Jewish Population and the US Census

It seems as though the Jewry is immune from declaring itself JEWISH. Even though the government demands race identity from everyone else, every ten years.


In the US and UK, the census is conducted every decade. Interestingly however, Jews [Hebrews] are not required to list themselves as a race of people to be counted on either countries census questionnaire form.

And by proxy, count themselves mostly as ‘White’ (along with other races represented by their country of origin). Why are Jews allowed to hide their race from these census forms, and thus in turn, the citizenry… what do they have to hide?


Contrary to virtually all other race related options on the census questionnaire, Jews are stealthily allowed to keep secret the fact they are actually in much higher numbers of the population than they want you, the goyim, to know about.

Could it be that Jews are secretly trying to create a monolithic Jewish population the goyim simply cannot recognize or decipher? Are the Jews already too high in numbers not to gain mistrust and suspicion if it were ever to be revealed by government census? Is this why they hide their race and thus population numbers from public mandated census statistics?

Jewish population numbers in the United States in 1938, stood at 4,770,647 Jews. The chart above however, is only referring to religious Jews in America at the time, and has no mention of secular [non-religious] Jews or Hebrews living in the United States in 1938, where the numbers would be much, much higher.

However, let’s take these given population numbers from 1938 of just under 5 million Jews living in the US at the time.

Where, according to the Jewish Virtual Library’s own 2006 census report, Jewish populations in the US now stand at 5,275,000. An increase of only 497,535 Jews since 1938, which is about a 10% increase in 68 years.

Yet for comparison, the overall goyim (non-Jew) populations of the world in 1938 stood at roughly 2 billion, and in 2006 was 7 billion. Which is an increase of 5 billion people, or 350% over the same 68-year time period, as contrast to the Jewish population increase of only 10%, or half a million more Jews.

wpgThis discrepancy is mind-boggling, demonstrating a highly substantial disparity in procreation rates of comparative population numbers over the course of the same 68-year period, at an astonishing rate of 340% between Jews and non-Jews.

However, Jews want you to simply believe that they are procreating at a rate of only 10% every seventy years, a rate 35 times less than their goyim counterparts over the same 70 year period.

Therefore, is highly suspicious, and indicative of Jews hiding a much larger racial identity membership. While being provided plausible deniability from state auditors within the census statistics to become the dominant race within the population.

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  1. Of course, they lie about everything and are the top usurpers of this world. Nikola Tesla said “Madam, never trust a Jew”. He was so very right.

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