Conner Schierman: Patsy Victim of Elaborate Jewish Murder Scheme

Preemptive information provides conclusive evidence Conner Schierman is the innocent victim of an elaborate Jewish murderous Hate Crime.

Conner Schierman (Source: state Department of Corrections)
Conner Schierman (Source: state Department of Corrections)

On July 17, 2006, a young Aryan German man named Conner Schierman, 24, awoke from a drunken blackout in his neighbor’s home where he found himself surrounded by the knife slashed dead bloody bodies of a murdered Aryan Russian woman, Olga Milkin, 28, her two children, Justin, 5 and Andrew, 3 and her Aryan sister, Lyubov Botvina, 24, in their Kirkland, Washington home.

In his dismay, I surmise, Conner Schierman reverted to a pre-programmed Hollywood movie mindset etched into his psyche through having watched a gifted Hollywood movie portraying exactly the same scenario, thus demonstrating precisely how someone might react to having been thrust into this identical situation.

Unfortunately, Conner played the role full to part, filled up some gas cans with gasoline and burned down the house in attempts to destroy the bodies of evidence, mirroring precisely the set of circumstances depicted in the gifted video held in his possession prior to the murders.

On April 12, 2010, in King County Superior court, Conner Schierman’s jury found him guilty of quadruple homicide for the stabbing deaths of all four victims in their Kirkland home, and then trying to cover up the evidence by burning down the house.

On May 5, 2010, Conner Schierman was sentenced to death for the murder of the four victims despite the fact that he is truly believable in having absolutely no memories of committing these crimes.

Masonic informant

According to US Ambassador to the UN John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High School friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Conner Schierman, prior to the murders, would be set up to be situated in a Kirkland, Washington neighborhood fully unaware he was completely surrounded by Sayanim Jews plotting his Aryan death by scheming to pin him with the murder of his Aryan Russian neighbor, now believed to be Olga Milkin, and her family.

Leonid Milkin
Jew Leonid Milkin (Source: YouTube)

A heinous Jewish planned murder stratagem, Dixon unfolded to me in 1998, ultimately to be carried out at the hands of the victims own Jewish Russian husband, now believed to be Leonid Milkin, and other Sayanim Jews, including some at top levels of King County and the US military.

Dixon explained that to fully cover up this insidious premeditated hate crime, perpetrated against multiple Aryans, all of Conner’s immediate neighbors will be Jews in on it’s contrive.

How would I know that Conner’s neighbors were all Jews, and that he was completely surrounded by dwellings inhabited solely by Jews at the time of the murders?

Dixon said the “Jewish Russian husband” who is planning to kill his “Aryan Russian wife,” met her while in Russia when she was very young, and both had just recently come to America, where he realized he couldn’t effortlessly cope with the social scene she so easily adapted.

Dixon said this Jewish Russian husband of his Aryan Russian bride felt he was left out of the group dynamic whenever they would go out and socialize.

By proxy, Dixon said the Russian Jew wanted out of his marriage to his Aryan Russian wife, and being tied to the criminal Jewish Russian Mafia network through Sayanim, would kill her in order to free himself from this Aryan marriage he despised… an act consistent with the practice Jews employ in hunting down Aryan Genocide through procreation.

Milkin Family
Milkin Family (Source: YouTube)

Dixon said as cover for the Jewish Russian husband, during this premeditated murder of his Aryan Russian wife, the US military, who is in on this Jewish Sayanim plot, will be claiming he was stationed overseas at the time the murder is committed.

However, Dixon said the US military might actually covertly fly him back home to Kirkland, providing him cover so he can kill his wife while claiming he never left his overseas post. Or, if it proves to be too complicated, there are plans for other Sayanim Jews to do the killings for him, while he remains safely overseas.

However, Dixon believes this Jewish Russian husband will actually do the killings himself, because he wants his Aryan Russian wife to know firsthand, that it was him who killed her… and if all works out, kill her “annoying (Aryan) sister” as well.

Dixon said Conner Schierman is surrounded by Jews who are targeting his specific Aryan German genetics for genocide, as Sayanim Jews are hunting down an Aryan racial extermination through targeting certain German’s who the Jews perceive to be the smartest, under the schema of getting the most intelligent, cognitively aware Aryans first, then killing the rest off en mass.

