Jewish Harvard Professor Targets Aryan Family for Genetic Dissolution


In the summer of 1972, my family and I moved from Seattle to Connecticut, where my medical student father began attending classes at Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth.  A decision he made in transferring from the University of Washington to complete the final year of his medical internship.

After a couple of moves, we ended up renting a home in Litchfield, Connecticut through personal contacts my father obtained during attending university.

Where ultimately, a crypto Jewish Professor from Harvard offered to rent us their family home in Litchfield, Connecticut, telling my parents he needed someone to look after the place as he and his family would be gone for a year on business in Europe.

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, the Professor and his family never left Litchfield, but instead moved into another home the Professor owned close by in the same neighborhood, where he home schooled his children to keep them out of public sight.

One day, later that summer, I caught the Professor with his wife and kids all swimming down at the local swimming hole, only a few blocks from our rented home.

I yelled “Hello” and waved at them as I hurried quickly down the path to greet them.  However, as soon as they recognized me, they all took off running, including the Professor, leaving only a towel behind.

Dr James P Haeg MD
Dr James P Haeg MD

I immediately went home and told my mother, who acted very surprised, and later that night, after my father returned home from his medical internship at Harvard, I told him as well.

My father responded by laughing at me hysterically, and when he finally calmed down, he told me he knew for a fact they were not in town, because just he spoke with the Professor yesterday on the phone from Europe .

Dixon said the Professor and his family are actually crypto Jews, and indeed, it was them I caught swimming at the swimming hole that day.

Dixon said the sole reason this Jewish Harvard Professor rented us his house was to set us up… a ploy concocted to break-into our home while we were away and poisoning our food… explaining how Jews hate independent intellectual Aryans, and are trying to dissolve our entire race from existence.

Dixon said the Professor had just happened to have called my father the day before I caught them down at the local swimming hole, telling him he was still in Europe…  and the weather was great, never thinking I would go down to the swimming hole alone, knowing my father’s internship schedule at Harvard.

Dixon said the Jewish Harvard Professor and other “elite” Jews recognized in my father that day, that he doesn’t believe the things I tell him, and clearly has not formed a personal relationship, like elite Jews and their children often benefit from.

Had my father believed me on that clear summer day, by previously establishing trust in our relationship, he clearly would have been able to discern that I was telling the truth about what I saw, and in attempts to verify, would have placed a call back to Europe, where he would of found out that the Professor and his family were never even in Europe to begin with, Dixon said.

At the age of only seven, I clearly remember being appallingly frustrated with my father for not believing me over such a simple truth.

Light and Truth
Light and Truth

And this is where I believe the Goy mind literally breaks down, turning otherwise clear thinking  adult Goy men and women into children, crushed under the weight of the Jews emotionally superior mind… one that easily and forever befuddles the much weaker non-Jewish mind into mush.

It’s astounding to me just how effortlessly the Jew can manipulate the weaker emotional mind of the Goy into believing their blatant lies. 

Further, simply by playing the role of “victim,” the emotionally superior Jew remains forever unquestioned in their criminality.

Jews, in using emotional superiority, remains forever steadfast on their way to a New World Order through the genetic dissolution of independent intellectual competing races, including, and most notably, Aryans.

Jewish Castle

Another glaring example of this Aryan emotional failure, is the time my parents took me to visit some very wealthy Jewish “friends.”  A Jewish couple, my father met through Harvard who owned a Castle in the country.  Literally, an old air-loom Castle that had a very large pond we all went swimming in.

A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness
A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness

Later that evening, my parents were offered some wine for drink by this Jewish couple from their vast wine collection located in the cellar of their Castle.

It was abundantly clear and evident to me that the wine bottle had previously been opened, however, this Jewish couple passed it off to my parents as new and unopened… even after my father specifically asked about it being freshly uncorked.

It became particularly odd, when this Jewish couple did not drink from this same wine bottle, and would giggle at my parents as they did.  I too was offered some of this “unopened” wine to drink, but I declined, having learnt in grade school not to be fooled at this lowbrow subterfuge level.

I tried warning my parents the wine had previously been opened, but to no avail… and both drank it up like dogs.

Dixon informed me in 1998, how this Jewish couple, who owns the “Castle back east”, were indeed poisoning my parents that night with that very wine… and thought I was aware of it.

This Jewish couple also recognized in me that night, abilities I have to see who they [Jews] really are, and don’t like that about me, and are further targeting me to try and make me remain silent about it… forever…through death, Dixon said.

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