End Sign$

Dirty crumpled, filthy wrinkled paper currency being circulated by big banks acts as warning sign for elite to ditch the dollar before its demise.

Studio shot of old dollar notes. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.

If you’ve been paying for items using cash lately, then you are probably aware of the new ‘dirty money’ being transferred and exchanged.

The tattered the better

Worn, torn and craggy paper currency, presently passing the hands of consumers, is purposely being planted into circulation by big banks via retail and banking sectors to provide elite warning to the precursor of holding these tattered paper bills in the months or possibly years to come.

Right before countless ‘greenback suckers’ are left holding the fact these green ink printed paper bills will be worth no more than their meritless fiat intrinsic value soon after Glencore pulls a Lehman Brothers and the world is forced to react to a multi-trillion dollar derivatives crash.

This observable paper currency recycling program, currently being implemented by big banks, aims to serve as fare warning for fellow elite to exactly when the end is coming regarding the demise of the US dollar, as tattered bills for this warning system were being collected and stored all the way back as far as 1998, readied for this ‘gotcha moment’ when trillions in derivatives crumble into dust and the dollar goes bust.


Soros just dumped stocks for physical Gold.

Conversely, people will recognize the elite use mostly credit for purchases and don’t often use cash, which is true; however, the elite do lots of illegal drugs, and this will quickly cause them to gasp the reality of the situation.


For those among the elite who don’t do drugs or engage in other illegal activities requiring cash, there are a myriad of avenues for which they can easily gain specific knowledge that the plug is about to be pulled.

One of these avenues believe it or not, comes from the dumbed down controlled opposition media, like Geiko commercials and other trash/tabloid type publications such as the New York Post.

Geiko’s ‘The final countdown’ commercial is an elite Warning.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH1biQdyiQI&w=560&h=315]

Back at the end of September of 2013, in an article found here, I preempted seven full days in advance, the fact US government officials were planning an ‘October surprise,’ days before Senator Ted Cruise used a filibuster and blocked funding of the government, causing a financial shutdown on October 1st, 2013, followed by worldwide media attention over the issue aimed at warning the elite that days are numbered.


Another warning sign given to me, also unleashed on October 1st, 2013, is Biden ‘absentmindedly’ holding a ‘Top Secret’ folder with heading CODEWORD for the entire world to see. This is how the elite communicate. The proof is: that this was preempted to me way back in 1998.

Glencore: How Jewish Derivatives Usurped America

Virtually every leading economist is saying they don’t know how the FED is currently propping up the US economy, there are a few exceptions. However, my source warned back in 1998, that after 2006 (2008) they would, the second time round, “dump it for good using trillions in derivatives.”

The cost of insuring Glencore’s debt is absolutely screaming into the stratosphere. This is precisely what we would expect to see right before a “Lehman Brothers moment”.

When Glencore goes down, they will take a whole lot of others with them. That is because Glencore is tied to trillions of dollars worth of derivatives trades all over the planet. According to Zero Hedge, we are looking at “the start of a self-fulfilling prophecy which leads to the Company’s IG downgrade and the collapse of trillions in derivative notionals as what may be the trading desk of the biggest commodity counterparty quietly goes out of business.”

For years I have been ranting about the danger of derivatives. In article after article I warned that they would play a starring role in the next financial crisis.

Now the reality of what I was warning about is staring us right in the face.

The “nothing is happening” crowd is completely and utterly clueless. There are these people running around telling everyone that the stock market decline is “over” and that we aren’t about to experience another great financial crisis.- Michael Snyder

The Obama administration along with the Neocons have funded ISIS, and with the Frankfurt School Jews of Germany, are about to unleash savage war-hardened Wahhabi Jihadist all throughout Deutschland, Europe and America, in a Trojan Horse ‘refugee’ false flag aimed at killing every free Aryan on the planet, and thus, fulfilling the very definition of the Neanderthal New World Order, which is total Aryan extinction.

“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper

The fact that there are most likely celestial dynamics at play behind the foreground of US aggression provoking potential WW III with Russia, through use of US created ISIS, leads me to believe the collapse of the dollar, an attack on Israel, or virtually limitless Gladio-style possibilities are within the cards to send the world into complete and utter chaos in the very near future.

Where the end goal remains the same: to extract an Aryan extinction and subsequent worldwide depopulation quota under execution of agenda 21’s blueprint for a NWO, while urgently making sure the masses remain asleep to a possible passing giant of potential mass awakening (planet X), like a thief in the night.

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