Alex Jones Jewish Wife Makes Attempt on His Life

Kelly Nichols and Alex Jones
Kelly Nichols and Alex Jones

All regular viewers of most likely saw the ‘poisonous monster’ giant red headed centipede Alex recently found roaming the bathroom of his Texas home, which he personally profiled on his website.

Some would argue we were all lucky not to have lost Alex to such a sinister creature.

For which sinister creature am I speaking?

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Alex’s Jewish wife is sinisterly trying to kill him by making it look ‘natural.’

In 1998, it was specifically conveyed to me by Dixon, how Alex’s Jewish wife, Kelly Nichols aka “Violet Nichols,” will covertly bring a potentially deadly red headed centipede into their home in attempt on Alex’s Aryan life.

‘Natural death’ is a favored technique employed by Jews hunting down Aryan genocide through procreation.

According to Dixon, Alex, like many other prominent Aryans, is completely surrounded by Jews, including his entire behind the scenes staff, which consists exclusively of only Jewish persuasion.

Repeatedly, I have noticed whenever Alex goes off into one of his tirades he always glances over at this Jewish staff for approval or disapproval, and based, I’m assuming, on their reaction, responds accordingly, usually by apologizing at some level.

It’s no secret that all of Alex’s advertising on both his websites is owned and paid for exclusively by Jews.

It’s clear… Jews own Alex Jones!

This is why you never hear Alex talk about the Jewish, Orthodox or Zionist role in any of his conspiracy theories … he can’t, or would be defunded.

This is also why he preaches ‘ARABS own Hollywood.’  And, Chaves was an evil ‘Communist,’ both, laughable statements made only by Jewish controlled fools.

If Alex only knew how badly Jews hate Aryans he would ditch his Jewish wife, yesterday.

Problem is, the much weaker emotionally fragile minds of these Jewish ‘chosen’ Aryans are led to believe they are somehow immune from the visceral hatred Jews have for all Aryans, and Alex is merely being used as a shill to help facilitate the Genocide of the entire Aryan race, for which Susan Sontag (sic) calls ‘a cancer on humanity’ [dialectic projection].

If for obvious reasons Alex doesn’t want to believe me, he can simply contact the pro tem Judge I preempted this information to whilst being digitally recorded on the Bellevue, Washington, court record in August of 2007, along with a Dixon family prosecutor and crypto Jewish family in-law court reporter, who all were present and herd my testimony to this very fact. The Judge is Aryan German… and cannot easily lie.

The Judge wears no clothes, Alex.

If Alex foolishly continues to do reports regarding the discovery of potentially killer centipedes in his home as a normal course of Texas living, we will all become immune to the dangers being imposed on his life… until the night his Jewish wife gets it “right.”

Until then Alex, sleep tight.  Don’t let the ‘bedbugs’ bite!


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    1. I agree that giant red headed centipedes have never been document to have killed anyone, but it’s been documented that Jews have killed hundreds of millions. All this “hoopla” over the centipede is taken directly from Alex Jones own vociferous mouth. I preempted this attempt on Alex’s life in 2007, precisely as spelled out above. Do you not know the definition of “preemptive testimony”?

  1. Pyschotic Al {Alex Jones} is a bull-shit artist just as William Cooper said he is and Christopher Bolyn said Psychotic Al is a Zionist Gatekeeper. Listen to the last two days of his rantings. Psychotic Al proves that he’s a traitor to the patriotic movments and a distraction. to keep patriots in line just as he does with his callers and guests to his line of propaganda.
    Alex Jones is a two faced traitor.

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