HAARP Awakening Germany’s Laacher See Super Volcano

Laacher See

Only twenty minutes outside of Bonn, Germany and just eight miles from the river Rhine lies a small body of water created from a super volcano erupting roughly 13,000 years ago and forming a caldera lake atop its crater – currently named Laacher See in German or Laach Lake in English.

Laacher See is an 8-km wide lake filled caldera resting in the Rhine Valley and is part of the East Eifel Volcanic Field.  Most are unaware that Europe houses any significant volcanic activity, but it is believed that a mantle plume lies below this part of Europe leading to rifting and volcanism in the Eifel Volcanoes.

Laacher See last erupted ~12,900 years ago, but it was a doozy, erupting ~6 km3 (dense rock equivalent, i.e., taking all the ash and compacting the air out of it; closer to 20 km3 of uncondensed) of phonolite (an silica-undersaturated magma found in continental rift zones) tephra, making it similar in size to Pinatubo in 1991. The ash from the eruption can be found in the North Sea and throughout central Europe. – Big Think

Now, you can see the damage Laacher See could do, if ever it were to reawaken.

And an Eifel Volcanic Field reawakening right below Germany’s feet is exactly what HAARP is planning on implementing according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, who said the elites, mostly Jews, want to wipe out Europe and all its inhabitants – based on a Eugenics philosophy to achieve world domination.

Reactivating the silent super volcano sleeping under central Europe by using HAARP technology would be catastrophic for the inhabitants of Europe, particularly Germany.  Down-winders from such a large volcanic explosion would be subject to CO2 gases filling the atmosphere around them with poison – dropping millions instantly where they lay.

We’ve seen in recent years and months the devastating effects of such man-made “natural disasters” on New Orleans with Katrina, Central Texas with Dolly, New York with Sandy, not to mention Fukushima and Thailand’s Christmas tsunami surprise – and all man-made according to Dixon.

Dixon said HAARP technology is also working on physically dividing the continental United States by hitting the New Madrid Fault Line that runs along the Mississippi river.  If elites continue to be successful in pulling-off these weather modifications without a hitch, as they currently have done, I would be sure to get out of Europe the very minute any ominous signs from Laacher See ever arose, but unfortunately I doubt most will awaken.


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