Sweet Addition’s Closing in Issaquah Caused by Kowalsky Criminality

Jonelle Johnson
Jonelle Johnson

The dessert shop, Sweet Addition, in closing their doors after nearly 30 years in Issaquah’s Gilman Village, was done not because of “Landlord issues,” but rather, “lord of the land issues.” In that, the truth I have on the criminal Kowalsky family caused them to duck and run.

The criminal Jewish Kowalsky family is covering up the very serious crime of Jonelle Johnson being raped [now Jonelle Kowalsky] when she was just five-years-old at the hands of THE King County Sheriff, Charles B Kringen, also a Jew, in 1972.

This, is the real reason the Kowalsky’s shut their doors to Sweet Addition, and then blamed it on their Jewish landlord.  Who by all probability, is aware of the situation and most likely provided the cover the Kowalsky’s so desperately needed.

In August of 2007, I verbally and preemptively testified in a Bellevue, Washington courtroom of law for the recorded, that I was going public with this specific information [above links].

Around February of 2009, I retained a Synthasite website and began posting articles just a few months before the Kowalsky’s made the announcement they were having “Landlord issues.”  Ultimately Synthasite, who since changed their name to Yola, shut me down for posting articles about other criminal Jews, including Jewish City of Issaquah Administrator Leon Kos, before I was able to expose the criminal Kowalsky’s.

Apparently, the Kowalsky’s are reported [2009] to be in the process of creating a website [currently under construction] to cater their food wares.  Of which, according to US Ambassodor to the UN John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the Kowalsky’s are poisoning all of their “tasty” concoctions – Yum!  [sweetaddictioncatering@yahoo.com].

Girls Night Out,” another Kowalsky enterprise in Gilman Village, in addition, also was shut down.

Dixon told me in 1998, that most the stores located in Gilman Village are owned and operated by Jews who are poisoning the offerings being sold to unsuspecting patrons  – a downright Jew-fest!

The Kowalsky’s, including Steve’s mother Linda Kowalsky and her husband Lee Ellis of Washington Legal Blank, apparently don’t want to address these very serious issues that I am bringing up, and have instead decided to duck and run, just like criminals.

I know if someone was making claims that my wife and/or daughter-in -law had been raped by THE King County Sheriff… I would address it!

What’s up?

Rich Turner stopped by Sweet Addition in Issaquah late last month and got a sad surprise: he found nothing to eat. No fresh-baked pastries, no soups, salads or sandwiches. Sweets? Nada. But, he wrote in an e-mail, “everything [else] was for sale.” Rich was told the owners had lost their lease. “They said they were looking for another place, but I suspect something else. They had wonderful food, always prepared and presented to perfection. What have you heard?” – The Seattle times


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