Moon Landing Faked: Monkey Shriveled

Heroic Space Monkey
Heroic Space Monkey

How is it computer, satellite, rover and space station technologies soar, while NASA‘s “man to the moon” technology sits on its ass?

As we all know NASA claims to have put a man on the moon using 1960’s technology.  But the question still remains – why haven’t we returned in light of having overwhelmingly advanced 2012 technology?

Most Americans are aware of the space monkey experiments NASA conducted during the 1960’s.  Well, as it turns out, a monkey can scratch his ass in Low Earth orbit, but apparently, just not on the moon.

And the very simple and obvious reason, according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, is because of ultra high levels of cosmic radiation… extremely deadly body shriveling cosmic radiation.

The moon is 238,000 miles from the  surface of the earth.  Space monkey flight trials in the video below only traveled 150 miles into Low Earth orbit… leaving quite a distance remaining needed to reach the moon.

The current space station is no more than 220 miles from earth, defined as low earth orbit [LEO = 99 mi. to 1,200 mi.] Beyond Low Earth orbit, space radiation begins to become a problem for living beings.

Trailblazers in Space [1961]:

Dixon said the monkeys NASA used in space flight experimentations flown extremely close to the moon all came back burned and badly shriveled from exceedingly high levels of cosmic radiation… monkey shriveling cosmic radiation.

Experiment over!

However, after the wonderment of a moon landing had already been promised to the American people by JFK in his 1960 campaign, and again to Congress as President in 1961, the unforeseen financial cost needed to break through the cosmic radiation barrier, if possible, became impossibly too expensive to bear, Dixon said.

JFK’s moon speech to Congress:


Dixon said the US and Soviet Union, both engaged in a death-grip race to the moon, and both feeling the financial crunch to win the race for the posterity of its people, ultimately sat down and agreed to find a solution to this most compelling cosmic radiation dilemma.

Dixon said the two superpowers finally agreed on a solution, one that ended up in America’s favor, mainly, because of Hollywood’s advanced filming technologies.

However, in exchange, the Soviet Union was allocated complete control and credit for the creation and maintenance of the Mir Space Station, as well as conducting all onboard microgravity research projects – as the Mir and the International Space Station are most likely the closest we will ever get to the moon, Dixon said.

Dixon said the filming, of the fake moon landing, was done in a Hollywood style anti-gravity closed set in Nevada, Directed by Stanley Kubrick, and why there are no stars in the films footage, stars which cannot ever simply just disappear!

Dixon said all the NASA “moon-walking” astronauts are elites, and each lied about their landing, their moonwalk, their pole plant, and their moon rocks… which have since been proven fakes.

Dixon said they also lied in not reporting having visually sighted countless alien craft landing on the dark side of the moon.

Buzz Aldrin admits to seeing Aliens:


Today, the very clear and evident reason as to why we have not returned to the moon is based solely on the fact that cosmic radiation shriveled monkeys into crusty corpses, a known process typical in extreme radiation exposures.

Japanese WW II Radiation Burn Victim
Japanese WW II Radiation Burn Victim

Dixon said we most likely will never set foot on the moon or any other planet due to cosmic radiation permeating the entire cosmos, unless a solution can be found to fend of cosmic radiation from penetrating all known materials.

Radiation – From Wikipedia

Other fata types of radiation, however, are not stopped. In Russian experiments with monkeys, the monkeys all died within 8 hours of landing. The monkeys had been in capsules whose metal walls were eight times thicker than the walls of the lunar landing module.

This is going to require a damn good reference. The Apollo spacecraft were only in the belts for a couple hours and cosmic radiation isn’t that big of a deal due to the short term nature of the trip. I recall that the astronauts got the equivalent of a couple chest X-rays of radiation for the whole trip. They were lucky that there weren’t any solar storms — those could have killed the astronauts (the LEM and spacesuits would not have prevented fatal doses of radiation). But that didn’t happen. —mav

Look at the records. There were solar storms. Really intense ones. Miraculously they survived… and lived hale and hearty into their eighties and nineties. I guess a solar storm isn’t so deadly after all! —Clutch

During the Apollo program, there were several near-misses between the astronauts walking on the surface of the Moon and a deadly solar storm event. The Apollo 12 astronauts walked on the Moon only a few short weeks after a major solar proton flare would have bathed the astronauts in a 100 rem blast of radiation. Another major flare that occurred half way between the Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 moonwalks would have had a much more deadly outcome had it arrived while astronauts were outside their spacecraft playing golf. Within a few minutes, the astronauts would have been killed on the spot with an incredible 7000 rem blast of radiation.

The Soviet Union: no friend of America – From Wikipedia

Barely mentioned at all is (for me) the best counter-argument to the hoax theory is: “Why didn’t the Soviets even suggest it was faked?”

The Soviet Union had some of the greatest scientists in the world, and a space programme of its own including robotic landings on the moon. They had no interest in protecting America’s propaganda coup, so why on earth didn’t the Soviets disprove the moon landings?

They had the technology, they had the expertise, they had no motivation to lie about the moon landings. If they’d had the slightest bit of evidence the landings were faked, you can bet they’d have announced it very very loudly. Yet we didn’t hear a thing about faked landings from the USSR, ever.

Why isn’t more made of the silence from the Soviet Union?

Many conspiracy theories are based more on motives than proof (e.g. “The mafia must have killed Kennedy because he cracked down on them” etc), but this is one case where the motives are irrefutably against the conspiracy theory. It’s almost impossible to imagine any rational motivation why the USSR would conspire with the USA to deceive the world into thinking America got to the moon first.

Agreed — this argument was brought forward in an edition of the Skeptical Inquirer one or two years ago, and is — in my opinion — the single best argument to shut up most arguments on the topic — unless you are dealing with a hard-core conspiracy theorist who believes the Soviets were in on the hoax (don’t ask, they do exist!)

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