President Obama is half Jewish

 Stanley Ann Dunham: Obama's Jewish Mother
Stanley Ann Dunham: Obama’s Jewish Mother

Most people consider Barack Obama to be a Black president… these people are half right.  Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is a Jewish child of the CIA.  Joel Gilbert, who is also Jewish, has documented this CIA connection in his video titled, Dreams from My Real Father.  Gilbert however, fails to mention that Obama’s mother is Jewish… leaving out this most pertinent fact.

Obama is the 44th president… 4 is the number of death, and exactly what Obama plans for the plight of the middle class, all American’s and ultimately the entire planet.  Gilbert consistently refers to number 44 in his video, yet fails to give us the full explanation as to why.

I highly recommend you view this entire video (see video trailer below):



Obama, unbeknownst to himself, is a Manchurian candidate who according to John R Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, will be assassinated to justify the confiscating of guns under imposed gun control.  His assassination will also set off race wars on the streets all across America.

This will trigger a Jewish CIA imposed plot to depopulate the planet, modeled after the 1917 Soviet communist blueprint.  As Gilbert points out in his video, Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist, making Obama a Red Diaper Baby and communist himself.

The destruction of the middle class is the real dream Obama has obtained from his real father, and why we are seeing the middle class breakdown take place at this very moment.

Cap and Trade, Obamacare and the rise in food stamps are all signs America is heading towards communist style socialism.  Giving up our rights to privacy, free speech and the assault on journalism are other clues of Obama’s real dream and true intentions for America.

Police being militarized, border control and unlawful check points are all pointing to America becoming more like 1917 communist Soviet Union under Bolshevik rule.

Under this Jewish imposed schema, which put communist minded Obama in the White House, anyone and everyone will simply be too afraid to stand up to “Black” president Obama for fear of being labeled a racist.

A systematic approach, Dixon said elites are counting on.  For if Obama was White or fully Jewish he would not be able to get away with the atrocities he is committing on a daily basis… the unlawful drone strikes alone would drive him under.

And it will be this callous disregard for human life, under his drone program, which ultimately will give his Jewish handlers the “authority” needed to have him assassinated in order to fulfill their 1917 Soviet blueprint plans they wish to impose on America.

Live by unauthorized killings, die by unauthorized killing.

Barack Obama is a reckless Manchurian menace to the world and all free societies… a true abomination (Obamanation) of our founding father’s principals.

One fermented by Jews, for which he is half, and scapegoated by his Black commie real father no one seems able to reproach.

Obama, as far as I know, has never revealed that he is half Jewish… Why?  Too many Jews remain crypto in our government, corporations and banking, running the show from behind the veiled curtains of racial anonymity.

Ironically, If these Jews were any other race on the planet they would let us know about it, claiming anti-Semitism, racism, discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, xenophobia and racial intolerance… so why do the rest of us put up with this Jewish hypocritical deceit?

What do these Jews have to hide?

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  1. I’m not surprised by this information! The Jews are an “ethnic group” , there’s no longer any more need to pretend , that they are “just” a religious minority.
    Unfortunately, some mad Zionists among them want total world control.
    I know this ex-Jew called David (now Dawood or Dr David) who left Judaism around 30 years ago and started attacking the Jewish community.
    At the time he did this, during the 1980’s & ’90’s, people were shocked and horrified by what David was saying, but now in 2016, everyone is now starting to see what the “real” Zionist Agenda 21 for this planet earth.
    Who really did “choose” the Jews?
    Was it the Niburans? Planet X?
    Why were the ancient Phonecians (modern Armenians) ‘banished’, from power in the first place?
    Why have the Jews/Hebrews been chosen?
    I too, descend both from the Jewish people and Basque people (remnants of the original Phonecian colonists of Iberia & British Isles).
    I can see Niburu, “written all over this”.
    Planet X, the 12th Planet, created this “Hebrew” myth.
    Jesus (or Yushua, a Serfadic Jew, not Khazar-Babylonian-Ashkenazic Jew), was correct along, we all can be “saved”.
    The current bible , was re-written by the Piso family in the Middle-Ages, omitting any references about spiritual concepts like re-incarnation and the true Satanic origins of the Babylonian religions, and their Ashkenazic-Khazar off-shoot (like Kabbalah-crypto Satan worship) .
    The Devil, Lucifer, tempted Christ, but Christ rejected, Lucifer’s “empty promises”.
    I personally believe The Devil, is actually a “Draco-Reptilian” (hence the snake).
    The modern day Jews (and it’s obvious) worship Babylonian cultural worship and of course Satan himself.
    The truth is staring at us in our face!

    1. “Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

      They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper

      The human divide resides in the biological differences between two human species, which has led us to an ideological war between two different factions of the same Anunnaki ‘god’ creators, from whom we were both created, fighting over opposing agendas secretly deciding the direction and soul of mankind.

      Cro-Magnon Aryan Sumerian “conservatives” are “the chosen” species of their Anunnaki creator god Anu, who created the entire Sumerian species, along with the Sumerian culture, from which all Aryans and modern science derives.

      Neanderthal-Semitic Jews and Masons stem from an entirely different set of genetic formation involving Zetas, evident in their distinct flat shaped skulls, in part, fathered biologically by ‘fallen angel’ Lucifer (son of Anu), who is their god, and they,” the chosen” (of Lucifer).

      Lucifer presides over an earthly ‘Jew War’ against Aryan Cro-Magnon populations, who are being unwittingly hunted down and eradication at staggering rates by Lucifer’s chosen Neanderthal-Semitic Jews and Masons.

      A Jewish War proclaimed righteous by Lucifer, son of Anu, who has convinced his chosen Neanderthal-Semitic Jews and Masons that, they too can become “gods.”

      But first, they must destroy Anu and his chosen Sumerian Aryan conservative Cro-Magnon leadership and philosophy, through complete and total destruction of the entire Cro-Magnon species, in an all out and total genocidal war aimed at total Aryan extinction.

      All past wars and genocides are Jew wars and genocides waged for the single purpose of killing Cro-Magnon Aryans.

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