Jewish US Governors 2020

Below is a list of Jewish and Masonic Governors running the States –

According to John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Aryans are the majority population in the United States.

John Bolton

However, Jews are disproportionately in control of government by means of stealing the US House, Senate and Judiciary from the unsuspecting public.

Thus, Jews are essentially in control of the entire country, even though they “claim” only 2% of the US population.

The Jews, and their lackey Masons, maintain this control via the mockingbird media, social media, entertainment and big tech… all controlled by Jews, controlling our culture.

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The reason Jews are so opulently dominate in government, media, culture and technology, is because they are plotting the extermination of the entire majority Aryan race – designed to achieve a New World Order of total Jewish control.

Aryans are believed to be the chosen race of the Anunnaki “creator god” Anu, who inhabits planet Nibiru, according to Jewish and Masonic theories.

Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu or Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” – Overlords of Chaos

Lucifer and the Fallen Angles have teamed up with Neanderthals (Jews and Masons) in attempt at taking over the planet and forming a New World Order without Aryans.

They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper

Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of [Jewish] Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the [Aryan] Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

Cro-Magnon (left) Neanderthal (right)

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Aryan extermination and depopulation are the essence of what is currently taking place with COVID and the lockdowns, before the imminent return of Planet X (Nibiru), which will pole-shift earth, according to Bolton’s nephew.

A pole-shift will wipe out the Jewish/Neanderthal New World Order and replace it with another Aryan Golden Age – as happened multiple times before under the Floods of Noah and Exodus.

The vast majority of Governors are Neanderthals, and well aware of this reality, in working alongside their fellow Jews and Masons to hasten the genocide of the Aryan race before the impending return of Anu and Planet X (Nibiru).

Governors serve as the chief executive officer and commander-in-chief in each of the fifty states.

Here are 28 Jewish and 22 Masonic US Governors:

Aryan Masons

Only a handful of Mason Governors are part Aryan, yet they do not know the Neanderthal strategy of TOTAL Aryan Genocide.

Even only part Aryan, they will be terminated to keep Anu from rebuilding the Aryan race, right after the pole-shift flood brought about by the return of Nibiru orbiting its magnetic pull around earth.

In fact, if you have any Aryan blood at all (even 1/100) you will be slated for extermination, which is precisely what the Human Genome Project is really all about, and why the “officials” want you tested for COVID, so they can acquire your DNA to assess your Aryan genomic status.

Even though Aryans are the majority population, there is only one fully Aryan elected Governor Kay Ivey form Alabama.

Governors like Kristi Noem, Michelle Lujan Grisham and Chris Sununu are part Aryan, part Jewish, which is thoroughly evident under an online image search once you learn to identify Jews.

Nevertheless, they will be slated for termination, even though they are “Masonic/Jewish elite.”

Most however, like Roy Cooper, Andy Beshear, John Carney, Steve Bullock, Kevin Stitt, Bill Lee, Phil Scott and Jay Inslee are mixed Jewish/Neanderthal, which contains no Aryan DNA.

It’s these Jewish and Masonic Neanderthal Governors that are enforcing the lockdowns, in order to crash the economy, acquire your DNA, and keep you under tabs for the return of Nibiru/Planet X, so you can be exterminated as unwitting sheeple to the greater reality of things.

However, Trump, who is Aryan, is in their way, and why these key Governors are blatantly covering for election fraud to remove him from office.

Gubernatorial Facts

In Florida, It Is Now Illegal to Say “Jews Control Hollywood”

[Jewish] governor Ron DeSantis of Florida recently signed a bill which added ‘anti-Semitism’ to the list of outlawed forms of discrimination in Florida, equating it with other forms of racial discrimination, reported the Tallahassee Democrat. The definition of Anti-Semitism under this law includes from saying “Jews control the media.” – National Vanguard

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” ~ Voltaire


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  1. I live in TN and even though Bill Lee is a Republican when I asked for help they let me know they don’t help people in trailer parks, period. That is how evil they are. I am amazed that only in Alabama there is an Aryan governor.

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