Children’s Bodies Believed Buried under Benjamin Franklin’s Home in Litchfield, Connecticut

BenFranklinDuplessisElite Jewish owners of a home previously owned by Benjamin Franklin believe he most likely used the home solely for satanic rituals involving the sexual abuse and murder of children.

In the early seventies, the owners of the home in Litchfield, Connecticut, a Jewish Harvard professor and his family, unearthed evidence within the home showing it was once owned by Benjamin Franklin.

It is common knowledge amongst elites, I’m told, that Benjamin Franklin, a Jew, was a Masonic satanic pedophile who liked to sexually abuse and sacrifice young children, mostly Aryan boys, then dismember and dispose of their remains by burying them under his house, as was discovered in 1998, where children’s remains were unearthed under Franklin’s England home.

In 1972, my family and I moved from Seattle to Litchfield, Connecticut where my father, transferring from the University of Washington, completed the final year of his medical internship at Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth.

We ended up renting an old historic Colonial style home in Litchfield that was built in the 1700’s from this same Jewish Harvard professor and his family, whom my father encountered while attending medical school at Harvard.

Yet, we remained uninformed about the home’s (in)famous owner and its most certain notorious history.

John Bolton

In 1998, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, explained how the Jewish Harvard professor and his family were wary of living in the home after the newly found discovery of its previous owner, Ben Franklin, during a renovation and subsequent suspicion of buried children in the home’s basement.

Dixon said the Jewish professor saw an opportunity to step away from the situation to further evaluate whether or not he wanted to remain in the home by renting it out to us in 1972.

My father however, was told by the Jewish professor that he needed a house sitter, as he would be away in Europe for the rest of the year on a business vacation with his family.

Dixon said the reality conversely, is that the Jewish professor never left for Europe, but instead moved just down the block only a few houses away, into another home he owned in the neighborhood.

The Jewish professor, Dixon said, also decided to rent us their home as a ruse to gain access to our kitchen so he could poison our food while we were away.

Before the Jewish professor moved out of the home, I explicitly remember how he had gathered us all around and explained that he claimed to have stored most of his personal belongings in the locked daylight basement of the home, which he sternly instructed us not to enter under any circumstance.

Most of the home’s furniture nevertheless, remained in place, including an old bedpan, positioned on antique nightstand right next to the formal upstairs bed, in the master bedroom.

I plainly remember the professor holding up the bedpan and waving it about as if it had some otherworldly significance attached to it or something, he seemed to be holding it in hand with great pride and repute – lighting up – as he explained how it was original to the home dating back to the 18 century.

Upon further research, Dixon said it was discovered that Benjamin Franklin definitively owned the home at some point, and is believed to be the home’s original owner, which they believe he had custom built while in America, yet kept secret from the public for cryptic reasons one might now surmise.

It is believed that Benjamin Franklin used the very bedpan, held with supreme status in the professor’s hand, on numerous occasions, and why the Jewish professor was downright giddy in showing it off.

As we continued with the “move-in” tour of the home by the Jewish professor, he explained how the home also came complete with a chicken coop, laid full of hens guarded by a gelded rooster, nestled conveniently just outside the attached kitchen side door, just past the gravel driveway next to a small historic dilapidated barn, offering up convenient access to fresh eggs we ultimately enjoyed daily.

Eggs, Dixon said, hatched from the very same genetic chicken stock originally brought onto the property back in the 1700’s, most likely by Benjamin Franklin, and believed to descend from the same fowl Ben Franklin obtained his daily eggs from centuries ago, when the home was originally built along with the coop.

The chickens, we ate the eggs of daily, were also being poisoned by the Jewish professor, Dixon added.

But this article isn’t about that kind of “foul”, or fowl play, that article can be found here.  No, The kind of foul play that got me to write this article involves top level, Masonic, pedophile foul play – involving children’s buried bodies.

In 1998, it was discovered in London, England that remains of six young children were buried under the former home of Benjamin Franklin.

Since these children’s remains were found buried under Benjamin Franklin’s home during the same time period he was living in the home, the implications, staggering as they may be, point directly to a Masonic pedophile cryptic practice of ritual child abuse and murder committed by none other than one of the most sacred and revered architect of our constitution, and founding father of America.

The elites, Dixon said, along with the Harvard professor, believe the home was secretly constructed for the sole purpose of committing Masonic ritual child abuse and murder, being that the home was hidden secretly away in Litchfield, far from the prying eyes of Washington and the press.

Dixon said the home is not historically recorded as ever having been owned by Benjamin Franklin, nor is it on any historic registry, and its Jewish owners and other elites want to keep it that way.

The Jewish professor however, Dixon tells me, never moved back into the home due to the fact of potential implications from a house fire, or other potential hazard leading to a discovery of what most likely is buried below the massive period stones that cover the basement floor.

Which reminds me of the day I was playing in the backyard down by the creek and returned to the home. When I looked in the daylight basement an uneasy feeling overcame me.  I could sense something wasn’t right.

As I looked further, I saw that the floor of the home was laid using large period stones whose seams appeared to be filled with mortar, along with a strong feeling something or someone had suffered an ill fate – I’ll bet the farm, children’s bodies lay buried under those stones.

After the year of internship at Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth was up, we moved back to Seattle in 1973.

Dixon said the once pristine home is now occupied by new residents who moved the driveway to the other side of the lot for privacy, tore down the historic chicken coop and small dilapidated barn to make way for their vehicles. They also covered the back deck with an elongated roof structure, dumped lumber in the front yard and essentially trashed the place, not knowing its historical significance.

This all can be seen from the aerial photos attached below (click to enlarge), along with the new home next door (left), which possessed a vacant rundown period home back in 1972. Where it’s believed that Benjamin Franklin killed the original inhabitants, then secretly took possession to hide his satanic ritualistic sexual practices of killing young children and burying their remains in his basement.

Dixon said the home in Litchfield was located near a period sawmill, hence the intersecting street name on the map, and it’s believed Benjamin Franklin may have used the mill to dismember the bodies of his victims, as was discovered to be the case under his London home.

Benjamin Franklin's Home in Litchfield Conn. ( 41-769951-73-271648)
Benjamin Franklin’s Home in Litchfield Conn. (41-769951-73-271648)
Benjamin Franklin's Home in Litchfield Conn. Milton Rd and Sawmill Rd (41-769951-73-271648)
Benjamin Franklin’s Home in Litchfield Conn. Milton Rd and Sawmill Rd (41-769951-73-271648)

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