Phil Donahue Pedophile Ring

Donahue, Iowa is the Jewish owned hometown of the Donahue family, who regularly snatched local Aryan children for ritual sexual sacrifice, before grinding their bones and spreading the remains across the fields of their family farm in attempts to bury the bodies of evidence – source

Phil Donahue – Image credit: Scott Beale via Flickr license, (cropped) some rights reserved.

Top level source reveals talk show host Phil Donahue extends from a very large Jewish satanic inbred family that founded the city of Donahue, Iowa, where the majority of its residents are directly related to Phil Donahue himself.

Donahue, Iowa

Reportedly, the City of Donahue, founded and inhabited almost exclusively by Jewish inbred Donahues, is deeply into child ritualistic sexual sacrifice and murder since its inception in Scott County, Iowa near the turn of the century.

Keppy’s Store in Downtown Donahue, Iowa

Keppy’s kleptomaniacs, ultimately became infamous for missing children last seen inside the store operated by Donahue family and friends, as evidenced in the photo above.

In fact, Keppy’s store in downtown Donahue was notorious for kidnapping Aryan children right out from underneath their parents watch during routine shopping trips. Where Donahue city officials, sent to investigate, covered up the crimes claiming they must have run off into the corn fields behind the store.

Yet, ironically, exactly where they ended up, after being repeatedly raped and tortured to death, right before Donahue family satanic pedophiles ground up their bones in wood chippers and scattered the remains over the surrounding crop fields like corn kernels ready to be plowed under.

However, this practice was significantly reduced around 1990 when forensic tools became widely available throughout the US, particularly DNA testing capabilities, capping off Donahue family satanic sexual practices of child ritual sacrifice that started at Keppy’s store circa the turn of the century.

Scott County, Iowa

The potential for exposing pea sized remains from a multitude of ground up children’s bodies, previously dispensed across acres of Donahue owned farmlands, using newly acquired forensic DNA testing, led to a bevy of Donahue’s moving away from their family farms, as evidenced in the 1990-2000 population census chart below.

Donahue, Iowa Census Chart shows population decrease after DNA testing became widely available in the 1990s  the largest decline since the 1930s.

The city of Donahue, after the exodus scare of the 90s, began recruiting non-Jews into the city for work and marriage in the 2000s. As means to have enough innocent goyim available to blame the ‘bodies of evidence’ on should their Jewish owned farmlands ever be sifted through revealing such peculiarities as even a single pediatric molar.

Even today, after the goy recruitment, the city of Donahue is almost exclusively Jewish, yet residents claim 99.9% White on the current US census in 2015.

The racial makeup of the city (Donahue) was 99.66% White. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.34% of the population – Wikipedia

Granted, many Donahue relatives moved out of the city years ago due to the ‘bodies of evidence’ strewn all across their farmlands, yet even today, the city remains predominantly Jewish under cloak of the US census.

It appears some now reside in Seattle, and likely have been recruited to join the pedophile ring in Washington State. Where Aryan children are targeted for sexual abuse and death through King County Parks organized recreational youth sports leagues, as evidenced in the article below.

Pedophile Ring: The Al Williams Story

33rd Degree Freemason Kirkland Crypto-Cop, Bauer Dixon

A Washington State pedophile ring that my source is very closely related, specifically to Kirkland crypto-cop Bauer Dixon  the largest dealer of child porn on the west coast.

Phil Donahue (photo by Alan Light via Wikimedia Commons license, cropped, some rights reserved)

Ultimately, Phil Donahue was rewarded with his notorious talk show for satanic crimes he and his Jewish family perpetrated against multiple innocent Aryan children – this is how it works. And why only Jews and Masons are at the top of politics, entertainment, banking and industry.

Jew Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – changed the spelling of his name, but the bloodline remains the same. 

Reportedly, Phil Donahue’s wife’s father, Danny Thomas, who is Jewish, was also infamous among elite for killing scores of Aryan children during satanic rituals under implementation of a secret Jew war against the Aryan race and specifically why Donahue married his daughter, Marlow Thomas.

Danny and Marlow Thomas

Jewish Pedophiles run the show. Aryans are their chosen victims. This is the way it has been since the days before Christ. Jews are simply killing their way to the top  and unless we figure it out, by sifting out the truth, it will become a Jewish earthly paradise at our expense.

City of Donahue Fire Truck Rescue
Jack Nicholson and Greg Dixon (source)

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  1. We don’t know where drugs come from to stop it, nore were missing children could be, well exploit targeted individuals to keep community watches at bay busy using targeted individuals set up porposley guilty so secret nieborhood busybodies stay focused harassing targets so they don’t dig further to the truth

  2. His wife, Marlo Thomas, is the spokewoman for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, which is a Freemason front for Satanic child experimentation/trafficking/rape/snuff/etc. The whole nine yards.

  3. I find this info on Phil Donahue interesting. He went to St Edward High School here in Cleveland, Ohio. A Catholic school for boys which many students were from a predominantly Irish Catholic background. Never thought of him to be Jewish. Also. Having traveled through many parts of Iowa, there are few Jews there. He and Marlo Thomas took over her dad’s hospital that he had founded. I find this hard to believe really.

  4. Phil and his wife, Marlow Thomas are an luciferian Illuminati couple. Once I started learning about the Cabal, this news about what they have done to children is not surprising. One thing I have learned in my research is that these occult Illuminati families transgender their offspring, These Illuminati families are all inverted. Anyone on the world stage is most likely part of the Illuminati and transgendered.

  5. I never could stand Phil Donahue Radical Red Diaper America hating Liberal nut job.
    With that said , I was not aware he was also a Jew. along with his wife Marlo Thomas
    and Danny Thomas. The first thought I had was what about St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. These demons have hidden themselves in plain sight and gotten away with it for a very long time. I’m glad the truth is now coming out. God help us help all of these children.

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