Jewish US Congressmen 2020

Jews have total control of the US Congress, and half the Senate, while claiming only 2% of the National population – 

The Deep State seemingly is running goy-looking half-Jew candidates (Jews interbred with Masons) to fool the goy voting public into electing disseminated Jews in dominate numbers.

Many of the Jewish Congressmen (pictured below) have goy-looking features (non-Jewish), thus making it difficult to detect them as Jews, who are explicitly loyal only to the Jewish amoeba single-celled organism.

In fact, roughly another 20-30 US congressmen were left out of this Jew list for lack of absolute verification.

Moreover, (((they))) are also doing this exact same thing (Jews breeding with Masons) in the EU political arena: EU Crypto-Jews

Further, Jews are outright lying about their population numbers, legislating it so they do not have to list themselves on either the US or UK census how convenient.

This is how collectively they’re able to essentially shut down Trump (Aryan goy) through bringing on Russian hoaxes, Ukraine lies, and lockdowns that crash the economy.

Whereby, they are using the exact same game plan as the Jewish Bolsheviks did in 1917, when Jews overthrew Russia after infiltrating key positions in government, the media, education and culture, before bringing together a rag-tag group to form the Red Army of terror, where upon first slaughtering the goy police, went on to exterminate well over 66 million Christians, goy peasants and intelligentsia.

Now, along with currently attempting to crash the economy, Illuminati Jews are also using COVID to get people to except voting by mail, where they will rig the election, placing bend-over Biden in the oval office.

And why the Jewish controlled media repeatedly claims blank-eyed Biden is leading in the polls, to match their rigged outcome, which will further hasten their attempt at worldwide famine and death by vaccination.

All while hiding the real reason only they have full knowledge of (Nibiru), for which they plan to profit from, via depopulation, upon inevitable cataclysmic arrival.

The United States Congress has 535 voting members: 435 representatives and 100 senators –

Pictured below are 296 Jewish Representatives of Congress (roughly 3 Jews for every goy), while claiming only 2% of the US population.



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