

Oh contraire, according to US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, who stated Jean Enersen has dated a throng of young girls over the course of her long and lustrous career in Seattle.

Dixon further illuminated how Jean, over the years, dated several 16-year-old girls (the age of consent in Washington State) and dabbled with girls even younger, reporting back “younger pussy tastes better,” to the elite crowd of pedophiles that run the show.

Yes, pedophiles run the show, in case you have an extremely low cognitive IQ (the only IQ that matters).

A tad bit hypocritical coming from the ”hype the fear” media who exceedingly goes out of its way to demonize this very same behavior for virtually anyone else.

For which Jean, who is half-Jewish elite, loves to shove in our face to further the elite mind control agenda through sexual repression.

One need only look out over the horizon of stupidity to see it is clearly working… America.

Sexually repressed people have a simplified world view of things, and cannot for the life of them believe anything that doesn’t come from their mind control masters.

This is why they demonize sex for you and yours, while simultaneously engaging in “Crowley” type sexual escapades themselves.

Sexual prowess is empowering, enlightening and a true threat to the elites, as the sixties can attest, which scared the piss out of the elites, and why you have been sexually repressed ever since.

All while Jean Enersen is being photographed out in public with 22-year-old female dates at highfaluting events all throughout Seattle.

Although, you wouldn’t know this, because it never gets reported by elite pedophiles that run the show… any wonder?

Dixon said his uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, is the largest dealer of child porn on the entire west coast, and is dealing to many reporters and exec’s in the Seattle media.

Face it. You’ve been duped America… and your prize? A one way ticket to a FEMA death camp near you, where you will receive a bullet to the back-of-the-head.

And to make sure you never wake up in time to see the writing on the wall, hidden in plain sight, Jean Enersen is being instructed by her superiors not to take her 18-year-old dates out publicly, where they could be photographed together.

If you find this all too hard to believe (which isn’t surprising based on America’s ingrained sexual repression), there is other evidence on the web to support the fact that Jean Enersen is in need of being reined in at times.

Just Google: “Jean Enersen shoplifting.” The results also are Dixon confirmed.

Now, you better run grab a snack or two, to repress any sexual feelings your masters have hypocritically forbidden.

But just remember, sexual repression causes obesity.

This must be why Jean is so skinny?



I keep hearing this local urban legend. .. : Seattle – Reddit

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    1. Bullshit story. She has been married three separate times. Each marriage was to a man. She has two daughters. Produce the video when she announced that she was lesbian or shut-the-hell-up.

      1. I personally heard her report this live on air, as did others… people change.

        “Produce the video when she announced that she was lesbian or shut-the-hell-up”

        Who the hell do think I am? this happened before the digital age, who the fuck was recording then?

        My source on this is John Bolton’s nephew, who the fuck are you?

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