Ominous TIME Cover Foretells Obama Assassination

Dec. 19, 2012I cannot express thoroughly enough how the grey border symbolic message conveyed on this cover of Time magazine implicates the planned assassination of president Obama.

Everything about Obama is a lie.  His father, his mother, his upbringing, and most importantly, his true agenda for America, are all sadistic lies.

Most of these lies are very clearly documented in the video “Dreams from My Real Father” by Joel Gilbert, who outright exposes Obama for who and what he really is: a red diaper baby Manchurian Commie.  I highly recommend you view this video.

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On January 20, 2012, I published an article based on inside information obtained by my source, Greg T Dixon, revealing how Obama will be “taken out” under a false flag presidential assassination aimed at gun confiscation.

Almost a year later, on December 19, 2012, Time magazine revealed their “person of the year” to be Barack Obama, and portrayed him on the cover with an ominous funeral grey border … the first issue of its kind by Time, ever.

Obama's Body Man Reggie Love - Wiki Image
Obama’s Body Man Reggie Love – Wiki Image

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Time magazine will publish a black bordered issue of Obama symbolically aimed at his planned assassination… which, will be carried out by Obama’s secret service body man, now known to be Reggie Love.

Obama, who believes he is also in on this false flag gun confiscation plot to be shot, will make himself available to his false flag assassin shooter, believing he will only be shot in his right shoulder by his trusted basketball buddy and ex body man, Reggie Love, but in reality, Reggie Love will shoot to kill Obama through his chest.

On August 17, 2007, I verbally, preemptively testified before a Bellevue, Washington courtroom of law exactly how Obama will be assassinated by his secret service body man he believes will be aiming to hit him in his right shoulder, but in reality will aim for his chest.  I also testified that as a sign this is going to happen Time magazine will publish a “black bordered” issue portraying Obama as person of the year.

Time magazine was founded by Henry R Luce, a key figure in Operation Mockingbird, a successful CIA program to take over the media.  Luce, a member of Skull and Bones, also launched and supervised a slew of magazines that modernized journalism and the reading habits of fashionable Americans.

Proof of operation Mockingbird:


In 1998, Dixon explained how this will not be the first occasion Time magazine has used their cover to preempt the assassination or attempted assassination of an American president… it’s been done before… multiple times .

The first, being the January 5, 1962 John F Kennedy ‘man of the year’ cover, which Dixon said is a painted portrait that drops JFK’s right eye down on his face, representing the angle the assassins bullet will most likely strike the president as he approaches the grassy knoll, where the Jewish Mossad assassin will be waiting with his rifle.

Jan. 5 1962

The second, also relating to JFK’s assassination according to Dixon, being the February 16, 1962 painted portrait cover of Robert Kennedy depicting a large amount of blood being lost from the back of the head originating from the right side of his face.

Dixon said Time thought it would be too obvious if JFK were used to represent his own bloody preemptive assassination, and thus, substituted his brother for the cover instead.

Feb. 16, 1962

The third cover, published on June 21, 1963, also relates to JFK’s assassination Dixon said, by depicting the mourning of a lost loved one buried in the ground, in this case, representing JFK… with a close up of his grieving brother, Bobby, in the foreground.

June 21 1963

John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 11, 1963, a favored Masonic number [11-22-63].

Dixon said Time magazine used this same technique on Bobby Kennedy as well, beginning with the May 24, 1968 issue which depicts Robert Kennedy riddled with dots representing bullet holes, and a yellow burst of a gunshot accompanied by a yellow spike on the same side of the face his brother was hit, not to mention the meddling purple finger pointing in denunciation.

May 24, 1968

Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 6, 1968, a satanic number [6-6-68].

Dixon said after the assassination, Time issued a painted portrait cover on June 14, 1968, depicting a grieving of Bobby Kennedy with his head-down in mourning, this time representing himself, and bearing a striking resemblance to his assassinated brother.

June 14 1968

Dixon said Ronald Regan was issued a Time cover as well, due to the fact he ran on improving the economy and was surrounded by people who wanted to reestablish the gold standard.  In fact, it was his campaign pledge to reinstitute the gold standard… against elite’s wishes.

On the March 10, 1980 issue of Time, Reagan was depicted in a painted portrait with John Hinckley in the background holding a gun in his hand, aimed symbolically at Reagan’s life should he win and reestablish the gold standard… which he ended up attempting, until it was reveled to him while recovering in the hospital exactly why he was shot, shortly thereafter, the gold standard was summarily dropped.

Mar. 10, 1980

On April 12, 2013, illustrator Anthony Freda, who is Jewish, illustrated a Time magazine cover depicting Alex Jones as ‘person of the year,’ with subtitle “the most dangerous man in America.”  Alex appears to be coated in blue blood dripping from the back of his head… blue is the chosen color of the Jews.

April 12, 2013

Dixon said Alex is not making the elitist ‘cut’ and will be killed, most likely by his Jewish wife, who just recently made an attempt on his life. version.indd

Dixon said Michelle Obama will be in on the plot to assassinate her husband, the president, as well.  And eagerly expresses just how easily “as a black man, Barack could be shot going to the gas station” in the video below.


Dixon said Obama will also be issued a tin of breath mints entitled “presidential peppermints” – a pun, foretelling how he could get shot-up and “peppered” by his assassin.


On the Henry Makow website John DiNardo authored an article entitled, “Grim Obama TIME Cover a Warning?  Everything in his article is consistent with what Dixon told me in 1998. The comments on his article are particularly good.

V said (December 20, 2012):

Our plantation masters look like they will take out Obama-nation
next year. It will probably be done by an Israeli sniper. A white Christian will be the patsy who will be portrayed as a gun nut, a Domesday prepper, on psychotropic drugs …. u know the scope. This will cause a race war in the USA and gun confiscation, FEMA camps, economic collapse will follow as per the script planned beforehand. – Comment on Henry

The signs are all here… it’s just a matter of time before Obama will be assassinated.

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