Wizard of CHAZ: Emerald City Mayor’s Yellow Brick Road Leads to Depopulation

Jewish Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has Deep State bloodline ties to top Satanists pulling levers to destroy America and its patriotic past –

Seattle the emerald city

Agenda 21 is a globalist plan pushing a New World Order where the final solution is 95% population reduction.

Jew Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

Mayor Durkan descends directly from a vast Sephardic Jewish gypsy bloodline tribe from the Middle East, and includes many top players driving the Agenda 21 endgame.

Jew Gypsy

Durkan Jewish Bloodline Notables include:

Jew Victoria Nuland

Victoria Nuland orchestrated the Ukraine uprising Durkan is now using in Seattle by exploiting the same tactics. Video: BLM Riots are Ukraine 2.0.

Jew Madonna

Madonna recently made a music video predicting the coronavirus mask-wearing, while sporting a corona on her head (corona is Latin for crown).

Jew Cher and Chaz

Cher coincidentally has a ‘boy’ named CHAZ, and was a major mind control influencer of the sixties working with Deep State in directing the public towards their liking.

Jew Jan Crawford CBS

Jan Crawford is a news reporter for CBS while living in Austin. Where she is close friend and neighbor of controlled opposition antagonist Alex Jones, where both are publicly pushing against each other for civil war.

Jew Dr Nancy Snyderman

Dr Nancy Snyderman was forced to resign from NBC news for not quarantining after being exposed to the Ebola virus, violating a voluntary Ebola quarantine agreement.

This extensive ‘Durkan Jewish bloodline’ carries into all walks of life, including many who routinely appear in corporate ads cryptically revealing an endgame plan for America and the world.

The Durkan Jewish bloodline is well-interbred and thoroughly connected to other interbred bloodlines, mostly Jewish, who have all been working together for depopulation throughout the centuries.

Jew Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) Disney

Case in point: Theodor Herzel, a Jewish offshoot bloodline of Walt Disney, whose ancestry is at the tip of the spear behind Agenda 21 working in concert with Durkan in Seattle.

Walt Disney and favorite Jewish nephew Leon Kos.

Jewish senators Dianne FeinsteinBarbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi were all selected to be elected to the US Congress through the financial efforts of Leon Kos’ Jewish fundraising father.

Jews Leon Kos, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer

Sen Chuck Schumer’s Tranny Wife

Jew Speaker Frank Chopp, D-43

WA Speaker Frank Chopp-D is a Disney family bloodline member working with Durkan in Seattle pushing agenda 21.

UN Agenda 21/2030 Mission Goals (en route to depopulation) Include:

One World Government (no boarders no walls no USA at all)

Mandatory Vaccinations (DNA damaging depopulation kill shot)

Universal Income (mark of the beast crypto cashless society)

World Social Credit System (like China)

Microchipped Tracking (mark of the beast all seeing eye)

Government/Corporate Integrated Owned Businesses (Communism)

Ban of Natural Medicine (GMO/Pharmaceutical depopulation death)

Mandatory testing for COVID actually is a DNA grab, similar to IBM and the punch cards Soros and the Nazis were involved with during WWII, aimed at documenting the genetics of those slated for genocide, for posterity, right before depopulation.

Jew Soros Nazi – “Happy Making Time”

As in Nazi Germany, corporations also are working hand in hand with government to depopulate the planet. Small businesses are the life blood of the economy, now being funneled to big corporations like Seattle based Amazon and Costco, along with Walmart and Kroger.

Shoppers are being corralled into these mega stores like animals, while small restaurants and other businesses are failing. However, concentrating people into high volumes of exposure to the virus makes absolutely no sense at all. Cue bono?

This practice will also destroy the economy, ushering in a universal basic income, producing a mark of the beast crypto cashless society. They will follow your every move via your purchases tied to either a smartphone under 5G or implanted microchip under the skin.

Destruction of America and thus the world is an centuries old plan documented by Jew Sir Francis Bacon in his book The New Atlantis, which in summary documents the creation of America for the purpose of worldwide destruction of other nations via regime change and wars. After of which America will be destroyed itself as well, consequently the point we are currently entering into.

America has been at war destroying nation all across the globe since its inception under the guise that “they hate us for our freedoms” as documented in this Wars List. Now that colonialism has run its course, statues are being toppled as cannon fodder – Americans are simply material to be expended in war.

This writer descends directly from John Howland and Edward Winslow, both of whom arrived in America on the Mayflower on November 11, 1620. John Howland has over one million descendants in America alone, many of whom have patriot ancestry who fought the British in the revolutionary war for independence.

Mary Hick Collins Crapo and great grandson Wayne Green (Born of Butterworth NOT Crapo)

The ‘Durkan Jewish bloodline’ is out to destroy this genetic lineage, and has been targeting my immediate family for genetic destruction for decades through intermarriage to my uncle, Bill Green, who has no idea he was targeted by his Jewish wife, sandy Tubs, for traitorous matrimony based solely on his relation to Howland and Winslow.

Durkan Bloodline Jew Sandy Tubs

They want a NEW Civil War – Bolshevik-style

Antifa, BLM, ISIS, M-13, privately funded mercs and freshly released prisoners are the New Bolsheviks. This tactic is the same the Soviet Bolsheviks used in 1917 to depopulate white Christians throughout Russia – technically an insurrection framed as ‘revolution’.

The BLM uprising appears to be organic, but actually is only 10% of the population, organized by interbred Sephardic Jewish bloodlines, known as the 10% rule for mass persuasion – making people believe the vocal minority is the majority.

China, under guise of the UN, will be used if and when needed to usher Americans into FEMA camps, where you will receive a bullet to the back of the head, or loose it under a guillotine. This is the Jewish Bolshevik/Nazi game plan.



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  1. I personally took a 10 minute walk through CHAZ* 3 weeks ago (while carrying 45 rounds of 9mm). It was a giant convention for the mentally ill. Graffiti, drugs, homeless tents, and property vandalism everywhere. It will probably take over $1,000,000 to undo all of the damage that has been done to Capitol Hill. CHAZ was a microcosm of the future for this country under central banking tyranny. It was an acceleration of the moral and societal decay we have witnessed every single day on the streets of Seattle since the collapse of 2008. This is the culmination of the ongoing new age satanist revolution that has been occurring here in the Pacific Northwest for over a century.

    Even though the CHAZ has been dismantled, this is just the beginning of the Communist insurrection that we are currently witnessing. Tearing down statues and rewriting history is always an essential part of any Bolshevik takeover. Although that would be a misnomer, as they have already been in control of this country for a very long time. This is the start of The Great Culling™. Prepare accordingly.

    *The very first building to burn in the riots was the AUTOZONE in Minneapolis. And then a few weeks later we have the establishment of the Capitol Hill AUTOnomous ZONE. Think about that…..

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