Supplying Conner with alcohol

To help fully understand how they could pull this off, Dixon revealed how Sayanim Jews know of Conner Schierman’s very troubled past, mostly involving his father, and because of this, Conner became a substance abuser particularly “susceptible to alcohol induced blackouts.”

It is extremely important to note that this information exists inside his family and within the state record as well, prior to the murders.

Dixon explained that part and parcel in setting up Conner to take the fall for this premeditated murder, under this Jewish Sayanim schema, is getting someone to supply Conner with hard alcohol just prior to the Jewish Russian husband and his Jewish Sayanim network plans to carry out the killing of his Aryan Russian wife.

Dixon said the very predictable historic outcome of supplying Conner with hard alcohol, is that he will drink it all until he passes out, thus becoming unconscious in a drunken blackout.

In 1998, Dixon explained that Conner works for a Jew who owns a pet store in Kirkland, where the owner stores cases of fifths of hard alcohol in the back of the store. Over time, this Jewish owner noticed some of the fifths would go missing, so he setup a security camera which ultimately caught Conner as the culprit.

Dixon said this Jewish pet store owner never once confronted Conner about taking the fifths, but instead decided to lock them up in a metal storage cage to keep Conner from taking them in the future. Yet every time he forgot to secure them in the metal cage, Conner would be caught on video grabbing a couple to take home with him after work.

And precisely how, Dixon said, they plan on setting Conner up with hard alcohol just prior to the planned killing of the Jewish Russian’s Aryan wife and any family witnesses.

Armed with this specific inside knowledge of certain historic predictability, Dixon said Sayanim Jewish collaborators know Conner will easily finish off the fifth(s) of alcohol previously taken from the pet store and pass out unconscious in his own home, located in the very neighborhood where he is to be surrounded by conspiratorial Sayanim Jews planning to pin on him the murder of an Aryan Russian woman and her family.

Conner Schierman was having a blast playing video games with his friends and drinking the bottles of Ketel One Vodka that he had brought home from work. Sometime on the night of July 16, 2006 or early the next morning, he blacked out. His last memory as the liquor took control was popping the cork of a champagne bottle. – Dakota FORUM BITCH /Beloved Cunt – [scroll 1/2 way down].

Once Conner has predictably finished off the fifth(s) of alcohol and lay passed out unconscious in his own home, this group of colluded Russian Sayanim Jews will come over to Conner’s house, protected by the blanket of Jewish neighbors in on the contrive, and load Conner’s drunken unconscious body into a large plastic standard issue “city of Kirkland garbage container” – “fitted with extremely noisy plastic wheels”and wheel him into the Russian Jews home nearby where the Jewish Russian husband or other Sayanim Jews will have already butchered his Aryan Russian wife and family to death with a knife.

Then they will simply position Conner’s drunken, blacked out unconscious body directly over the dead body of the Russian wife, wipe his DNA all over her body, the knife and crime scene, then scratch up Conner’s face and hands with the victims fingernails and the murder weapon, then leave and wait for him to awaken, Dixon said.

This is why neighbors in the surrounding dwellings will all be Sayanim Jewish Dixon reiterated, as means to hide evidence of removing Conner’s drunken unconscious body from his own home and transporting him via a very noisy plastic wheeled garbage can into the home of the Jewish Russian criminal husband who has just murdered his wife, or had her murdered (and all family witnesses), thus leaving no witnesses alerted who are not aware of the murderous plot.

Interestingly, Conner was in this Kirkland neighborhood home for only two weeks prior to the murders taking place, providing more evidence of Jewish Sayanim haste to commit these crimes before Conner may have decided to move out.

Pre-programed Hollywood video

Within Conner’s possession Dixon said, lies a Hollywood movie on video gifted to him depicting this exact same set of extreme circumstances i.e., a man waking up from being unconscious over dead bodies and having no memory of how he got there the night before, or ultimately what transpired regarding their deaths.

In one very specific scene, the movie has this man believing he must have committed the murders himself, or moreover that no one will believe that he didn’t. Thus, he ultimately decides it is best to destroy all the evidence… that’s right, you guessed it, by going to the gas station, filling up gas cans with gasoline and then returning to the scene and setting the house on fire in attempts to destroy the bodies of evidence.

