NBC King 5’s Lisa Van Cise: Incest Child

Rick & Lisa Van Cise
Rick Van Cise – Incestual Father of Daughter Lisa Van Cise

SEATTLE, WA — It’s dreadful enough that the presstitute’s working the Seattle news media are lying propagandists, but far worse now that they aim to preserve this trend by implementing the practice of inbred Nepotism.

Proof’s in the pudding: CBS KIRO 7’s Rick Van Cise birthed both daughter Lisa Van Cise, who is currently working for King 5 as their weather reporter, and son Chris Van Cise who is working for an Ellensburg radio station.

However, the far more damning, although interesting, aspect of this story isn’t born of nepotism, but rather of incest.  People would be shocked if they knew the truth about how Lisa and Chris Van Cise are both mothered by Rick Van Cise’s first-cousin and wife, Shari Van Cise.

That’s right, you heard me correctly – I’m claiming that Rick Van Cise married his FIRST-COUSIN, Shari Van Cise.  And together, they produced two media employed inbred offspring named Lisa and Chris Van Cise.

My source is undeniably well connected, for which you will have to agree.  As he is John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

The Van Cise family hails from Issaquah, Washington, where their two inbred media broods, daughter Lisa and son Christopher, both attended Skyline High school.

Dixon said when Rick Van Cise was a young Jewish boy dating, he couldn’t find anyone he related to well enough, yet was getting along ever so swimmingly with his first-cousin Shari, also a Jew.  Eventually, the two lovebirds decided, “The hell with it” and engaged.

Shari Van Cise
Shari and Rick Van Cise – Incestual Parents of Lisa Van Cise


Oddly enough, there is no clear picture of Shari Van Cise to be found online, the only photo I did find nevertheless, supports this claim of them being cousins, as the two are very similar in appearance.

There is simply no doubt in my mind that Lisa Van Cise is the product of inbreeding and Nepotism, delivered from her Jewish, first-cousin, parents.

Among the many things Americans just know, without ever having thought about it, is that if first cousins marry, their children will be drooling half-wits. The handful who wonder if there’s any logic to this belief probably think: Royal inbreeding. Prince Charles. Case closed.  As recent events have shown, however, a lot of things we Yanks just know aren’t so – Cecil Adams


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