NSA Supermarket Customer Database

Your local supermarket is spying on you, and turning the information over to the police (NSA).

Supermarket customers want to believe the local store is a safe place to shop for foodstuffs. Little do they know every move is being tracked in high-def video and audio before being entered into a police database that is accessed at anytime for any reason by the Deep State.

These personal customer dossiers being compiled by supermarkets for the state aren’t for ad revenue purposes regarding purchasing history – it goes much deeper than that.

Supermarkets are inimitable establishments which virtually everyone needs to survive. And why, as the multitude of customers shop for basic supplies, hidden audio and video recorders have been positioned to capture shopping habits while simultaneously conducting psychological evaluations using high definition under which no one escapes being judged.

Jew Kroger

For obvious reasons, Jewish and Masonic supermarket ownership runs supreme across America, chosen by Deep State agencies to capture personal profiles of patrons –profiling virtually everyone in the community one stop.

Tracking citizens has been taking place for decades – since birth. Jewish subjugated teaching curriculum indoctrinates the minds of babes and records results in personal dossiers. Corporate jobs keep everyone in ‘anti-Semitic free zones’ under Jewish control – like eternal children.

Nonetheless, Jewish indoctrination can wear off insuring constant need for updates – monitored by supermarkets to identify potential non-conformers using psychological profiles.

The premise of the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ demonstrates exactly how Jewry behind the curtain keeps everyone in constant fear through theatrical intimidation, thus, from freeing one’s mind of its fear-based control.

It’s no different in the real world where, subjugated to a daily barrage of propaganda and lies by the various corporate media streams, backed by mass cognitive dissidence conditioning throughout life via work and schooling, the state essentially keeps citizens in a constant state of fear by continuously applying fear-based updates to “re-educate.”

Occasionally, in attempts to “re-educate”, it’s hard for the Deep State to reach certain individuals outside of the corporate control structure – before potentially becoming a rogue threat to their Luciferian agenda of total world dominance.

Thus why, supermarket appearances are essential for Deep State assessment in determining an individual’s mindset throughout life. Where, regardless of the evaluation, which can never be good, the police will be notified of the current status upon which, personal dossiers will be recorded by the state to determine how individuals are to be dealt with hence forth.

These reports made by supermarkets to the state are made so without any record of the event ever being documented – so there will be no judicial redress as to their assessment of your psychological status – thoroughly dominated by Jewish subjugation.

Therefore, if you’re not a soulless and vacant conformer, you will be severely targeted by the state and police for demonization in order to bring you under Jewish control, with progress being monitored throughout future supermarket appearances.

Supermarket Strawman Building

Once Jewish/Masonic supermarket management has profiled and identified someone as ‘one who can see’ (They Live), a campaign will begin to re-educate the individual after being slandered to the police, employee staff, and the entire community in attempts at creating a Strawman.

The newly identified Strawman now receives intimidating gestures from compliant (mostly Jewish) staff, hired for their low energy vibe to bring down community to a matching denigrate low level conformity.

A vacant second-hand cast of eugenic slated Jewish and Masonic supermarket personnel stalk and harass Strawman using brooms, mops, carts, garbage cans and alike at menacing proximity, in attempts at generating a fight or flight response while consuming attention towards their low energy, dynamism taxing obedience.

Music over the intercom is now played at high volumes with lyrics designed to intimidate, annoy, and harass Strawman.

Collectively, checkers and staff will talk badly of Strawman to other customers in effort of conforming him through fear just as they themselves have succumbed – to appease both their inferiority complex and masters at NSA as Judaic foot soldiers in an existential Jew War against non-conformers, simultaneously.

FEMA Martial Law Food Weapon

Clearly however, it goes much deeper than that nonetheless, whereby nationwide Jewish and Masonic owned supermarket retailers, working directly with Deep State operatives using NSA proxies to collect as much information about you as they can, will also be used as subversive forces in attempts to topple America and usher in Martial Law using food as the weapon of choice.

Where thereafter, local police and militia will be dispensed by Deep State operatives to take control of what the controllers use to control the population with – i.e. food.

“Significant shortages will occur in as little as three days, especially for perishable items following a national emergency and a ban on truck traffic. Consumer fear and panic will exacerbate shortages.”- Prepper Fortress

As such, under this Deep State planned food shortage scenario, the masses will be forced to migrate to the supermarket looking for food – secured by police who have everyone’s profile in their database. Whereat, non-conformers and Strawmen will be extracted and killed in FEMA camps prior to Martial Law later imposed by the food shortage scenario.

If you do not know your enemy do not go to war with him – Sun Tzu

At this point, the police and militia will be looking to take out the first wave of patriotic ‘Main Core’ Americans – before things get really ‘out of control’ following further planned and ever deepening supermarket food shortages.

Under planned, ever worsening food shortage circumstances, Jewish and Masonic owned supermarket chains (on par staffed exclusively by Jews and Masons) will invoke Deep State proxies including the police, militias and mercenaries (mercs) in combination with Muslim Jihadist and AntiFa, to take out the second bulk of profiled individuals who could spark resistance to the now present communist Bolshevik overthrow of America.

Finally, before herding the rest of the masses into FEMA death camps based on supermarket dossier profiles, Deep State mercs will turn on the police, ushering in full Martial Law by use of the military, thus finalizing the coup of America, and taking control of the world to form the New World Order with help from China and Jade Helm.


FEMA Camp Democide: Hollow Point Bullet to Back-of-the-Head

FEMA Martial Law Food Weapon

The Main Core


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  1. Well done once again Mr. Whidbey…;)

    Of all the places ive experienced C-ommunity O-organized H-arassment/GangStalking/mobbing/ect rude/nasty comments made in my vicinity that immediately correlate with what has been mentioned to me previously via V2k(Voice To Skull communication)…..Coincidence?…Ha!

    Has primarily been @

    ~Kens Korner Red Apple in Clinton…
    ~Cozys Roadhouse…
    ~Star Store Langley & Langley in general…
    ~Sebos Hardware…-(Customers & employees as well)-
    ~Baileys Corner Store-(perp central)-
    ~Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club-(minimal amount-but still present)-

    We certainly have a criminal syndicate @ work out here on the island-it should make us all feel better that this SHIT is happening ALL OVER Amerika?

    Ever been to Dr. Eric Karlstrom-(& Fellow Targeted Individual) site?…VERY informative as to the DHS Zionist Deep State Targeting Programs….Smart individual indeed…

    http://WWW.gangstalking mind control cults.com

    Keep up the good work man!…;)


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