Jews Orchestrated Tulsa Race Riots of 1921

The Jews were behind the massacre of “Black Wall Street” businesses and owners, then blamed it on Whites.

According to John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Jews purposefully set off the race riots of 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they burned “Black Wall Street” to the ground.

The Tulsa riots began over an incident in an elevator between a 19-year-old black shoeshine man named Dick Rowland and a 17-year-old Jewish girl named Sarah Page, who operated the elevator.

The two reportedly were having an affair, which was known to the Jewish establishment in Tulsa who did not look kindly at the arraignment.

While the two were alone in the elevator, Jewish Sarah Page for some unknown reason screamed, causing Dick Roland to run outside of the building.

Jew Sarah Page

The incident was reported by a Renberg’s store clerk who witnessed the scream, a report was filed for “assault” leading to speculation of rape.

Jews had long disliked the “uppity” prosperity of “Black Wall Street” owned businesses, which circumvented their financial dominance over the affairs of men.

Jews saw this mistaken (love spat) elevator event as an opportunity to blame Whites for “justifiably” burning Black Wall Street to the ground.

The Jewish owned media propagandized the innocent to incite Whites against Blacks.

In fact, the Jewish owned Tulsa Tribune printed an editorial to “Nab Negro for Attacking Girl in Elevator” as means to provoke the affair.

The May 31, 1921 edition of the Tribune included an inflammatory front-page story entitled “Nab Negro for Attacking Girl in Elevator”, about what was later found to be an accidental encounter between a white elevator operator and a black teenager, Dick Rowland. The Tribune’s story is frequently named as a contributing factor in the Tulsa race massacre that broke out on June 1, 1921 and led to the destruction of the then-prosperous African-American Greenwood business district.[11] It has been claimed that the same issue of the Tribune also contained a second article, or an editorial, reporting on plans by white residents to lynch Rowland. All originals of this edition of the newspaper were apparently destroyed, and the relevant pages are also missing from the microfilm copyWikipedia

Jew Richard Lloyd Jones

The owner of the Tulsa Tribune, who purposefully printed the inflammatory article which led to the Tulsa race riots, was Richard Lloyd Jones, the cousin of crypto half Jew, Frank Lloyd Wright. Jones purchased the Tulsa Tribune in 1919.

Richard Lloyd Jones (April 14, 1873 – December 4, 1963) was the son of an influential Unitarian minister, Jenkin Lloyd Jones.[6] He co-founded Tulsa’s All Souls Unitarian Church, now one of the largest Unitarian Universalist churches in the world. Jones commissioned his cousin, Frank Lloyd Wright, to build him a house in Tulsa; constructed in 1929. – Wikipedia

Crypto half Jew, Frank Lloyd Wright

Therefore, as per this article’s top-level source, it was JEWS who organized the Tulsa race riots of 1921.

Jews also were the ones that went out and physically burned the prosperous African-American Greenwood business district, known as Black Wall Street, to the ground.

“[Jewish] rioters set up a machine gun emplacement on the top of a hill where it fired down into a nearby church–that had been newly built–destroying the church and killing many. There are also descriptions of cars filled with [Jewish] rioters driving through Greenwood with guns blazing from each window and an airplane dropping dynamite on African-Americans as they ran for cover.”

“When the dust finally settled, over a thousand buildings–mostly in the Greenwood District–were destroyed. Estimates put the damage around $1.5 million. Homes, businesses, and churches that were thriving the week before were rubble after the riot. But the property damage only tells part of the story. Before the riot, the Greenwood District was a thriving area of stores, professional offices, restaurants, and more. The area had come to be called “Black Wall Street” and drew African-Americans from a great distance to participate in the area’s growth. It was a flourishing community. The riot, however, was like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs: after it hit, nothing was the same. To this day, North Tulsa lacks a consistent supermarket and even [Jewish] banks that are required to have a presence in lower income areas have little presence in that community.”

“Many [Jewish] Tulsans used the destruction of the Greenwood community in the riot as a way to grab the valuable land once held by African Americans and repurpose it–and, thus, depopulate it of African-Americans.” “[Jewish] civic leaders years after the riot used that lack of recovery to further divide the city when I-244 was built–much of it paving over “Black Wall Street.” – The918

The Jews own Wall St and don’t need competition.

The commercial section of Greenwood was destroyed. Losses included 191 businesses, a junior high school, several churches, and the only hospital in the district. The Red Cross reported that 1,256 houses were burned and another 215 were looted but not burned.The Tulsa Real Estate Exchange estimated property losses amounted to US$1.5 million in real estate and $750,000 in personal property (equivalent to a total of $33 million in 2020). – Wikipedia

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  1. Looking at the photos of the damage to the Greenwood district lends more credibility to the stolen history theory. The damage shown in those photos is more along the lines of what you see from a nuclear bombing. Where are the piles of brick and rubble? Guns and dynamite are not capable of vaporizing entire city blocks of brick buildings. The fabricated idea of angry whites burning that area down only serves the agenda of the concocted race war they are attempting to foment today.

    For those of you new to this idea, look up the pictures of the world’s fair events in the early 1900’s. Supposedly in a matter of months we were able to build hundreds of acres of palatial structures, that outdid the palaces of Europe, for an event that only lasted a few months. The 1893 Chicago world fair, the 1904 St Louis fair, and the 1915 San Francisco fair are some of the most striking examples. They all featured massive build outs of incredible Beaux Arts architecture and landscaping which if we replicated today it would cost hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. Buildings and cities of such magnitude and elegance have not been built since. The closest thing would be cities like Astana and Ashgabat. Even so their buildings are not even remotely close to the intricate detail of the old world buildings.

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