ABC KOMO 4’s Joel Moreno Crypto Brother of Dolphin’s QB Dan Marino

Joel Moreno and Dan Marino
Joel Moreno and Dan Marino

SEATTLE, WA — Dan Marino, ex-quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, apparently has a Crypto brother named Joel Moreno who works as a reporter for the local ABC affiliate, Komo 4 news in Seattle.

According to US Ambassador to the UN John R Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Dan Marino, at an early age, was detected and identified by his parents to be an athletic prodigy, similar to that of a young Tiger Woods.

Dan Marino, who changed his name, is the oldest child of Daniel and Veronica Kolczynski as reported by Wikipedia.

The Kolczynski’s, who Dixon said are elites, thought it would be wholly unfair for Joel Kolczynski to have grown up in the shadow of his clearly more dexterous and gifted athletic brother, Dan.

Dan Marino was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, of Italian and Polish ancestry.

Debbie Marino Murolo
Debbie Marino Murolo

Dan, along with his two reported younger sisters, Cindi and Debbie, grew up on Parkview Avenue in the South Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

At some point, after Dan and Joel were born, the Kolczynski’s changed their last name to Marino.

This was done, in all likelihood, precisely when Dan’s younger brother, Joel Kolczynski, was sent to live with Moreno family relatives near Oakland, California.

“Giving him a chance of having a life” away from his luminary brother, as Dixon put it, citing the parents.

Dixon said elites don’t like people making surname connections between their often very large family ancestral lineages.

And surname changes amongst the lites are very commonly carried out for this very reason.

The Moreno’s, at one point, most assuredly were using the surname of Kolczynski as well.

Dixon said Joel Kolczynski, now using the surname of Moreno to free him form the association to his superstar brother, didn’t know what he wanted to become professionally, ultimately ended up deciding to become a journalist.

Joel Moreno began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Oakland tribune, also working for Reuters international, prior to working at CBS in Monterey, California.

Joel Moreno came to the Seattle media market in 2007, working for ABC Komo 4 news without a single mention of his overtly famous brother, Dan Marino, ever once coming to pass.

On the other hand however, Joel Moreno does share some of the fame he has bequeathed from joining the Moreno family in the video below:

You can see in the video, how Joel Moreno’s eyes are strikingly blue, just like Dan Marino’s, while the brother he is half-heartedly claiming to belong, has very dark brown eyes in contrast.

Seattle is about as far as one can get from Miami, Florida and Dan Marino’s Dolphins, a relatively quiet place in comparison where one can create a life anonymously, outside of the frenzied world of football.

Amy Moreno
Amy Moreno

Recently, Joel Moreno married NBC King 5 reporter Amy Allen, now Amy Moreno, who Dixon said would target him for matrimony knowing to whom he is truly related… information I preempted on the Bellevue court record in August of 2007.

I wonder if Crypto brother Dan showed up for the wedding?… odds are he did.

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