Pedophile Protector: NBC King 5’s Lori Matsukawa

Lori Matsukawa
Lori Matsukawa

SEATTLE, WA– Longtime NBC news anchor Lori Matsukawa has been the elites ‘go to’ Mason for covering up child sexual abuses and other heinous crimes committed by predators within the state and corporate entity of the elite.

For decades, top Jews running pedophile rings in Washington State have used Matsukawa, in the rare instance they’ve been caught publicly, to minimize their criminal behavior by having her put the public at ease over their criminal actions.

In fact, Lori Matsukawa was groomed from the very beginning for the purpose of lying right to the public in order to protect pedophile elite from implication. Thus, helping to facilitate the Jewish practice of targeting exclusively Aryan children for sexual abuse-aimed to fulfill a Luciferian satanic sexual demigod desire.

Lori Matsukawa Teenage America 1973 (Jew win)
Lori Matsukawa Teenage America 1973 (Jew-Win!)

Thoroughly, Jewish elite went as far to enter Matsukawa into a beauty contest in order to obtain her services. They rigged the outcome of the completion in her favor as an emotional trick to get her on their side, to get her to act as public mouthpiece in espousing sympathy for these Jewish perpetrators by minimizing their actions to the public.

According to my source, Matsukawa, Kawasaki and Ishikawa are all Japanese Masons closely genetically related to each other. Miyuki Ishikawa was a prolific infant killer in Japan, reported to have killed upwards of hundreds of infants.


From Wikipedia:

“Miyuki Ishikawa, born 1897, date of death unknown, was a Japanese midwife and serial killer who is believed to have murdered many infants with the aid of several accomplices throughout the 1940s.

Two police officers from the Waseda police station accidentally found the remains of five of Ishikawa’s victims on January 12, 1948. Autopsies performed on the bodies of the five babies proved that they had not died of natural causes. She and Takeshi were arrested on January 15, 1948.”

This, is why Lori Matsukawa was groomed to becomes Seattle’s most prolific pedophile protector. You could say it’s in her blood.

“Upon further investigation the police found over 40 dead bodies in the house of a mortician. 30 corpses were later discovered in a temple. The sheer number of dead bodies recovered and the length of time over which the murders took place made it difficult for the authorities to determine the exact number of victims. Consequently, the exact death toll remains unknown.”


But what is known, is that all these Japanese infants were ARYAN.

The elite goal, all around the world, is to destroy the Aryan race under belief Aryan’s are enslaved by their creator ‘god’ Anu (Zeus), and therefore must be sent to heaven so non-Aryans (Jews and Masons) can rule earth.

“Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu, or the Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” – Overlords of Chaos

It is their grandmaster plan to destroy Anu’s Aryan race as an act of defiance over his conservative control, and then to become “gods” themselves like their demigod, Lucifer.

Lucifer (Baal)
Lucifer (Baal)

For further proof that its Aryans they’re after, one need only heed the following excerpt from an article exposing a Washington State pedophile ring Matsukawa is protecting:

“For eleven years he (Jim Stewart) has taken teams (16 and under) to Europe to compete against teams from the Netherlands and Belgium.”

“Taken teams (16 & under) to Europe to compete against teams from the Netherlands and Belgium for eleven years.”

Seattle Mariner Scout Jim Stewart
Seattle Mariner Scout Jim Stewart (center)

Both child pornography and consensual sex with children, of any age, were legal in the Netherlands until 1993, and probably why Stewart, a 10-year Seattle Mariners scout, mentioned it twice.

Dixon said Burgermaster manager Jim Stewart, along with coaches Al Williams, Dean Veal and tour organizer Frank Miller, collectively drugged and raped multiple 13-year-old Burgermaster players over the course of his eleven year stint with Burgermaster Redmond, while in Europe traveling with ‘Miller Tours.’

Whereby proxy of the media comment below; Stewart is admitting, online, his direct connection to ‘Miller Tours,’ who arraigned all of the Burgermaster Redmond baseball tours to Europe, where multiple Aryan children were drugged unconscious and raped.

Around 2000, ‘Miller Tours’ was profiled on King 5 news, where Lori Matsukawa stated:

 “Anyone who went on one of these ‘Miller Tours’ should contact the police immediately, they’ll know what to do.” – Lori Matsukawa

BurgermasterbaseballdeathYet the vast majority of Aryan kids who were Jew picked to go on and play in Europe with this exclusively Jewish 16-year-old Burgermaster team as 13-year-old Aryan “prodigies,” arranged by Miller Tours, are now all dead.

Dennis McCormick committed suicide at the hands of Kirkland police harassing him for complaint, solely because of his allegations against Williams.

Pedophile Ring: The Al Williams Story

After the above article was published it received multiple hits from an IP originating from the Tokyo Imperial Palace, where the real power in Japan resides. Specifically, the Imperial House of Japan, of whom Matsukawa is closely genetically related, along with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, as well as other locations around these top level Tokyo facilities.


Tokyo Imperial Palace

I’m told Lori Matsukawa’s home, a lavish Japanese style gated mansion in Bellevue, WA was designed after the Imperial Palace.

By Chris 73 Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=471121
Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Lori Matsukawa not only has ruling relatives in Tokyo, Japan, but right here in Seattle, Washington as well. King County Superior court judge Richard Ishikawa, a Seattle pedophile, is a close relative to prolific infant murderer Miyuki Ishikawa and Matsukawa.

KC Judge Richard Ishikawa
Seattle: KC Judge Richard Ishikawa

With her imperial genetic ancestry, elitism, and backing through the courts, is it any wonder why Lori Matsukawa was hand picked by elite to protect Washington State pedophiles?


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