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John Pierpont Morgan
John Pierpont Morgan

John Pierpont Morgan [1837-1913] was an American Jewish financier who subjugated corporate finance and industrial consolidation under his control.  Mainly, through steel, electricity, and banking; where at one point, he was accused of controlling the nation’s high finance.

In the panic of 1907, JP Morgan personally stepped up and “took charge” in directing the nation’s largest bankers to come together… forcing them to devise a plan.  In order to stop the ensuing panic, JP Morgan ended up, with immunity from then President Theodore Roosevelt, purchasing and consolidating Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company from its failing investors, Moore and Schley.

JP Morgan believed that if Moore and Schley failed with TCI, it would set off a domino effect, ultimately bringing Wall Street to its knees.  Vowing never to let it reoccur, and recognizing that in a future crisis, there likely may not be another JP Morgan to step “forward,” banking and political leaders, led by Senator Nelson Aldrich, stepped in and devised a plan; creating the Federal Reserve System in 1913, for which JP Morgan had fully supported.

Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan

JP Morgan was murdered by his son ‘Jack’ Morgan Jr over a property dispute while traveling abroad in England on March 31, 1913, at the age of 75.

The murder was covered up by his son who arraigned for his father to be transported to the Grand Hotel in Rome, Italy.  Where Jack claimed his father, JP Morgan, died in his sleep.  No Autopsy was ever performed.

Conveniently leaving behind his only known son, John Pierpont “Jack” Morgan Jr, to inherit his fortune and business.

JP Morgan’s three other known children include: Louisa Pierpont Morgan, Juliet Morgan and “philanthropist” Anne Morgan.

Later, In 1917, it was uncovered that; “JP Morgan interests gathered together a team of twelve high ranking news managers to determine the most influential news papers in America, to figure out how many newspapers it would take to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States.”

“The twelve found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers.  An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, and an editor was placed at each paper to ensure that all published information was in keeping with the new policy.”

Policy to be defined by interests tied directly to the Council on Foreign Relations, for which my source, Greg T Dixon, has an uncle, John R Bolton, as a high ranking standing member [see video below].


Currently, The FED, through privately held banks, owns most our money, and most of our debt as well, roughly a quarter of which is held through JP Morgan Chase alone.  The media, I’m told, is also owned and controlled by these very same banksters, with a good portion of JP Morgan’s offspring interests spread throughout.

Junius Spencer Morgan
Junius Spencer Morgan

If you watch virtually any form of network news, beware many of their so called “independent” reporters and journalists are actually crypto-nepotistic DNA-linked descendants directly related to the House of Morgan.  Specifically descendants linked to John Pierpont Morgan, son of Rothschild agent, Junius Spencer Morgan.

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the House of Morgan has deep financial interest [FED] in keeping the media silent about its financial dealings, and only trusts “its own” to handle the task [brainwashing] of doing so.

Dixon said the elites, particularly elites at the top-level like JP Morgan, love to spread their genetics all about for posterity, for business, and some just because they can.  With multiple generations handling all that fraudulent wealth, it probably makes sense to have some crypto-family members you can trust holding many key positions within the media to make sure all is properly concealed from the public.

Dixon said JP Morgan and descendants, over the course of many productive years, had multiple crypto-children with a varying assortment of women.  Mothers, who raised these children away from their famous father(s) and public spectacle that follows, thus, allowing them to pursue journalism and or other endeavors unnoticed.

John Cleese
John Cleese

Dixon said JP Morgan and descendants even preferred some of their crypto-children to those they personally raised in their immediate family.

Famed English actor John Cleese was “fathered” directly from the Jewish genetics of JP Morgan himself, yet clearly remain hidden outside of the immediate House of Morgan known lineage.

Journalism however, is a business arm of the FED’s propaganda machine, and where you can find a good preponderance of JP Morgan crypto-bred children.

Dixon said National Journal’s Ron Brownstein, New York Times’ David Sanger, Newsweek’s Howard Fineman, CBS’s Anthony Mason and Bob Orr, PBS’s David Brooks, CNN’s Aaron Brown, NBC’s Pete Williams, Jim Miklaszewski and Chuck Todd, are all Jewish, and directly related to each other through the same fathering genetics originating directly from the House of Morgan [check out their hair-part and glasses].

House of Morgan Media

Dixon said PBS’s David Brooks is particularly vociferous and influential in directing and defending public policies and financial interests of the FED, for which he personally profits from.

Todd Weisbaum
Chuck Todd and Herb Weisbaum

According to Dixon, it doesn’t stop there.  ABC Komo 4’s Herb Weisbaum and NBC King 5’s Jesse Jones, as well as many others, including CBC’s Kevin O’Leary, are all part of the same fathering genetics tracing directly back to the JP Morgan bloodline.

Jesse Jones and JP Morgan
Jesse Jones and JP Morgan

Dixon said many other less well-known JP Morgan broods, include Military Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis, a Sheriff, and Puyallup, Washington fair president, are all closely related to the House of Morgan.

Kevin O'Leary
Kevin O’Leary
Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis
Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis

With the JP Morgan cast of genetically spewed progeny wielding nearly complete control throughout the banking and media networks, adding the ability to legally prosecute adversaries would become wholly invaluable.

