China Solar Panel Components Vulnerabel to EMP Attack

Diodes made in China for solar panels are designed to purposely fail under EMP strikes.


Chinese made solar panel diodes are intentionally designed to fail when hit with an EMP attack, which will also take down the entire US electrical grid.

This is but one of many ‘Dark Winter’ plans elites have at their disposal just waiting to be unleashed on humanity.

China is fully participating with US Marxist Bolsheviks in the making of these EMP susceptible diodes for solar panels sold in the US.

Together, they can take down the entire US electrical grid system – including solar – with a Dark Winter EMP false flag attack at a time of their choosing.

They will perform this attack from a first-world position, having full electricity and infrastructure, while the masses are left without, forming a third-world hell hole Dark Winter.

However, the solar panels will still work without their diodes, but not in conjunction with the batteries which makes the system fully functional.

So, Chinese made diodes are a key component for off-grid solar systems to work properly, and without these diodes the system will not be able to store the solar electricity it produces for any length of time – rendering the system essentially useless.

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  1. This goes back to my comments in these two posts:

    The total vulnerability of the infrastructure, including our electronics, are all thanks to the dumbing down programs introduced to the universities. In the late 80s they started to phase out all analog electrical knowledge in favor of digital microprocessors. Students were taught that all problems in the universe can be solved with a digital microprocessor. As a result it has actually brought our technology several steps backwards. Clif High has covered this fact in some of his videos. Mankind was creating extremely high precision analog tech up into the 80s, and then everything suddenly became digital. For example, oscilloscopes. The analog scopes all had CRT screens that project waveforms in mindboggling levels of precision. The modern day oscilloscopes all use digital led or lcd displays which reduce everything down to square pixels and obliterate the precision. The analog screens were not limited by pixels and could form the exact shape as dictated by the instruments. Digital instruments provide a rough guess converted into numerical form.

    In conclusion, this situation has resulted in highly vulnerable technology and infrastructure. If we lived in a sane society our entire grid would be hardened against any kind of situation from -40f up to 140f and any weather condition, plus extreme solar flares. Cars would be fixable by almost anyone in any condition. Instead having to go to the dealership and pay $1,400 to have the water pump changed without tripping the car’s computer. And this mentality could apply to almost every industry. The vast majority of the world population has been left exposed and helpless on purpose. And now the normies are starting to experience bare shelves and a completely rotted out infrastructure thanks to decades of decadence and corruption.

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