Boston Marathon False Flag Bombing Preempted on Court Record in 2007

Boston Marathon - Image: Wikimedia Commons
Boston Marathon – Image: Wikimedia Commons

On August 17th of 2007, I was summoned to appear before a Bellevue, Washington courtroom of law, where I verbally testified before an Aryan German Masonic pro tem Judge, an Aryan Norwegian Masonic Dixon family female Bellevue prosecutor, a Jewish crypto family in-law female Court Reporter on my mother’s side and a Jewish female Clerk.  During this testimony I preemptively testified to the events that have just recently rocked Boston area residents whilst being digitally recorded by the State for the record.

As I sat testifying, I was asked a series of questions over the course of an hour, mostly pertaining to information I had preemptively received firsthand from John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

Throughout this testimony, I consistently questioned the motives of the State, which drew extremely antagonistic at times, where at one point, it was revealed to me that the Judge is unwittingly married to a crypto Jew who has never revealed to her his race.

And one of Dixon’s main arguments, in that, Jews are lying to Masons everywhere, documented in Protocol No. 15, along with others sources, including author Fritz Springmeier, for whom Dixon said I am related.

This revelation, pointing fact of the Judge not knowing to whom she is married, prompted me to attempt to expose this uniquely Jewish deceit by means of preempted information acquired through Dixon in 1998, for which she was clearly unaware of, yet extremely interested in hearing.

The Judge’s Masonic “know-it -all” mentality, quite frankly, pissed me off, so I set out to prove to her just how far “out of the loop” so to speak, she really is.

One of the many preemptive items testified to and discussed in court this day was plans the elites have of bombing the Boston Marathon.

Which Dixon said would be a false flag aimed to destroy the calm of Boston area residents, who elites believe are overly trusting of their fellow citizens and far too bright-headed and community oriented, particularly during the Boston Marathon… and they want to put a stop to it.

And specifically addressed by Obama, who used dialectic projections to assure everyone that the community is strong and will not waiver to this type of terrorism, particularly around Patriots’ Day.  When in reality, his intent is exactly the opposite.


As I remained seated, I directly testified how elites will repeatedly be using the exact same blueprint throughout multiple false flags they plan to unleash in attempting to destroy all of their “intellectual completion” in the world, mainly by demolishing any and all highly functioning communities of the “underclass.”

Highly functioning communities, which elite’s fear could legitimately pose serious opposition to their police state takeover… for which they’ve already successfully implemented by utilizing HARRP technology in New Orleans via Katrina to destroy its large Black community from ever potentially organizing.

More recently, elites implemented this methodology in Central Texas by directing Hurricane Dolly into Aryan German communities, and again in New York, in pushing  Hurricane Sandy onshore with intent of making “underclass Jewish” communities their main mark.

Not to mention the destruction of Fukushima, partly aimed at taking out the highly functioning Aryan communities of Japans northern Prefecture.  All three of which I verbally preempted on the Bellevue court record this day, along with other false flags.

It is this community destroying outcome, which is the true objective of this elitist dialectic false flag schema.  As means to replace community and trust with fear and suspicion, maintained through a perpetual police state… the required first step in paving the road to tyranny and facilitating their globalist takeover.

Through access to mountains of unwarranted surveillance footage recently uploaded to Reddit, arm chair sloughing is readily becoming sport in America, thus making everyone a highly suspect.  Happy go lucky Boston became a ‘ghost town’ for which the controlled media wants you to believe was created by lone wolfs.

It could be anyone next, we must all be suspect in this elitist dialectic deceit, “trust no one” they claim, stay away from large social gatherings, particularly ones that build community, like the Boston Marathon.

In this process of crowd profiling, elites clearly endeavor to make us all suspects, thus subjecting everyone into compliance through force and intimidation. “Show us your papers please.”  A Soviet Communist blueprint they’ve handpicked Red Diaper Baby Obama to lead as their Manchurian Presidential candidate, with his assassination being the capper… right before they take your guns and force you into FEMA camp death.


Some might question why I didn’t post this information prior to the events taking place, being that I have been posting articles of this nature since January of 2012.  The answer is simple, I cannot be wrong, ever, due to other legal matters I plan on bringing against the State in future lawsuits.

I took a big chance preempting Hurricane Sandy two full days prior to landfall when these storms typically turn east out into the Atlantic, and by proxy, wasn’t able to fully preempt all information about “Hurricane Sandy” I wanted, which was testified to in court this day.

“Smaller false flag events” such as the recent bombing of the Boston Marathon, Hurricane Sandy and others, are prone to discretion by government operatives and can be changed or aborted as such.  However, if you really want to know if I am telling the truth or not, one need only question the pro tem Judge, who is also an attorney with a private practice in Seattle, Washington.

One specific item of testimony regarding the Boston Marathon I’m sure the Judge will distinctly remember me referring to, is information provided by Dixon explaining how during the bombing they will purposely target an Aryan man as he nears the finish line by hitting him in the leg, and thus, causing him not to finish the race.  For the first time in his history, Dixon said… I’m sure everyone who has seen video of the bombing knows exactly of whom I’m speaking.


People are now coming to recognize how the FBI mislead the public about knowledge they had on the two Chechen suspects, who are both ethnic Jews by the way, even the New York Times is raising serious questions as to the role of FBI in hatching terrorist plots… if not outright creating them.

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  1. Corruptio, can you be sure that the Tsarnaev brothers are actually of jewish ethnicy and what makes you do believe this way? It is beause I always had the gut feeling that this could be the very case! By the way ……I do believe in the innocence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and he should be freed!

  2. Thank you for the answer to this …..and I do know that the BMB staged event was preplanned!

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