Nibiru, Kobe Bryant, Depopulation

The premise of this article originates from source for this website:

The source for this website is John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, who in 1998, explained how there is a “tenth planet” (currently hovering around in our solar system) named Nibiru (Planet X, 9) bringing with it catastrophic “End Times” destruction near 2021 via “pole-shift” of earth around its orbit.

John Bolton

This is the true earth history, for which Masons and Jews are trying to protect the public from knowing, before Nibiru’s fast approaching arrival.

Dixon said Kobe Bryant is top level (elongated-head) Mason, who, in his public role, doesn’t want to publicly deal with watching people being physically dragged away to FEAMA death camps upon Nibiru’s imminent appearance around planet earth.

So he decided to fake his death, via “helicopter crash,” to avoid being involved altogether.

The Fake Death of Kobe Bryant

This isn’t just the MSM/Deep State ‘fake death’ of Kobe Bryant were witnessing.

Actually, this [“Kobe’s Death”] signals a depopulation attempt by FEMA at the highest levels of the New World Order Globalist.

With Wuhan now showing all the appearance of being nothing more than a political ruse to pull Aryan dissidents from their midst.

My guess, the U.S. will be next, beginning with ARYAN “dissidents” here at home (before the return of Nibiru).

Kobe Bryant’s Nike commercial depicting Nibiru’s reappearance (along with the Anunnaki) has been posted on youtube long before his fake death – showing Kobe battle Anu [Kayne] and his Anunnaki “Olympian” soldiers here to again set Aryans free from their Jewish and Masonic demonic controllers seeking Aryan Genocide.


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