Jews Infect Aryan Girl with HIV/AIDS

HIV Stylized Rendering
HIV Stylized Rendering

KIRKLAND, WA — According to US Ambassador to the UN John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, an Aryan girl was targeted by an elite “Arab Jew,” obtained through Jewish HUBS, to purposely infected her with HIV/AIDS.

Dixon said she was targeted because she is “Aryan,” a race the elite Jews want to genetically dissolve off the planet.

Dixon said the Jews also thought she was dating too many people, and having too much fun in the process, which Dixon says literally makes the Jews sick to their collective stomachs.

“Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals.”
Talmud Sanhedrin 74b

Sexual repression is used as mind control, and Jews don’t want people being sexually liberated to free up their minds and strengthen their will power, as happened in the sixties, which scared the piss out of the elites.

Dixon said the HIV/AIDS virus was covertly created and propagated by America‘s “elite” Jews during the Nixon administration at USAMRIID [United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases] in Fort Detrick, located in the foothills of western Maryland.

AIDS: Man-made Bioweapon Created by Jew Run US Military Industrial Complex

HIV/AIDS is the only disease USAMRIID claims they are not, nor have ever been studying, a little odd don’t you think?  Particularly, since USAMRIID has been, and is currently running studies on every other infectious disease under the sun.

You can go to the USAMRIID web site and see that they study every infectious disease except for HIV/AIDS. Why not study HIV/AIDS?

Dixon said the elite Jews are prolifically and veraciously spreading their man-made created HIV/AIDS virus all around the world. Dixon said they are able to do this by giving certain “chosen” Freemasons and elite Jews the HIV virus and the ability to spread the HIV/AIDS virus without ever coming down with the deadly AIDS virus themselves.

While in High school I dated this targeted Aryan girls younger sister. And I personally witnessed this “Arab Jew” coming and going from their residence, he looked just like fellow High school classmate Brian Hunter [also a  Jew], except was darker and Arab looking.


The targeted Aryan girl worked at the front desk as the “greeting receptionist” for the Seattle Seahawks at their Kirkland, Washington headquarters in the 80s.

Dixon said the targeted Aryan girl was specifically told not to date the Seahawk players during her time working at the front office, a new policy the Seahawk’s administration implemented solely do to the fact they knew she had previously been infected by the Arab Jew.


It was during this time period with the Seahawks, just a couple years after she had dated the Arab Jew Dixon said infected her, I personally witnessed her date John Nordstrom. That’s right, “the” John Nordstrom II of the famed Nordstrom department store establishment in Seattle, WA.

In fact, one evening all four of us attended an event together. Furthermore, I repeatedly saw John Nordstrom II hanging out at this Aryan girls residence while I was there with her younger sister.

Dixon said John Nordstrom II, an elite Swedish Freemason, was given immunity to the HIV/AIDS virus before dating this Aryan girl, and knew she was infected by the fellow elite “Arab Jew” who had previously infected her with HIV/AIDS.

I can prove in court John Nordstrom II had sex with this Aryan girl multiple times after Dixon said the “Arab Jew” infected her. Why then didn’t John Nordstrom come down with HIV/AIDS as well?  He knew her dating history, so it must be because he has immunity, why else would he risk it any other way?

Dixon said this targeted Aryan girl did a routine blood-work test some twelve-plus years after the “Arab Jew” infected her and was found unwittingly to be positive for HIV.

Dixon said she told her family of the infection, and it was reported it to the health authorities, but the Jewish Washington State Health workers who are suppose to track down its origins, pretended they were unable to determine where she got the virus from to protect the Arab Jew who infected her.

Dixon said elite Jews at USAMRIID are able to “match up” various strains of the HIV/AIDS virus and determine precisely which individual person it came from. They can do this by analyzing how it changes and morphs while it adapts and evolves in the body of the host-carrier, so they clearly have the ability to determine where it came from, but evidently, don’t want you to know, as they continue targeting people everywhere for infections of this potentially deadly virus.


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