FEMA Martial Law Food Weapon

Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people – Henry Kissinger.

The single most significant item in principal demand directly following a societal collapse will be food. The Jews, who control Americas food supply, are concocting a food shortage scenario and have plans for its outcome.

Jewish political representation carries throughout all Jewish controlled states like Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana, Florida, and alike (mostly coastal), whose job will be, like other Jewish controlled states, to usher in Martial Law.

Jewish US Senators 2016

Jewish US senators represent 50 out of 100 US senators in Washington DC as of 2016 (the rest are Masons).

The country is divided along geo-political racial lines (crypto as they may be) with Jews owning virtually everything of financial value in America, including the Deep State, which they use to perpetuate dominance and Jewish control over all aspects of our society.

The principal part of Jewish privilege is Jewish ownership, signified by Jews like Amazon’s Bazos who along with other Jewish online retailers have an effective monopoly over whatever you purchase online.

Jewish Bill Gates: Crypto-Jew, Pseudo-Christian

One of the chief Deep State tactics, Kissinger often likes to regurgitate, is to control food, because then you control people.

Food currently is the only item you cannot sustainably purchase online. However, in most ‘Jew States’ they have that market cornered from top to bottom on the ground as well through retail outlets such as Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joe’s and other Jewish owned grocers and distributors.

In fact, it’s practically impossible to purchase food from anyone other than a Jewish owned grocery because it is part and parcel of their game plan to control the masses using food as a weapon – as Kissinger often likes to indulge.

This extremely influential food fact also proves that the Jews are in control of Masons, who have not vested in food (that controls the masses), and therefore will be controlled by Jews who can (and will) control the masses using food.

Further evidence of race privilege preferring only specific genetic grocery ownership is demonstrated in coastal states whose politicians are almost exclusively Jewish and the food chains in their districts have an effective monopoly on the food supply with grocery outlets all under Jewish ownership.

However, it goes much deeper than that, whereby Jewish owned grocery retailers are working directly with ‘Jew State’ (Deep State) proxies as a collective subversive force to topple America and bring in Martial Law using food as their weapon of choice.

To bring Martial Law to America, the Deep State will need a preemptive false flag (likely financial regardless a domino effect) to act as the foundation for food shortages and runs on Jew-owned grocery stores where the local police and militia will be dispensed by Deep State proxies to take control of what the controllers use to control the population with – i.e. food.

Initially, the local police will be brought forward first to regulate food rationing distribution to the hungry masses, it’s reported. The monopoly of Jewish owned grocery outlets are on par staffed exclusively by Jews, who will be working together with Deep State proxies along with police and militias to take out the first wave of patriotic ‘Main Core’ Americans – before things get ‘out of control’ following further planned and deepened ‘food shortages.’

‘The Main Core’ is a group of hard working Americans that consists principally of Aryans (and other ‘goy’) who together have a higher than normal cognitive IQ, are patriotic, valiant, and the ones actually doing most the work in this country to keep it from falling apart (if you don’t know about ‘The Main Core’ read this).

The Main Core

“With the NSA looking inward, especially with them recording every phone conversation and e-mail and not just the meta data, the people who understand what America really is supposed to be are now fully identified. These people, which are referred to as “the main core” represent what remains of the backbone of this once great nation, the core of which numbers 8 million with 30 or so million close enough to the main core for any psychopath to be able to justify taking out along with it. If America is to become the totally transformed Communist society that the Zionists want it to be, the main core has got to be ripped out, and the NSA has made this future event possible to accomplish with minimal effort and pin point precision.

There is no question that the elitist zionist faction wants every aspect of America it cannot control with ease wiped out, just like the elitist Zionists Bolsheviks did to the Ukrainian people. And as America approaches this same reality, we have the same approximate numbers, 30 – 70 million slated for death and internment in America. With the DHS ordering well over a billion rounds of ammo, countless tens of thousands of cheap plastic coffins already purchased and sitting in storage yards, 2,700 giant heavily armed vehicles which are totally impenetrable to civilian weapons, vehicles perfectly capable of gutting American homes with high caliber gunfire right from the curb side, it is time for Americans to face a simple fact – All of the stories are more than just rumor. And because these stories are not just rumor, I would take the NSA spying on everyone VERY seriously.” – Jim Stone

If you do not know your enemy do not go to war with him – Sun Tzu

Inside source discloses Jewish plan that consists of mercenary spooks, embedded within the local militias, turning on police as things get out of control when hungry crowds start demanding food that is not available after Deep State food shortages are implemented on demand through Jewish controlled grocery retailers (and they’re all Jew controlled).

In fact, I spoke with the claimed leader of the Sheppard’s militia in Washington State outside a Jewish grocery who told me, with gun on hip, that they absolutely will be there to regulate food distribution when things turn ugly, assuring that would be the case.

Just In Time, When the Trucks Stop, America Will Stop

 “Significant shortages will occur in as little as three days, especially for perishable items following a national emergency and a ban on truck traffic. Consumer fear and panic will exacerbate shortages.”- Prepper Fortress

In response to the hungry masses being set-up using food (through planned shortages), source adamantly claims well-seasoned deep state mercenaries infiltrated within the militias will commence a false flag attack against the police over a sham leadership issue to set off Martial Law aimed to bring in the military to execute the extraction of the bulk of ‘Main Core’ to FEMA death camps, once the police and militia are out of the way.

(and Domestic)

FEMA Camp Democide

Both the police and militias are set up to play patsy, as deep state mercenaries and the military will be the ones rounding up the bulk of Main Core Americans and taking them to FEMA death camps, with help from seasoned ISIS fighters holding US military hardware, along with other leftist radicals like ANTIFA.

ANTIFA: Dumb Jewish People

All Jewish owned grocers, like Walmart, along with most of their Jewish employees have known about this plan for some time now, and in preparation have already been tracking large sections of the Main Core seeing as nearly everyone travels through their ‘data base matrix’ to purchase food on a regular basis anyway.

Therefore, this is why Jewish owned grocery retailers are preferred by Deep State strategists to become the harvest point for picking out the Main Core after the police and militias (sent in to protect everyone) have wiped each other out via spooky mercenaries hell-bent to impose Martial Law using food as their weapon.

In true historic fashion, further disclosure reveals ‘The Main Core’ consists of a much larger number than the Deep State initially is indicating. Whereby many ‘deep state proxies’ will be double-crossed themselves and executed after having facilitated the initial Main Core extraction to FEMA death camps.

Microsoft Word ‘Spell Check’ Embedded Eugenic Code

However, it must be understood that this information was sourced in 1998, well before Trump took the election away from the Deep State headed by Hillary.

Nevertheless, Jews still control sizable amounts (if not the entire) Deep State and most likely will use their premeditated (Bolshevik) food shortage game plan to implement ushering in Martial Law while blaming Trump for its cause. Where afterwards, they will attempt to dispose of Main Core Americans at FEMA death camps scattered throughout the country.

It all hinges on Trump gaining control of the US military in time to whether or not the Deep State (Jew State) is willing to proceed with their Soviet-style game plan of using food as weapon to kill Americans under Martial Law in FEMA Camps.

Jews Plan on Using 1917 Soviet Blueprint to Depopulate America

Jack Nicholson and Greg Dixon: (source)

Blockbuster: Hannity Confirmed the Main Core is Real Tonight


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