COVID: 5G Vaccination Genocide

Top level source reveals 5G and graphene oxide will lead to worldwide genocide.

What currently is taking place with Covid documents how Marxist Jews and Masons have aligned with China to depopulate the planet – with emphasis on the extermination of the Aryan race.

Aryans exist in all parts of the world, found on every continent and skin color.

Historically, European Jews (Rothschild) used the Opium Wars to exterminate Aryan Chinese via addiction. Jews, like Aryans, also exist in all ethnicity, including Chinese.

The Opium Wars were the modern beginning of the alliance between European Jews and Chinese Jews to exterminate Aryans worldwide, including again later in China under Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution.’

The financial proceeds of selling opium were tremendous, and founded the bank of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, now known as HSBC, the modern historical beginning of the Jewish central banking cartel.

The mainspring of this world government is the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel which controls the credit of most countries and creates the medium of exchange (credit, currency) out of thin air in the form of a debt to itself.

Yale Skull & Bones is the secret fraternity attempting to exact an Aryan Genocide – thus, the Aryan skull and bones stacked in genocidal form.

Currently, European and Chinese Jews are at it again (Aryan Genocide), this time using COVID.

In early 2020, China staged a coronavirus outbreak and rounded up Chinese Aryans en masse, who were subsequently deposed.

The Hollywood style disinfection production in China was merely fanfare for the Psyop that is currently being orchestrated on the rest of the world, aimed at Aryan genocide and depopulation.

For the plan to work Trump had to ousted, and why the election was stolen.

WWII was a battle over BLOODLINES, Aryan vs Jewish/Neanderthal

The bulk of the Third Reich were crypto Jews who fooled Hitler and used common Jews (Judaics) as “Holocaust’ pawns to foment the destruction of Germany and the formation of Israel – a Zionist false flag nuke state.

Crypto Jews Himmler, Hess Mengele, Eichmann

Jews Himmler and Eichmann carried out the execution of a Judaic eugenics pogrom aimed to blame Aryan Hitler and Aryan Germans for the atrocities at the internment camps, that ended up killing almost half the population of Germany in WWII.

This WWII history is relevant in the current Covid scam as crypto Jews once again are mandating Yellow ID Badges for vaccination victims.

Crypto Jew John Asplund

And further, a Yellow Card System:

The British database of vaccine injuries is called the Yellow Card system. In the first four months of this year, there are 888,196 adverse vaccine events and 1,253 deaths.

Considering that the adverse vaccine reporting systems are not believed to capture more than 10% of vaccine injuries and deaths, just the US and UK alone from the beginning of the year until mid-July might have experienced 22,866,760 adverse health effects and between 299,190 and 639,280 deaths from Covid vaccines. This is an outcome worse than the claims for Covid.”

Gibraltar, Iceland See MASSIVE Covid Spike Despite Over 90% of Population Vaccinated

The moral of the story-crypto Jews are at it again. They are the true NAZIS pushing a ‘Final Solution’ of Aryan genocide and worldwide depopulation.

Jews Behind COVID:

Crypto Jews Tedros and Gates
Biden Surgeon General JEW

The World Health Organization is an agency of the UN

According to John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the vaccine is the kill shot Jews will be administering in conjunction with 5G.

Dixon said they will use elements within the vaccine combined with 5G to create instant coronary death and paralysis at the flick of a switch.

The ‘element’ in the vaccines appears to be graphene oxide.

Pfizer vaccine 99% graphene oxide

This deadly 5G combination is documented in the video below (beta test):

This is why they need the majority of people vaccinated before they flip the switch, otherwise enough people will be left awakened to potentially exact immeasurable revenge.

Vitamin D (sun) and glutathione appear to be the only measurable methods of removing graphene form the system post vaccination.

In order for the vaccinated to be hit simultaneously by 5G and activate the graphene oxide, 5G has to be made available to ALL parts of the world.

This is where Elon Musk comes in:

Elon Musk launches 58 SpaceX ‘internet satellites’ in historic mission

Musk Issues Bizarre Warning About Earth’s Coming Depopulation and Says Mars Is Safer.

There appear to be other ‘elements’ within the vaccines as well.

Meanwhile, China has no Covid cases, no lockdowns, and their economy is booming unlike everyone else, per the globalist plan for depopulation – as a weekend economic state cannot defend itself from a superpower like China and its massive military.

From Dave Hodges

I contend that the bioweapon was developed by the CHICOMS, in the Wuhan lab with the help of Democratic Party and Deep State operative, Anthony Fauci, in the manner described and revealed by Dr. Rand Paul in recent Congressional hearings. When we reduce these events to a lowest common denominator, the release of this bioweapon was, at least in part, designed to cause a change in how Americans vote. The major change was in the absentee ballots. Without these fraudulent ballots, Biden could never have generated enough fake votes to steal the election. Fauci, the CHICOMS, the Democratic Party and other unknown co-conspirators have the blood of millions of human beings on their hands. To say that Fauci is a modern-day Dr. Mengele, would be a gross understatement!

Crypto Jew Devil Fauci

CDC Zombie Preparedness Graphic Novel (Link)

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The vaccinated are now setting off store alarms

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    Im not a doctor, but I do play one on T.V, possess a stethoscope & suture kit, but Id advise that people would do themselves a HUGE FAVOR by staying away from people with Cheshire kat smiles, endless, never-ending reassurances about “Safety” feverishly holding hypodermic needles?…;)

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