Having the capability to bring criminal charges against one’s perceived enemies at virtual will, offers up ironclad protections.  And moreover, can be used preemptively in riddling legitimate accusers with false accusations aimed at character assignation.

Dixon said City of Bellevue, Washington prosecuting attorney, Jeffrey D Torrey, is a close JP Morgan family relative who offers up these very protections.

Case in point: The City of Bellevue, I am preempting, has most assuredly erased my verbal testimony pertaining to specific information, critically vital in nature, attained through Greg T Dixon, and recorded on the Bellevue court record in August of 2007.

Testimony, verbally recorded directly in front of a Dixon family prosecutor, Jewish crypto-family in-law court reporter on my mother’s side, and a German pro tem Judge who knows virtually everyone I went to High school with.

Testimony for which JP Morgan bred Bellevue prosecuting attorney Jeffrey D Torrey gains far most from being erased.

Martin Morgan
Martin Morgan

In 1998, Dixon laid out how City of Kirkland Council candidate Martin Morgan, who is Jewish, is very closely related to Bellevue prosecuting attorney Jeffrey D Torrey and ABC Komo 4’s Herb Weisbaum through the very same biological father, who is directly related to JP Morgan.

Dixon said Martin Morgan was not suppose to have chosen the surname of “Morgan” for his last name, but did so anyway, defiantly, against Morgan family wishes… for obvious reasons.

Martin Morgan however, is not making the proverbial House of Morgan family “elite genetic cut,” as Dixon put it. In that, his JP Morgan father’s side genetics do not approve of his mother’s side [a mistake].  And thus, Martin’s genetics will be compulsory to an in-house-style family imposed eugenics yet to be implemented under the NWO SHIFT.

In 1987, while working for Coleman Services, a Kirkland, Washington company solely owned and operated by JP Morgan descendant Martin Morgan, I was assaulted on the job by Martin Morgan himself, out of the clear blue sky, and for no apparent reason.

JP Morgan progeny Martin Morgan has a history of assaulting people.

Disconcerted, I called Kirkland police to report this bizarre assault, however, Kirkland police failed to respond to my 911 call.  And, according to Dixon, Kirkland police failed to respond intentionally because they were protecting Martin Morgan, who Dixon said conspired with certain, specific Kirkland police officers in perpetrating this premeditated assault against me.

Dixon said later in 1987, ABC Komo 4’s Dan Lewis, who is Jewish, even went so far as to post a picture of himself along with a crypto-message intended solely for me, and directly linked to the assault of the very same year committed by Martin Morgan, a message sent in the form of a bizarre logo graphic that exclaims; “The Gang’s All Here” [in the media].

Dan Lewis 1987
Dan Lewis 1987

Dixon said Lewis specifically posted his photo with the tag-line “The Gang’s All Here” to clandestinely illustrate how the House of Morgan media is directly involved in the assault Martin Morgan perpetrated against me, and specifically, how the media will ensure that it is covered up.

Thus, demonstrating just how easily it is for the media to suppress criminal acts perpetrated against me, and others, through means of interest directly controlled by the JP Morgan Jewish owned media, for which assailant Martin Morgan directly descends.

Dixon said City of Kirkland Council candidate Marin Morgan, City of Issaquah Administrator Leon Kos, Washington State Representative Larry Springer – D, and Kirkland attorney Jeff Jared, are all Jews, and all “publicly” friends with each other, and individually, each, at one point, were also “friends“ of mine.

Dixon said Kos, Springer and Jared, along with other prominent Jews, all want me dead based on my Aryan genetics, and all are actively pursuing my death under a pseudo-friendship they have been fostering with me for decades.

Leon Kos, Larry Springer, Jeff Jared
Leon Kos, Larry Springer, Jeff Jared

Dixon said Martin Morgan was paid $3,000 dollars by Kos, Springer and Jared to assault me that day in 1987, knowing it would be covered up by the jurisdictional Kirkland police and House of Morgan Jewish owned media.

Dixon also explained to me in 1998, how Josh Powell, who is Jewish, and just recently murdered his two children, then committed suicide, had a short temper, and would most assuredly “murder his Aryan wife in Utah” over mundane hygiene and or parenting issues he was constantly confronting.

Dixon said Powell, who had issues, asserts he will murder his own children if he gets caught for the murder of his Aryan wife he claims he was struggling to avoid, so that the State cannot take custody and sexually abuse them.

Josh Powell
Josh Powell

Josh Powell, although dead [by suicide], currently remains the number one suspect in his wife’s disappearance.  And most likely was not charged with the crime because he directly descends from JP Morgan.

Information contained herein, explicitly regarding Josh Powell murdering his children, was verbally preempted on the Bellevue court record in 2007, prior to Powell actually carrying out the act of murdering his children.

Which Dixon said would most likely happen after he killed his Aryan wife to keep them from the hands of the Jewish controlled pedophile State.

Dixon said Josh Powell, like Martin Morgan, is not making proverbial JP Morgan family “elite genetic cut.”

Powell’s father was just recently charged with voyeurism for making and possessing illegal videos involving neighbor children.

Dixon said his uncle, Kirkland police officer Bauer Dixon, is the largest dealer of child porn on the west coast, and is dealing to all aforementioned House of Morgan media decedents, including the Powell’s.

“They even make specific trips to the west coast just to obtain unique images and videos solely possessed by my uncle that aren’t available on the east coast”, Dixon said.

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