Can Iran Jam US Navy Radar?

Is the US Navy a “Sitting DUCK” against Iran?

Tehran (Photo: Hansueli Krapf/Wikimedia Commons)

Since 1998 Iran, by means of defending itself against the Great Satan (US & Israel), has acquired its own radar jamming technology, subsequently tested and perfected on soldiers in the region aboard US destroyers, letting them know that the rest of the US fleet are also “Sitting Ducks.”

Reportedly, US soldiers have been silenced over the numerous incidents of radar jamming Iranian flybys, kept secret through US intelligent classifications forbidding any disclosure publicly.

Iran’s technology appears to be vibrational in nature… or Tesla-esq in eminence.

The Iranian military regularly test this high-tech radar-jamming secret weapon system on the US Navy. Some US crewmen already know they are defeated against Iran at sea (since 1998) based on this yearly demonstration.

More recently, Iran openly claims possession of a large number of ballistic missiles capable of raining “Hell Fire” over Israel; a tiny country who itself cannot adequately defend its gluttony of nuclear weapons contained within.

This could easily lead to the mother of all fireworks shows.

Precisely. As Zionism is for expendable Jews (Judaic) as top Mason Albert Pike has documented below:

“One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe.” – Yitzchak Gruenbaum

“Genocide by Holocaust” – is (again) the plan elite (Sabbatean) Jews will use to go after their end game goal of Aryan genocide… by using the Samson Option (in “self-defense”).

The Samson Option – A policy in which any threat to Israel will be responded to with massive nuclear retaliation.

“We can still remember the smell of Auschwitz and Treblinka, next time we’ll take all of you with us.” – Israeli Official

For performers who understand the motive, this is end game elite, which will play any fool (Israel) for an Aryan genocide.


“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

They Are Not Like Us – by Jack Harper

 “Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu or Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind (Aryans) in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man (Jews) and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” – Overlords of Chaos

The Ayatollah is a Jew, the Shaw a Mason; both are Deep State working against the predominantly Aryan citizens of Iran…

Netanyahu is a top Neocon Jew working with the Council on Foreign Relations in the US (CFR/Bolton) wanting to false flag nuke Israel into oblivion – then call Samson on the world’s Aryans – thus completing the New World Order.

Distinguishing that Israel, Zionism, or any form of Jewish Nation Socialism (Judaic) is merely a Jewish patsy for elite Sabbatean controlled performers to destroy, taking the world Aryans with it, exposes the well-conceived show currently taking place at ground level (Bolton, Pompeo, Netanyahu) in the Middle East.

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  1. I believe that the true “elites”, the multi trillionares, have tech that makes the phone im typing this on look like it’s from the stone age. And most of it is probably analog instead of digital.

    We are given their useless vaporware and charged exorbitant amounts for it. Hell, with a little bit of analog and mechanical knowledge, you can save tens of thousands of dollars by buying an old “junker” car and fixing it up yourself. You can make it even better than a new car with a little bit of elbow grease and intuition.

    The main tool the elites use for keeping everyone impoverished and enslaved is lack of knowledge. Spend a few years researching the forbidden knowledge and you’ll be able to run circles around PHDs.

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