Jewish Snider Family Sick’s Kirkland Police Officer McNaghten on 11-Year-Old


KIRKLAND, WA — We were first introduced to the Snider family, a “prominent Jewish family,” through Kirkland little league organize baseball in 1974.  I was friends with their son, John Snider, who was also the age of eleven at the time of this incident in 1976.

The Snider’s also had three daughters; Wendy Snider who was around thirteen, Kim Snider around sixteen, and Lori Snider the oldest daughter around nineteen.

John’s mother, Kay Snider, would frequently be featured running ads in the local Seattle Times newspaper posing as a model in large full page spreads fashioning the latest styles from Nordstrom and The Bon.

At no point, did the Snider family ever reveal to me or my parents that they were Jewish.

One particular night, in the summer of 1976, I had invited John Snider to stay overnight at my house in Kirkland, where, along with my parents, we were allowed to drink less than a half glass of wine at dinner.  After dinner, John said he needed to call his mother.  I watched as John hung up the phone then insisted we immediately walk down to the local 7-11 “to get some candy” – just a couple blocks away.

I reluctantly agreed, and together we walked down to the local 7-11 to get some candy.  Upon returning, we were nearing the driveway apron leading to the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s lower parking lot – right off 108th Avenue in Kirkland.

As we were approaching the Church’s driveway apron on foot, a Kirkland police officer quickly accelerated from his hiding position in the lower parking lot of the Church, deliberately pulling out right in front of us very abruptly, squealing his tires while making this quick lurching maneuver across the sidewalk right in front of us, thus, blocking our path in a reckless and dangerous act that was physically threatening and very intimidating for an 11-year-old.

7th Day Adventist Church Driveway and Kirkland Police Car

This City of Kirkland police officer, an older white male, is now sitting across the driveway apron blocking the path directly in front of us across the sidewalk. This officer then says in a very menacing and disturbing manor, while directing his question directly to me, “What are you doing.”  I simply told him we were returning from 7-11 where we just bought some candy [we were only eleven years old at the time].

With John Snider standing right next to me, the officer then asked me my name, I gave him my name, he then asked where I live, I told him “right there” and pointed to my house across the street, but this wasn’t good enough for the officer who asked for my actual physical address, so I gave him my full address and zip.

Then out of the clear-blue-sky, this Kirkland police officer asked me, and me alone, if I have had anything to drink, implying alcohol of course, I told him we had some wine with dinner while under my parents’ supervision.  He asked how much I had to drink.  I told him less than half a glass of wine during dinner.  This Kirkland police officer then asked if I was drunk, I told him I wasn’t.  We were not even buzzed at this point, how did he know to ask me about this?  Why wasn’t he asking John the same questions?

Continuing to look rather agitated, and without asking John Snider [Jew], who was standing next to me the entire time, a single question, this Kirkland police officer steps on the gas, and bolts out of the Church’s parking lot apron in an extremely reckless and flagrant manor… right in front of our backpedaling feet.

This was very hostile, physically threatening, and extremely intimidating for an eleven-year-old or anyone for that matter, who experiences this type of unprovoked abuse by police.

When I arrived back home I told both my parents, including my physician father, who were both in their late twenties at the time, what had just happened, but as usual, my parents were indifferent to my emotional and physical well-being, and did absolutely nothing about it.

In 1998, John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained to me exactly how John Snider’s mother, Kay Snider, who is Jewish, had set me up by using her friend “McNaghten” in the Kirkland police department to target me, and possible arrest me, for public drunkenness, by telling her son John Snider to get me to walk down to the local 7-11 with him, while she quickly called her friend at the Kirkland police department to come and intercept us on our way back home.

Dixon told me specifically, how Kay Snider promptly contacted her friend McNaghten [current Kirkland police officer Bryan McNaghten’s father, who is a Neanderthal Irish Freemason] at the city of Kirkland police department, and told him to at very least, to intimidate me for drinking wine at dinner with her son John.  Yet, Kay never once voiced her concern over her supposed displeasure of this matter to me or my parents herself, how convenient of her [Jew].

Dixon said I and my Aryan family where specifically targeted by the Snider’s on this very rouse and “set up” orchestrated by Kay Snider, a Jew, in an effort to try to create problems for me in my life with the Kirkland police [at age 11].  He said “elite” Jews are constantly looking to set me up this way, by using “inside information” they obtain under the guise of friendship, later to be  used against me, as you will see as you read more articles… particularly relating to the Kirkland police.

This was the very first contact I have ever had with a police officer [Kirkland] anywhere in my life, and a very hostile one to say the least, one that should never have occurred, but for the dirty work of  elite Jews, facilitated by John Snider’s mother, Kay Snider, and the corrupt state, by means of the City of Kirkland police department, specifically, officer McNaghten.

Update: 09-09-12

I recently found another article online in where current Kirkland police officer Bryan McNaghten is accused by his own family member of setting him up for a traffic infraction.  Who do you trust to tell the truth more than family?

Washington takes no prisoners!
Dino was up in Washington recently and received a ticket. I doubt it was him. Look at the evidence. He hasn’t seen 200 lbs. this century.
Also I guess we can’t count on Bryan McNaghten to fix our tickets.

Dino’s response to this injustice-

Yes, Greg you should put out a warning to ALL of the cousins, because I was completely innocent on this trumped up traffic violation.  This has conspiracy written all over it!!! You see I was leaving my sweet Aunt Dee’s home and good old cousin Brian told me to go down 70th street to the freeway.  We all know that Brian is a long time High ranking Officer of the Kirkland Police department.  Needless to say he obviously had one his buddies pull me over and give me a ticket.  I informed the kind officer that I was Officer McNaghten’s cousin, only to get a grimace and a “so what”.  At this point I was not going to argue over the validity of the ticket and then have this Uniform Neanderthal invite me to step outside my car for a full body and cavity search.

So in an effort to keep ALL my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins SAFE!!! PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO KIRKLAND WA. without a video camera and a GREAT Defense Attorney!!!


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  1. First, Bryan McNaghten’s dad did not work for the Kirkland Police Dept. He was employed all his working life for Burlington Northern.
    Second, the ticket story update was a joke on a family website, not to be taken seriously. We were just having fun with Bryan since we were having a family reunion in Seattle at that time.
    You really should corroborate your facts and vet your sources before you print such libelous stories.

    1. Technically, Kirkland police officer Bryan McNaghten’s father is not a salaried Kirkland police officer on the official Kirkland police department roster.

      However, according to Dixon, McNaghten Sr. wears the Kirkland police uniform so many times for these very types of ruses while acting with full authority vested … what’s the fucking difference?

      By proxy, for all intent and purpose, he’s a fucking Kirkland cop to me and anyone else he contacts while in uniform, Goddamnit!

      Furthermore, I preemptively and explicitly verbally testified to this fact in digitally recorded format on the Bellevue, Washington court record in August of 2007, stating exactly how Dixon said Kirkland police officer Bryan McNaghten’s father “works for the railroad – Burlington Northern” and only wears the Kirkland police uniform for rousing people.

      Testimony stated in open court in front pro tem Judge, Elizabeth M Asher, a Dixon family prosecutor, and crypto family in-law court reporter on my mother’s side.

      The bigger question however, is, why hasn’t McNaghten already sued me for libel?

      Bring it on you goddamn cowards… I fucking dare you!

      By the way, what is the significance of making your comment on Valentine’s Day?

      What are you “fucking” implying?

      What do you know?

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