HAARP: Hurricane Sandy Aiming for Big Apple’s “Maggots”

Hurricane Sandy
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Most people don’t know its elite Jews who named New York City the “Big Apple.”  And yet, even more people would never guess as to the reason why.  Hymietown’s elite Jews, who Jessie Jackson so fluently refers to them as, think the city is way too overcrowded and thus, teaming with “maggots” – where do you find maggots?  Well, in the core of apples, of course.

This, according to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, who reveled that elite Jews deem all the inhabitants of New York City no more valuable than fly larvae, of which, they seek to destroy [kill] by using multiple false flag techniques.

Dixon explained to me in 1998 how elites, mostly Jews, are planning multiple false flag events on the City of New York.  One has already taken place, one is visually on its way is the form of hurricane “Sandy” and the final death blow will come in the form a mushroom cloud just after the false flag nuking of Israel.

Dixon said the elite Jewish headquarters [HUBS] of the world are actually located and controlled from Seattle, Washington… “Hitler’s Prague for the elite Jews” – not London or New York, like the elite Seattle Jews have those Jews believing, respectively.

By proxy, Dixon said the elite Jews want to take out both London and New York with yet another false flag nuclear attack during this false flag melee madness following the false flag nuking of Israel, as underclass Jews are the very heart of the elite’s intellectual competition in the world.

Dixon explained to me in 1998, how New Orleans would be targeted for destruction by using HAARP technology to steer a large hurricane into its path aimed to kill and displace as many black communities, who the elite Jews felt were getting a bit to “uppity” in owning most of the low-lying property in New Orleans, as possible [Katrina].

Dixon also conveyed [1998] the elites plan on using HAARP technology to drive a hurricane over central Texas targeting German communities for destruction while under President Bush [Dolly].  I actually verbally preempted Dolly In mid 2007, by conveying this exact same [above] information in a Bellevue, Washington courtroom of law.

In fact, my testimony was being digitally recorded by the court itself [State] for the record… one, that stands absolutely zero chance of being there, of course.  But, can I erase my own court reported testimony?  I think not!

However, if I had been able to retrieve this court recorded testimony from 2007, in which many other, far more significant preemptive revelations had been made as well, I would surely be dead now.

Dixon said the elite Jews are trying to destroy their non-elite intellectual competition in the world, as well as to demolish any and all large structured communities of the “underclass.”  By proxy, the elite Jews are planning the same for all the inhabitants, “maggots” as they refer to them, of New York City by using HAARP technology to create this “perfect storm” scenario.

Rolling Stones lyrics from song “Shattered”  – “Go ahead, bite the big apple, don’t mind the maggots, ah huh” – Dixon said Mick Jagger is a non-Jewish elite [Freemason].

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nULwgHsVqw&w=480&h=360]


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