Is Covid Vax Race Specific Bioweapon?

It appears the covid vaccine is disproportionately targeting Aryans for heart attack and death at lighting speed.

Battle for the Mind in Spell-Casting over COVID mRNA Injections

The big secret behind the mass vaccination campaign is that its pushers are exclusively Kabbalah JEWS.

In fact, Kabbalah Jews have a long and seeded history of genocide perpetrated against Aryans of every continent spanning nearly the entire 20th century.

Most notably, was the 1917 Bolshevik mass murder of upwards of 80 million Christians (Aryans) followed by Jew Stalin’s Holodomor famine against the Ukraine in 1932-33 that let 80% of the Aryan population starve to death.


They use the same Kabbalah game-plan over and over again because the dumbed down, mind-controlled goyim can never quite seem to figure out that Kabbalah Jews are genocidal psychopaths, hell-bent on Aryan extermination and worldwide depopulation.

Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ was another of these Jewish Rothschild plots which attempted to genocide Chinese Aryans, to the tune of roughly 70-100 million.  

The parallels currently taking place with the vaccinations leaves no doubt that they are planning another mass depopulation of Aryans – the Kabbalah Jews existential enemy.

Evidence of the vax being a race specific bioweapon against Aryans is beginning to emerge for those who can visually recognize the difference between Jews, Neanderthals and Aryans (aka; the 3 species of ‘Humanity’).

Because if so, you will see Aryans are dropping like flies all over the Jewish web.

Aryan Mum, 39, dies four days after second Covid vaccine jab
Aryan BBC Presenter Who Died After Getting COVID Vaccine Is Under Investigation

Vaccine injury among Aryans are also topping the charts.

Aryan Felicity Jackson had Bad COVID Reaction
Aryan Chantal Uren 37-year-old Western Australia police officer suffers Bell’s Palsy, ruptured aneurysm, stroke two weeks after Pfizer mRNA injection

The footballers (soccer players) seem to be getting the worst of it, and there may be solid explanation as to why this is the case – However, what is not explained is why the deaths appear to be almost exclusively Aryan.

Over a 60X increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out

Dead Vaxxed Aryan Footballers


25-year-old Marcos Menaldo died after suffering a heart attack on Monday.
Fully Vaccinated Tennis Star Nikoloz Basilashivili Drops Out of Sydney Cup Due to Breathing Difficulties
Ian-Matos-A 32-year-old Brazilian competitive diver is dead
Patryk Milner, 7, died after collapsing in a school classroom from heart attack
Women Injured By Covid Vaccines Send Message To The CDC

Women Injured By Covid Vaccines Send Message To The CDC

American pilot Greg Pearson became injured after receiving the COVID vaccine

Aryan Soldiers

Cabalist Jews Playing Key Roles In The COVID GENOCIDE

Bad Vax Reactions (minors)

Horrifying Compilation of Athletes, Reporters & Patients Collapsing, Passing Out & Fainting, Vaccine to Blame? (Must See Video)

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  1. Hi,
    Just one question: What about the would-be same adverse effects and deaths for vaxxed people in Israel? Is it simply monkey-business or the truth, in case of the latter, these “lesser brethren” would also be as exposed as the Aryans?
    This said, I live in a country where I didn’t see thus far many Jews suffering after their three jabs. And why do Jews seem so in a hurry to get vaxxed when we know they’ll not really suffer from their shots?
    Thanx for sharing info.

    1. I think you have it right in recognizing elite Jews hold other Jews as “lesser brethren.” I look at it this way; elite Jews study the Kabbalah and “lesser brethren” Jews study the Talmud – its just that simple. You have two distinct sets of Jews – Kabbalah & Judaic. More proof lies in the fact that Kabbalah Jews have coded the Kabbalah so only they can unlock the code and teach the esoteric meaning of Kabbalah Gnosticism, which Talmud Jews are prohibited. Israel has a “Judaic” Talmud population, and by proxy is a patsy state – treated just the same as Aryans are treated by Kabbalah Jews. (Another side note is that dark-haired Sephardic Jews typically control light-haired Ashkenazi Jews, but not all Askenazi are Judaic and both practice Eugenics.)

      As far as for monkey-business? That lies in Rhesus monkey DNA and how it matches up with Aryan DNA via the ACE2 receptor. The vax was developed in monkey trials to target Aryans “upregulation” of the ACE2 pathway, which are at 56%. However, Jews have an upregulation ACE2 pathway of 0%. So something else is at play in Israel. I would look at vaccine “batches” as the answer to that question, in this video link:

      Great question, you can read more here:

      1. Hi again,
        Thanx for your really appreciated reply and your last article.
        I’m taking the opportunity to give this interesting link which simply bears out what is dealt with here but with more precisions about other races’ ACE2 pathways’ up-regulations such as Black people at 39% for instance.
        Of a similar interest, we learn that the SARS-CoV-2’s genome sequence has 19 nucleotides. When we know these kabbalists’ obsessions for symbology and numerology, we can infer 19, as to these nucleotides’ number, represents very presumably the real meaning behind Covid-19.
        So 2019 would be only the exoteric aspect of it…
        Here is it:

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