FRONTLINE documentary portrays Alex Jones’ alternative news media personality a danger in mission to revoke civil liberties.

In the video ‘United States of Conspiracy’ above, PBS makes claim Alex Jones is a danger to innocent victims of internet fueled conspiracy theory “hate crimes” – claiming his first amendment right to exert his opinion as to the validity of the circumstances surrounding an event, is a threat to the well-being of its subjects (suspects) and/or “sufferers.”

Case in Point:

Edgar Madison Welch – videotaped his shooting-spree


Edgar Madison Welch, a volunteer firefighter form North Carolina, reportedly drives all day with an assault rifle to Comet Ping Pong Pizza in DC, where he finds no basement after firing two rounds before subsequently being arrested, later claiming his “intel wasn’t 100 percent.”

Evidence of Welch being Deep State (aimed to silence internet media and protect pedophiles) reveals itself in the fact his media scrutinized publicity stunt was methodically laid-out to me in 1998 by John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry.

John Bolton

Dixon further explained, how “Alex Jones” is controlled opposition (cointelpro) in effort also designed to end online free speech.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza

FRONTLINE’s documentary highlights how both the media and politicians blame Alex for the shooting, after exercising his free speech opinion about the event known as Pizzgate.

Nevertheless, while being threatened with a lawsuit, Alex freely recants his statements, live-on-air, of all evidence of a pedophile ring being run from Comet Ping Pong Pizza by elite Jewish owner, “Alefantis,” an alleged protected pedophile trafficker, who reportedly sells children off his menu and delivers them via an underground tunnel to the White House.

Alex Jones’ recant of Comet Ping Pong (Pizzagate) pedophile network

However, both Alex and the media fail to report how Alefantis also owns Buck’s Fishing and Camping, his other restaurant two doors down from Comet Ping Pong, that indeed does have a “basement” with trenches dug for no apparent reason.

Buck’s Fishing and Camping Basement

Alex, per his job description as cointelpro, is attempting to silence thousands of online investigative journalists by claiming “if they can do it to me, they can do it anyone” – while simultaneously killing very credible claims of a large-scale pedophile ring operating at the highest levels within our republic.

Daniel Jones, former Senate Intelligence Committee Investigator, concludes that “people will act on these things, we will see violence from this sort of stirring up of hatred and division – and the Pizzagate conspiracy theory is exhibit A” – case closed.

“Alex has become a powerful and dangerous voice” – Frontline

This is a Marxist, dialectic cointelpro, showing that people who spread “this type” of information will now be subject to investigation. Who, along with the truth, need to be silenced with prejudice and potentially prosecution.

See how it works – Alex is controlled opposition, which he can endlessly lead using cointelpro operations, to “synthesize” the outcome (silenced).

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

In Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook cointelpro performance, also documented by FRONTLINE, he again, under deposition, is attempting to discredit legitimate truth-seekers by claiming he suffers from “a kind of psychosis” where he “thought everything was staged” when questioned under oath by attorney for one of the victims’ [Pozner] father.

FRONTLINE claims Alex Jones is diagnosed with MPD (multiple personality disorder). Like, cointelpro, maybe?

Alex also claims during video deposition that “my opinions have been wrong, but they were never wrong consciously” regarding Sandy Hook.

Further, that “children died, and it’s a tragedy” [at Sandy Hook].

Thus, by making these “acknowledgements” under deposition, Alex has virtually given up any and all right to vigorously investigate the events of Sandy Hook through legal discovery, providing yet more evidence of cointelpro. Particularly, since Alex has more than enough money to hire the best attorney and forensic investigators.

Because of his testimonial reversal, under sworn deposition, Alex Jones was deemed unstable and dangerous, therefore de-platformed by the large social media tech giants, who banned him from their platforms for “dehumanizing language” “glorifying violence” and “hate speech.”

Therefore, setting the cointelpro stage to take away first amendment rights for ANYONE who believes these, or any similar type events were staged by the government.

Currently, a judge has greenlighted lawsuits to be filed against Jones for his OPINIONS on the event known as Sandy Hook.

“If they can go after me, they can go after anybody” – Alex Jones

“it’s an unprecedented attack on any individual that I’ve ever witnessed” – Robert Barnes (Attorney for Alex Jones)

Alex repeatedly says “we’re on-air because of you” [the viewer]. But we’re off-air because of you, Alex – making bad decisions, and acquiescing under cointelpro operations to shut down free speech, dissent, and critical thinking.

You have to ask yourself, why does Alex Jones, a connoisseur of the elite’s own “white papers” continue to make so many rudimentary mistakes, costing us the very freedoms he claims to be so vigilantly fighting for?

Particularly, after Continuously claiming he can see for… “miles and miles and miles….”

Capitol Rally (Jan 6, 2021)

Alex Jones organized and funded the Capitol Rally for Trump, but he couldn’t see five feet in front of his face for the potential infiltration by the CIA Deep State using Antifa?

According to Dixon, Alex Jones is controlled opposition (cointelpro). This means he was in on the plot to turn Trump supporters into “domestic terrorists” for breaching the Capitol building at the event which he basically singlehandedly organized/financed.

Let’s take a look at some of Alex Jones’ online comments AFTER the ‘Capitol March’ that might prove this out.

Via the ‘Alex Jones Show’ from (1-27-21)

[1:43:25] “They [Antifa] gave a home-run devastating defeat to what Trump and I want… to try and have a ten-day investigation into election fraud that we all needed as Americans.” – AJ

[1:31:00] “In a way Trump being gone is a positive because we can organize against the wars, against the surveillance, against the mask and against the forced vaccination – I think that’s a positive thing.” – AJ

In response to Alex Jones’ claim that Boogaloo Bois infiltrated the Capitol and were the “insurrectionist” Boogaloo Boi Mike Dunn states:

[1:39:00] … “[Boogaloo Bois] are not controlled opposition like you [Alex] sometimes appear to be” […] “I do believe you’re 100% controlled opposition Alex” – Mike Dunn

“You fired the one good man you had and that was David Knight – I do believe you’re controlled opposition Alex” – Mike Dunn

Which brings up an interesting point about David Knight, who most likely was “fired” because he would have dissected Alex Jones’ actions at the Capitol Rally on the very day of presenting evidence of election fraud that the democrats want kept OFF the record.

According to Dixon, Alex Jones hired Paul Joseph Watson because he knew Watson descends directly from EUGENICIST Bertrand Russell – but David Knight is the one who gets “fired.” Right?

Read: Infowars Paul Joseph Watson Direct Descendant of Eugenicist Bertrand Russell

Which is right in line with also silencing, demonizing, and labeling as domestic terrorists to disarm the people before the “Great Reset” Marxist depopulation endgame.

FRONTLINE has now thoroughly documented exactly how Alex Jones is in key position to lead the way to censorship under cointelpro, thus marking him controlled opposition kingpin number one.

Where, whenever he repeats what they will do to him… he really means what they will do to YOU.

“If they can go after me, they can go after anybody” – Alex Jones (cointelpro)

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