7-Eleven Named for Preteens

The founders of the convenience store 7-Eleven, later named the store in 1946 over of a fetish for preteens –

Jew Joe C. Thompson Jr. later changed the convenience store name to 7-Eleven to match his desires

Jew Joe C. Thompson Sr, the founding director of 7-Eleven, was a Jewish pedophile who believed the most desirable girls were between the ages of 7 and 11-years-old.

7-Eleven is a Japanese-owned American international chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Irving, Texas. The chain was known as Tote’m Stores until it was renamed in 1946. Its parent company, Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., operates, franchises, and licenses some 64,319 stores in 18 countries as of January 2018. Seven-Eleven Japan is headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo.Seven-Eleven Japan is held by the Seven & I Holdings Co.Wiki

Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven” (aged-girls)

The source for this information is John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon. Dixon is closely related to Bolton through his father, Tom Dixon – Bolton’s first-cousin.

John Bolton

John Robert Bolton (born November 20, 1948) is an American attorney, political commentator, Republican consultant and activist, government official and former diplomat who serves as the 27th National Security Advisor of the United States under president Trump – Wiki

“John Bolton was reportedly kicked out of Plato’s Retreat in NYC after propositioning a 16 year old outside the club.”

Dixon’s uncle, Bauer Dixon (also first-cousin to Bolton), is the largest dealer of child porn on the West coast, dealing to mostly prominent Jews throughout the Seattle area in Washington state – and exactly how this information was obtained through Greg Dixon.

Child Porn Dealer Bauer Dixon, 33rd degree Freemason

In 1946, in an effort to continue the company’s post-war recovery, the name of the franchise was changed to 7-Eleven to reflect the stores’ new hours of operation, which were unprecedented at the time. In 1963, 7-Eleven experimented with a 24-hour schedule in Austin, Texas, after an Austin store stayed open all night to satisfy customer demand. – Wiki

Sure, the hours of 7am to 11pm provide ironclad cover for a more sinister reality that permeates the elite mindset, nationwide.

To promote the release of the Simpsons movie in 2007, 12 select 7-elevens in north America were converted into Kwik-e-marts.

This also was the hope for the owners renaming the convenience store in 1946 – to attract girls aged 7-11 into their stores.

The elite love to show-off their sexual innuendos amongst one another, and if aware, their signs are everywhere.

For the 2010 rankings, 7-Eleven climbed to the No. 3 spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 31st Annual Franchise 500, “the first and most comprehensive ranking in the world”. This was the 17th year 7-Eleven was named in the top 10.

 7-Elevens are different all around the world

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