Milkin Home Arson Fire Set by Conner Schierman
Milkin Home Arson Fire Set by Conner Schierman using Gas Cans Per Movie (Source: YouTube)

And unfortunately, exactly what Conner did, just as portrayed in this Hollywood movie that was gifted to him… by whom? How do I know Conner was gifted this movie containing the very scenario to which he awoke, then ultimately carried out?

How could I possibly know this?

Family history

Dixon said Conner Schierman’s biological father was heavily targeted by elite Sayanim Jews based solely on his specific Aryan German genetics, where by proxy, he drank heavily as remedy, ultimately causing him to treat his innocent children, particularly Conner, very badly.

Conner’s mother (Wendy Dubinsky), also Aryan, eventually divorced her angry, bitter Aryan German, Jewish victimized, husband, Dixon said, and remarried a crypto-Jewish man (Dean Dubinsky) who targeted her for matrimony solely so he could further set up this Aryan German family for genetic demise.

Jews Hunt Down Aryan Genocide through Procreation

Dixon further explained how Conner’s Jewish stepfather (Dean Dubinsky), if he gets the chance, will attempt to paint Conner in a very bad light while testifying in his “defense” during the murder trial, and exactly what has since happened, as can be seen in this video here.

Dean Dubinsky
Crypto-Jew Dean Dubinsky (Source: Google+)

Now, how do I know Conner’s mother is currently married to a Jew? How would I know he is Jewish, when according to Dixon, she herself doesn’t even know?


Dixon said if this all goes down as planned, embedded within the scheme is the dynamic of Conner obtaining a public defense attorney, namely a non-Jewish Masonic attorney (now believed to be Jim Conroy) who will set him up for a guilty verdict and death sentence at trial… and exactly what has since happened.

Defense Attorney Jim Conroy
Masonic Public Defense Attorney Jim Conroy (Source: YouTube)

Dixon said the State will also use a Senior Prosecutor named Scott O’Toole, who is extremely friendly with Juries and in on the plot to set Conner Schierman up for these Aryan murders he knows were committed by the hands of Sayanim Jews he is associated with, through his Masonic connection to Jewish HUBS. This is why Masons are so valuable to the Jews, because without the Masonic Prosecutor, Public Defender and Judge, it would be a Jew-fest, through and through.

Scott O'Toole
Masonic King County Sr. Deputy Prosecutor (Source: YouTube)

On August 17, 2007, I verbally testified for the record, in a Bellevue, Washington court room of law, while before pro tem Judge Elizabeth M Asher, a Dixon family prosecutor and Jewish crypto-family in-law court Reporter on my mother’s side to the above facts, thus preempting the name of the colluded Masonic Prosecutor, Scott O’Toole, as well as the fact he would be seeking the death penalty against Conner.

I specifically explained, while in court this day, how Conner’s crypto-Jewish stepfather will try to paint Conner in a bad light while testifying at his trial, which has since occurred.

I further testified, whilst being digitally recorded by the state, that Conner would be advised to seek a Masonic attorney who would be in on the patsy murder set up. And, that this Masonic attorney would only half-heartedly bring up the fact that Conner could easily have been set up while in a drunken blackout from the alcohol he consumed on the night of the murders.

I also testified how Conner would be supplied hard alcohol required for the scheme to be realized by his Jewish boss at the pet store in Kirkland. Specifically, by Conner taking it from the back of the store in an unlocked metal storage cage were it is kept, and routinely taken by Conner, precisely as spelled out above.

Final points

Dixon said the Jewish Russian husband has plans to remain on the same property after the murder of his Aryan Russian wife as testament to what he and other Saynim Jews are able to pull-off. Who would want to do this, other than a sadistic murder himself? Leonid Milkin has since rebuilt himself a brand new home on the very same lot his wife and children were murdered… we all know criminals love to return to the scene of the crime.

Leonid Milkin's Rebuilt Home on Same Lot
Leonid Milkin’s Rebuilt Home on the Same Lot where his Wife and Children were Murdered (Source: YouTube)

Conner Schierman, in order to get a fair trial, must break free from his Masonic trickster attorney(s) and represent himself pro per using this inside, clearly preempted information contained herein at his upcoming appeal defense trial…it is the only way he will win.

