Aryan Genocide COVID VAX

The Jewish created covid vaccine bioweapon appears to be targeting the Aryan race for genocide.

The Jews want you to believe that the Aryan race does not exist, because they are attempting to genocide it.

However, Aryans do exist, and in fact are the majority population around the globe, in all ethnicity, dogmas and skin color.

Hell, Hitler even fought WWII over it…

The CDC, FDA, NIH and MSM in bed with big pharma, also are all exclusively Jewish.

Jews are also the biggest pushers of the vaccine.

Biden’s Ethnic Jewish Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy
Jewish Canada Federal Health Ministe Jean-Yves Duclos
All Jews, except Merkel and Macron

The vaccines are mRNA gene therapies, which can manipulate the DNA of certain individual racial groups, like Aryans, while leaving others, like Jews, alone.

The covid vax hooks onto the human spike protein, Dr Lee Merritt explains in the video below, and it does different things depending on one’s racial bloodline (Jew or Aryan) via the “racial specificity pathway” (aka; the ACE2 human pathway).

Dr Merritt says people who have the most “upregulation” of the ACE2 pathway are “White caucasions” [Aryans] from Europe, at 56%.

Dr Merritt further details upregulation ACE2 pathway of Jews is at 0%. Meaning, they are not affected by the vaccine which causes significant heart attacks and other ailments in Aryans via ACE2.


Dr Fauci and communist China are behind both the release of covid-19 and the vaccine therapy DNA changing mRNA jab.

Covid was developed and funded in Wuhan, China using tax payer money from the US.

Gain of Function

Fauci and his Chinese team used Rhesus primates under Gain of Function to develop their Aryan bioweapon vaccine, because of the close similarities between Aryans and Rhesus blood types (Rh-).

Where, (as seen above) the plot all along was to create a bioweapon to exterminate the Aryan race from the planet.

Also discovered is the plot currently underway to load Red Counties, that house the majority of Aryans in America, with deadly tainted biowarfare vaccine batches.

Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine (Video) (5 min)

Now we know why there’s so much hype by the Jewish media and Jewish politicians and Jewish celebrities to take the deadly biowarfare vax, because they know it will kill you (Aryans).

Half Jewish Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Jewish corporations are also in on the ruse – and this is how you will now know they are Jew owned.

Jew Vax Pusher
Jim Stone

Aryan death and injury from the Jewish vaccine (Photos): Is Covid Vax Race Specific Bioweapon?

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