Sen. Ted Cruz Related to Jewish Actor Bill Murray

Bill Murray and Ted Cruz
Bill Murray and Ted Cruz

Believe it or not, Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz and famed actor Bill Murray are very closely related to each other.

Undeniably, both have exceptionally similar appearances and demeanor.  These unusual shared descending traits stem from a very prominent Jewish family that holds vast wealth and influence amongst the power elite throughout North America.

In fact, according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, actor Bill Murray could have been a U.S. Senator himself, if he so chose.

Which would have been far easier for him to accomplish, based on the fact he was born in America, unlike Sen. Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, Dixon said.

It certainly appears that Ted Cruz, the Jewish junior senator from Texas since 2013, who claims to be of Hispanic origin, is one of the key operatives of the inevitable financial collapse, aimed at ushering in Martial Law.

How else could a junior senator from Texas wield so much power and influence over the president of the United States and the rest of congress?   Why aren’t more senators speaking out about the lack of seniority Cruz is so evidently wields?

It’s simple.  He is actually a relative of the prominent Jewish family that also produced actor Bill Murray.  He “earned it” when he was born, his influence stems from his family’s directive, and not his own personal accomplishments… still left unwritten.

But not for long it appears, as Cruz stands at the gates of history as the key figure to be remembered for bringing America to its financial knees… bleeding the citizenry for his own personal greed as a high ranking member of the satanic creed.

Cruz’s claim to fame, in building this destructive legacy, is further evidenced by his 21 hour ‘Till I collapse’ (the economy) filibuster on the senate floor, where he read the metaphoric writings of fellow elite Jew, Dr. Seuss, who unlike Cruz, held deeply felt reservations regarding implementation of the New World Order.

Ted Cruz ‘Till I Collapse’ (the economy) filibuster


A NWO Cruz, in his boyish aptitude, can’t seem to hurry along quickly enough. But seems carelessly able to get away with, as Sen. Cruz and actor Bill Murray hold similar captive emotional superior abilities, as do most Jews, over the dumbed down American populace, using false emotions hiding in plain sight, for those who are awakened.

Cruz’s logic actually isn’t logic at all, but rather highly charged sentiment intended to trick you into believing that the mere principal of stopping Obamacare is more important than crashing the entire U.S. economy… which will kill far more people than Obamacare could ever hope of doing over the same time period.

Obamacare is destine to fail, and Cruz is making sure that doesn’t happen, and why he is using it as justification to kill the economy… quickly.

Michael O'Keefe (Danny Noonan)
Michael O’Keefe (Danny Noonan)

To give an example of the destructive nature Cruz and Murray both secretly hold deep inside their genetic related lineage, one need only heed the warning Dixon recited to me regarding the attempt actor Bill Murray made on character actor Michael O’Keefe’s life during the shooting of the movie “Caddyshack” in 1980.

According to Dixon, Bill Murray, who is Jewish and played the role of assistant head greenskeeper Carl Spackler, was supposed to kill co-actor Michael O’Keefe, who is Aryan and played the role of caddy Danny Noonan while filming the movie both have since become famous for having made.  In the movie, tagged with the subtitle “some people just don’t belong,” which was written by Bill Murray’s older brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, Spackler (Bill Murray) is pressured by the head greenskeeper to deal with a potentially disastrous gopher infestation.

Brian Doyle-Murray
Brian Doyle-Murray

Spackler (Murray) finally ends up mounting evermore increasingly dangerous explosives to eradicate the gopher’s infesting the golf course.

Dixon said the explosives used in Caddyshack were in fact real and highly dangerous.  By proxy, Bill Murray was supposed to invite co-actor Michael O’Keefe into the building where they were stored, light a fuse and run back out leaving O’Keefe behind to die in an “accidental” movie set explosion, but something went wrong and Murray didn’t want to go back in to make another attempt.

This is the likes of characters which we are dealing with by electing Sen. Cruz and others to run our government.  Politicos who on the outside appear to be harmless, yet inside hold grave intentions for America and its people … offering a direct forewarning of what’s to come… Till we collapse.

For further proof, while attending University, Cruz often would be caught wearing a cladly-worn see through bathrobe while strolling through campus, taking the path past the women’s dormitory, for excitement and kicks in an antic similar to that of Bill Murray.

cruz 1

Same genetics, same demeanor, similar set of circumstances, this time as a Washington Senator, however.

  Government shutdown: Again? Seriously? (CNN – Bill Murray Reference)

Washington (CNN) — “We’ve seen the movie before,” Sen. John McCain said recently on CNN’s “New Day.”

Oh, how right you are, Senator.

When Bill Murray’s clock radio goes off at 6 a.m. and Sonny and Cher’s tune “I’ve got you Babe” plays in the ’90s classic “Groundhog Day,” perhaps the radio should have been tuned into the latest news from Washington.

The Arizona senator was talking about the government shutdown that is being threatened on October 1.

Again? Seriously?

You aren’t dreaming. And you aren’t starring in “Groundhog Day II.” You have heard this before. A government shutdown is a possibility and the issues haven’t changed: the size and cost of government, the debt limit and health care.

Your guide to a government shutdown

Full article at CNN.


‘Till I collapse’ Ted Cruz’s Filibuster (4rth Largest Filibuster Ever)

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