Could Nibiru cause Earth and Mars to Flip Orbits?

Earth and Mars
Earth and Mars

Is it possible that on October 1st 2013, earth and mars could flip their respective orbits around the sun?

Comet Ison, which is really Planet X Nibiru, is passing over mars on October 1st 2013.  This highly magnetically charged planet with its own sun could conceivably cause significant magnetic interplay between mars, the sun, the moon and earth.  If earth and mars were to flip their respective orbits around the sun, this would fully explain how the human faces and pyramid structures currently found on the surface of mars were most likely created.

Human Face on Mars
Human Face on Mars

In theory, it is possible this planetary flip could have happened before, making mars inhabitable by ancient Annunaki, who then seeded human life on the red planet.  This humanity then built the pyramids and carvings of human faces on its surface, just as the Annunaki seeded earth with humanity as documented by the Sumerians.

Mars is believed to contain water in the form of ice on its surface.  Mars also has deeply carved river valleys running throughout the face of its surface which can only be made by water melting and flowing under gravity’s pressure.

River Delta on Mars
River Delta on Mars

Where did this flowing water and gravity on mars come from?

If earth and mars were to flip their respective orbits around the sun, then the frozen ice on mars would melt to form water, which would then be picked up by the heat of the sun through evaporation, and rain back down under this newly aligned gravitational pull… correct?

Under this theory, it would also allow for mars to create an ozone layer of its own… the incubator of life.

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Mars surface

Mars' Landscape
Mars Landscape


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