America: Civil War Dialectic

A projection dialectic is being pushed by the left and alt right for Civil War in America.

It appears The Powers that Be are pushing their proxies into rhetoric designed to unleash their Maoist plan to depopulate the planet beginning with Civil War in the West.

Mad Maxine Waters and the Hollywood Marxist recently have called for actions that typically would suggest it’s game on in America for the long-awaited ‘divide and conquer’ Bolshevik game plan to commence.


The alt right has countered with dialectic measures and “defenses” of its own, recommending people arm-up for the impending assault from the left.


To fully contend to the reality of the situation, here are some sourced tips to consider should Civil War break-out in America.

First off, claims that the left will be dealt with quickly and easily by the alt right should the two sides collide may not be the case if the left can pull off their Marxist game plan according to script.

Main Core: A List of Millions of Americans That Will Be Subject to Detention During Martial Law

What’s their script? Convincing the right (particularly the ‘Main Core’, Conservatives, and Libertarians) that the left will fight fair – and by proxy, that the heavily armed right is favored for victory.

However, in reality, the left plan to bum-rush the boarder with migrants in on their genocidal script, along with Antifa and Deep State Mercenaries (highly trained private armies armed to the proverbial teeth with high-tech military grade hardware) who claim that combined they can take out unsuspecting Americans a 100 to one.

World Refugee Day: a map of human migration – click to enlarge

Working together with numerous Deep State proxies positioned at all key posts throughout the US military with access to high grade weaponry ready to be sortied during the planned symphony of destruction script composed by elites.

An elite script that includes brandishing use of US developed unrevealed secret weaponry possessing instruments that can blind targets for up to a week (snow-blind flash bomb) or longer. Including instruments that can permanently make targets deaf – forever.

Publicly known instruments to be used by the left will also include lasers, microwaves, phosphorus bombs and other high-tech weapons, such as drones.

And finally, most importantly, Tesla Technology weaponry in the hands of the elites. It was, after all Tesla weaponry that took down the Twin Towers, not nukes, thermite or anything else.

While Nikola Tesla was still alive he developed Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) sound wave technology that match the vibrational frequency of the selected object in its path, essentially breaking the object apart at the molecular level using extremely low frequencies (ELFs).

ELF weaponry can be cast down from satellites in an 80 square mile radius, devastating everything in its path – causing concrete to turn to dust and one’s innards to turn to mush – all in the hands of the Deep State (Dr. No).

For reconnaissance, leftist with small (private) planes will have their pilots organize to locate isolated groups of nationalists then send in war hardened Jihadis, Deep State Mercs and Antifa, all protected by sortied secret weaponry, drones, lasers, phosphorous bombs and potentially pinpointed ELFs.

Hardly the cake-walk being portrayed by virtually the entire alt right media – whose job is to foment divisions and dossier the most active patriots as Main Core.

“If you do not know your enemy do not go to war with him” – Sun Tzu

Not to mention, chemical and biological weaponry that is DNA race specific crafted towards (Cro-Magnon) Aryans.

However, Trump, who is Aryan, is currently in control of the military and could conceivably shoot down the ELF satellites and sortie the high-tech weaponry, in defense. Thank God Hillary, who is Jewish, didn’t win.

The End Game for the elites (mostly Jews) is an Aryan genocide, and 95% depopulation reduction of the remaining population. China is the main ally of the leftist elite. Jade Helm, the joint US military exercise, will have the Chinese military help in rounding up dissidents, mostly Aryans, just as Mao did in China under a Rothschilds/Rockefeller initiative last century.

Theory has it only three distinct races (species) exist on planet earth: Jews, Neanderthals, and Aryans.

Whereof, Jews and Neanderthals have teamed up to exterminate the Aryan race from the face of the planet – attempting to wipe them from the map of ‘Humanity’.

“Thus, the “creator god,” Zeus (Anu or Yahweh of the Old Testament) wants to keep mankind (Aryans) in bondage to him and his “natural laws” which he has set up, but a rebel figure, Prometheus (Lucifer) befriends man (Jews) and brings him the means to effect his freedom. That is, the Great Rebel brings man the means to become as one of the gods: “ye shall be as gods” (Gen. 3:5)” –

Lucifer is the Jews motivating factor, just as he was when they had unsuccessfully attempted before, and Noah (of the Ark) became the last Aryan standing, in their previously attempts to exterminate the Aryan race.

Further, because of previous purebred Aryans like Noah surviving their genocidal attempts, the elite are seeking a total Aryan genocide this time round to keep Anu from rebuilding the Aryan race after ‘the flood.’

“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of (Jewish) Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the (Aryan) Cro-Magnon majority of the human population.” – Michael Bradley

They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper

Neandethal John Bolton

The source for this information is John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon. John Bolton is the current National Security Advisor to president Trump, a Neocon, and high-ranking member of the Council on Foreign Relations (top government think tank). Bolton just recently met with Putin in Russia for the first time while representing Trump.

Bolton is a dialectic Neocon working with the left, a Marxist Trotskyite, and 33rd degree Mason fully vested in the plan his nephew laid-out above to exterminate the Aryan race and depopulate the planet.

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  1. You enlighten me often, but I believe there’s a mistake here. The entire world, in this Kali Yuga, is upside down, yet you assume the masses are rightside up in which entities they worship?

    I believe Enki/Prometheus/Odin/Wotan/Lord of light/ Shiva are the one in the same. The Book O’ Enki, said to be the Sumerian tablets translated to English, tell of how an annannaki/a man from the sky, En (earth) Ki (master) was sent to earth to harvest resources (mainly gold?) to restore Nibiru’s atmosphere. The Annannaki are said to already have had the Iggigi (neandrathals)? Or rather, neandra-thralls. But they weren’t efficient enough to do the work, so I believe it’s said that Enki ordered a new slave type engineered, and eventually mated with the woman of that breed, thereby fostering thefirst of the Aryans (Nordics are the trunk, the main base of the bloodline. From them went the Hyperboreans, Atlantians, Noah, the sumerians, the sythians, the Hindu Aryans).

    If this narrative is true, then Enki seems to be our Light bringer, illuminater, bringer of sacred Fire to man. They say Aryans prospered on Earth spiritually, and physically until one day a hostile culture took root in this world and began a war on our minds and bodies. The Sumerian tablets say enki’s dna mixing with the new version of slave’s was seen as an abomination by the other annannaki/Gods. I believe Anu is the Lord of that race which crucified Christ, Hitler, JFK, GLR, the Russian Tsar and his family, and billions of others through their manufactured wars.

    As before, we are still slaves who work meaningless work needlessly, and who are being deprived of any gold we harvest.

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