How did Conner obtain his rental property that surrounded him entirely by Jews just two weeks before the murders?

How did Conner acquire the alcohol?

Who gifted Conner the Hollywood video containing the very scenario to which he awoke?

How did Conner acquire his Masonic Defense attorney(s) who betrayed him?

Who could be working from the inside?

These questions, along with the fact I am offering full up inside information that will prove outright that Conner Schierman was surrounded by Jews, including Leonid Milkin, and that his mother remarried to a crypto-Jew, is foreknowledge NOT attainable anywhere on the record.

Surely by now, you must recognize, it is abundantly clear, that I acquired this preemptive inside information regarding this horrific set of murder circumstances prior to the murders taking place, for which I could only have obtain one way, but through the colluded actions of the Jewish perpetrators or their Masonic subordinates, namely John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon.

This article should bring into light serious question as to precisely who it was that killed these innocent Aryan victims of this heinous murderous crime.

Thus, bringing me to the final point:

Why would the State of Washington want to give someone a death sentence for killing people while they were drunk unconscious, in a blackout, and do not remember the events of their actions?

However, for arguments sake only, let’s pretend Conner Schierman actually did kill these people in a drunken stupor, then blacked out, but has no memory – how far away is it (removing the arson) from Conner having hit and killed these people in a drunken blackout stupor while driving?

Where he would only be facing a manslaughter charge… and if elite, would do little, if any actual time for this alcohol induced crime.

Something isn’t adding up here, with the State of Washington giving Conner the death penalty for what essentially amounts to an alcohol induced murder… or some could argue manslaughter. As Conner is truly believable in claiming he has no memories of the murders.

Why then the death penalty?

Unless… it’s that the State is attempting to cover up a much more heinous hate crime.



Of course, I have the preemptive truth of what really happened, given to me by Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, in 1998 – which is that this Jewish Russian husband, with help from his Jewish family and Sayanim Jews, including the Jewish controlled courts, US military, Jewish Russian Mafia, along with the Jewish controlled media all conspired to help kill his Aryan wife and family in a premeditated hate crime to get out of a racial marriage he despised, while concurrently hunting down an Aryan genocide, as all five of the victims, including Conner, were Aryan.

Jews Hunt Down Aryan Genocide through Procreation

The city of Kirkland is undeniably a Jewish controlled municipality, as is the Superior court for the State of Washington, where Dixon said he has Masonic family working as Judges and administrators who will be in on this plot to help this Russian Jew kill his Aryan wife and then pin it on an Aryan German patsy, named “Conner Schierman.”

Who would know better than Dixon?

Conner Schierman is clearly a patsy victim, an easy mark framed for a murder committed by Sayanim Jews who control the state and absolutely hate Aryans… especially German ones, and in particular, Conner’s specific Aryan German genetics.

Conner was clearly framed for a murder he did not commit by a Jewish Sayanim cabal of State collaborators who are covering up a hate crime against innocent Aryans at the hands of sadistic Russian Jews who have a long and sorted history of killing Aryans, based solely on race, thus furthering the murder genocide attempt of the entire Aryan population.

Anyone with even half of a cognitive IQ can see that there is something seriously wrong with this entire set of circumstances, coupled with information that I cannot obtain any other way but through colluded inside co-conspirators, it is clear that Conner Schierman has been set up as the patsy to this elaborate Jewish murderous hate crime.

If you feel as I do, please contact Governor Jay Inslee (Mason) and inform him of this article, and your firm belief that Conner Schierman was set up as a patsy victim by the real murderers who took the lives of these truly innocent children and their mother.

If you read the Jewish controlled press, and their exclusively Jewish written articles, you will see how they manipulate, postulate and other wise insinuate Conner Schierman’s guilt, thus leading me to reasonably conclude that they are part of the Jewish Sayanim cabal of criminals hood-winking their readers into swallowing the state’s narrative, thus protecting the real criminals truly responsible for these sadistic quadruple murders, just as Dixon laid out in 1998.

