Jewish Detection: How to Identify a Jew

Learn to visually identify Jews anywhere –


Identifying Jews everywhere, requires only a small amount of time and energy before mastering this truly easy to follow Jew recognition technique.

Let’s get started:

The foremost step in recognizing Jews anywhere in the world, is to first learn how to recognize ‘known Jews’ – already acknowledged, potentially notorious, and easily accessible – then commit them to long-term memory.

Known Jews are simply Jews who have already publicly admitted they’re Jewish, either clandestinely or with much bravado.

How do I do this?

Simple, just go to sites like Jew and click on Jewish Entertainment. This site will provide a vast array of ‘known Jews’ being endlessly promoted regularly through film, print and media.

Jewish is essentially a partial exclusive copy of the above site with better layout, listing many known Jews from all walks of life, along with photo.

Making name to face connections of known Jews is the critical identifier in visually recognizing unknown Jews worldwide.

The last step, is to simply assimilate facial features, traits, demeanor and persona of known Jews (identified and committed to memory) onto unknown Jews, seen in multitude during everyday life.

Thus, matching the essential and necessary Jewish criteria from the list of identified and denoted Jews onto unknown Jews, who match the same Jewish observational criterion (Jew archetype).

For example:

Bob SagetJews Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget

Jews Al Franken and Garry Winogrand

Jews_Stewart_ChaplinJews Jon Stewart and Charlie Chaplin

Jews-saul-alinsky-tom-hanksJews Saul Alinsky and Tom Hanks

Jimmy Fallon's ties to Marxist Communism GDCrypto Jews ‘Russian Revolutionist’ and Jimmy Fallon

Jews-look-alike-11Jews Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

Jews-Bono-WilliamsJews Bono and Robin Williams

Jews-sandra-bullock-paula-abdulJews Sandra Bullock and Paula Abdul

Jews Lauren Hutton and William Defoe

Jews-Jemaine-Clement-Jeff-GoldblumJews Jemaine Clement and Jeff Goldblum

Jews Yassar Arafat and Ringo Starr

Jews Paul Green and Mr. Bean

Jews Seth Meyers and B.J. Novack

Jews Alice Cooper and Comedy boyJews Steve Carell and Alice Cooper II

Jews MaherJews Bill Maher and Ryan Stiles

Steve Jobs Totally Looks Like GandhiJews Steve Jobs and Gandhi

Key point: Jewish archetypes come in all ethnicities, skin-colors, and dogmas.

To gain full access to the identity of the Jewry, pay close attention to newly discovered Jews as fast and often as they arrive upon awareness.

Constantly adding newly discovered Jews to the Jewish archetype list, committed to long term memory (similar to what Darwin did with birds), is the key to Jewish detection.

If you gain all Jewish archetypes available, then you will see that they are the majority of the ‘white race’ population in coastal states of America and Europe (Jews count themselves white on US and UK census) – as well as large populations of ethnic Jews all around the world, as documented in the above photos of Gandhi and Arafat.


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  1. Maybe a good complement to all these studies would be the online encyclopedia called the Jewish Virtual Library, published by the AICE (American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise). Launched in 1997 this e-library covers many topics including Jewish history, Israel, Judaism, etc., and has many sections to browse on which a very interesting one is the “Biography” where we can find listed for instance all the Nazi top brass (meaning they were Jewish). In the same register we’ll discover other such luminaries as Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Alexander the Great,…, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bashar El-Assad, M. Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein,…, and even Superman!…
    Happy browsing…

    1. Yeah, Jews tend to lie about their race. It’s called ‘crypto Judaism’ – “Crypto-Judaism is the secret adherence to Judaism while publicly professing to be of another faith; practitioners are referred to as “crypto-Jews” (origin from Greek kryptos – κρυπτός, ‘hidden’). Alice Cooper is a JEW. Search this term to find this fact.

      1. In Toni Gambino interview, Toni says it is ok Jew to pretend different religion. Vatican is occupied by Jews jesuits and mafias in USA are controled by Vatican. Toni Gambino explains it.

    2. yes, just look at his face and that nose….same beady eyes like steve vai (jew) and Barbara Spectre, or Pelosi…….he has obvious jew features and doing what jews do….subvert

  2. In this book we find how the jew destroyed the church. His strategy and tactical objectives, his infiltration into the church, his heretical christian fake groups outside of the church and the actions the church took to defend itself.
    It chronicles the struggle of Christianity with the eternal jew over a period of 1000 years.
    The Plot Against The Church by Maurice Pinay.

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