Currently as I write, five of the seven media articles available on the first page of a Google search for “Conner Schierman” are written by Jews, with one unknown author at History Link, and one story reported by a Mason who works for Jew owned KOMO 4 news. Where you certainly won’t find the truth in trusting these Sayanim Jews.

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conner schierman - Google Search

Here are some exclusively Jewish reported excerpts:

Milkin was smiling and seemed relaxed moments before the hearing commenced, but family members declined to comment.

Family members said at the conference that the only thing missing from Schierman’s statement was his apology for murder.

The verdict set the stage for a “penalty phase” beginning Thursday, where the same jury will determine whether he should receive life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Schierman said he was in an alcohol blackout at the time of the murders. He later admitted to burning down the home on the 9500 block of Slater Avenue because he didn’t think anyone would believe he didn’t murder four people. But prosecutors contend it was because he was trying to cover up the crime.

The announcement was met with silence and Schierman just shook his head as Judge Gregory Canova read the verdict.

Until his arrest, Schierman had no criminal record.

“I can’t understand how all of this happened; I strug­gle with that,” Schierman said.

“I’ve been told by people I’m going to die, I’m going to hell,” Schie­man said. “I’m already there.”

Schierman’s court-appointed attorney’s strategy to convince the jury of his innocence centered on a “voluntary intoxication” defense, the claim that the Bellevue native had an alcoholic blackout and woke from it to find himself covered in blood, surrounded by the dead. They suggested in closing arguments that a third party could have been involved in the incident.

“Conner Schierman is a good person and he’s been convicted of a very horrible crime,” Conroy (Mason) said. “It’s sad because this thing is so out of context I don’t that anybody will ever known what happened July 17 of 2006. It’s not Conner; it was never Conner.”

He (Conroy) said O’Toole’s comments during closing arguments in the trial’s penalty phase, comparing the killings to the Holocaust and a terrorism plot, were “inflammatory” and “over the top.”

“We obviously disagree with the outcome,” Conroy said. “We have a lot of work to do.”

The jury declined to comment but King County Deputy Prosecutor Scott O’Toole (Mason) told the Reporter they “felt very confident in their decision.”

However, the prosecution could not establish a motive.

“They’re doing remarkably well, it’s been three and a half years and they’ve come to terms with what’s happened and I think that the idea that justice has been served after three and a half years is very gratifying,” King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Scott O’Toole told the Reporter after the verdict was read. “They want to see the process move to the end of the penalty phase … they have the faith and trust in the jury.”

“The death penalty is the law of this state and it is reserved for the worst of the worst of crimes,” said Satterberg (Jew), who was not in office when the prosecutors brought the death penalty charge against Schierman. “This (prosecution) team was able to bring that case together for the jury and the jury made what we believe is the right call … These are wonderful people who come to America to live the dream and that dream was shattered.”

Satterberg also called Schierman’s acts, “the worst crimes in the history of this county.” (Worse than the Green River killings?)

Jew Jason Rantz Reports:

On July 16, 2006, 28-year-old Conner Michael Schierman, for whatever reason, likely peered out his window in his Kirkland home and saw a neighbor. For whatever reason, something compelled him to walk across that street and sneak into that neighbor’s house. (Jewish propaganda lies)

He entered that house prepared to kill someone.

Conner wasn’t done – not yet. We don’t really know if he planned on his next two kills or perhaps he just stumbled upon Olga’s two sons: Justin was 5 years old; Andrew just 3. He entered their rooms and slit their throats. One of the boys was nearly decapitated.

Jew Leonid Milkin Quotes:

“As a matter of fact, I remind myself that when it happened, I was reading the Bible,” Milkin recalled. “I was sitting in the barracks reading the Bible and had their pictures in front of me.”

As Leonid Milkin left a packed courtroom after hearing the jury’s decision to put Conner Schierman to death, he was heard saying, “Justice has been done.”

“We’re all so relieved that this day has finally come.”

“I’m just glad the justice system worked … Conner Schierman came in the middle of the night like a thief and stole my family from me. I miss my family greatly. I won’t ever forget them.”

All these article quotes came from the first page of a Google search for “Conner Schierman” and can also be found in the related article links below.

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“Conner Schierman” Google Search

HUBS: Jewish Information Dissemination Network

Jews Hunt Down Aryan Genocide through Procreation

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