Jews Hunt Down Aryan Genocide through Procreation

Classic Aryan Henry Ford

The Jews are fervently targeting the best Aryan Genetics to be genetically dissolved off of the planet forever by using the practice of dissolution through marriage and procreation.

The Jews are simply lying about their true population numbers, which they claim is around 2% of the population.  The reality however, is that they are closer to around 20-30% of the population and accelerating their population growth at exponential rates.

How else could they relentlessly target Aryans and not jeopardize their own Jewish Genetic linage.

The Jews are using Procreation, incarceration, and death as a means to depopulate and destroy the Aryan race, while simultaneously spreading and disseminating their Jewish Genetics everywhere, thus taking over the planet.

There are no Jews in jail or prison, as they are the one’s putting everyone else there, particularly in targeting Aryans [America is 5% of the worlds population and houses 25% of all prisoners worldwide].

According to US Ambassador to the UN John R Bolton’s first nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, when Jews procreate with Aryans, the offspring will most often disseminate-out with more Jewish genetics then Aryan ones…thus, dissolving the Aryan race through procreation.

When this doesn’t happen, and the child disseminates-out with more Aryan genetics, then these Aryan-disseminated children are then targeted from within the family by the Jewish parent who is forever trying to set the child up for genetic extinction in one manor or another.

This is how Jews hunt down the top Aryans. Particularly as time goes by, and Aryans are targeted generation after generation by this Jewish genocidal schema.

Dixon said Jews who target Aryans for this type of procreation are being told they will be allowed to move forward with their chosen disseminated mixed race Jewish children, however, this will not be the case, he said, and all descendants with even an ounce of Aryan blood will not be allowed entry into the New world order. Making it a suicide mission, if they win.

Below is a list of Aryans targeted by Jews for genetic dissolution:

Henry Ford – targeted by Clara Jane Bryant – Jew

Frank Sinatra – targeted by Nancy Barbato – Jew

Charlton Heston – targeted by Lydia Clarke – Jew

David Letterman – targeted by Regina Lasko – Jew

Mel Gibson – targeted by Robyn Denise Moore – Jew

Kurt Cobain – targeted by Courtney Love – Jew

Jim Morrison – targeted by Patricia Karlberg – Jew

Ozzy Osborn – targeted by Sharon Arden – Jew

Charles Lindberg  – targeted by Anne Morrow– Jew

Lucille Ball – targeted by Desi Arnaz – Jew

Farah Fawcett – targeted by Ryan O’Neil – Jew

Burt Reynolds – targeted by Sally Field – Jew

Loyd Bridges – targeted by Dorthy Simpson – Jew

Steve McQueen – targeted by Ali MacGraw – Jew

John Wayne – targeted by Pilar Pallete – Jew

Elizabeth Montgomery – targeted by William Asher – Jew

Say goodbye to the above Aryan Genetics, as they will never fully walk this planet again… their children [if any] are now Jewish!  Or Jewish controlled, and will forever be beholden to Jewish interests – some outright opposing the Aryan race.



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  1. I have figured out that jews lie about their population numbers . But 20 – 30 percent … are we talking just in the U.S or is that world wide and are half jews included ?

    Monic lew-win-ski was a jew who targeted bill Clinton … even keep evidence .

    1. I have taught myself to recognize Jews by going to sites like and then assimilating these known Jewish personas, facial features, demeanors and attitudes onto unknown Jews through the process of assimilation, just like Darwin did, thus revealing to me all Jews that come into my stratosphere.

      Greg T Dixon was also a big help with inside Jewish knowledge, giving me a good head-start. 20-30% is my personal estimate, combined with Dixon’s claims that there are allot more Jews then they declare… it could be even higher.

      My estimates are for large metropolitan areas like Seattle, NY, Miami, LA, etc…
      There are clearly more than two Jews per hundred in these cities… I feel my estimates are right, but please, go to the sites I mentioned and see what you can determine.

      India has a large population of Jews as well. Asia has the lowest percentage of Jews, and the Middle East is mostly of Aryan descent according to Dixon

      Jews are all-over the western news media and television in general, once you get the hang of “it” you will be amazed at just how many Jews there really are in the world.

      ~ Corruptico

      1. Hungarian writer Istvan Bakony had already detailed in his time the Jews’ chameleonic properties in his books dealing with the Fifth Column. For instance he spoke of such sects as the Beni-Israel in India or the Tchao-Kiou-Kiaou in China where he explained how a Jew’s offspring (borne by a local female) looks already like the native population rendering their true identification almost impossible (in this regard, New-Zealand historian Greg Hallett says Mao was also a Rothschild bastard).
        As to this online Jewish encyclopedia listing many Jewish celebs in its “Biography” section, be it added that JFK is also mentioned, exactly like Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi Muammar, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Yasser Arafat or Bachar Al-Assad (oddly enough, all the former Bolshevik butchers, the likes of Yagoda, Frenkel or Rosalia Zemlyachka are not!).
        So in this case can we infer JFK was a dissident member of the “Chosen Ones” who decided to turn against the NWO’s plan? Or else his inclusion in the JVL would be misleading?
        By the way this JVL lists also Adolf Hitler and all the other Nazi top-brass (let us add on our side that Hitler was dubbed in his youth the “Jewish rascal”).
        You say in another post about Hitler and Merkel that they’re both manipulated, the former by the other nazi heads and his niece Merkel by her Jewish entourage and both were/are Aryans. I have really big doubts about this. For starters, there’s every likelihood indeed the ex-Stasi files reported the truth in saying Merkel’s mother is Gretl Braun, Eva’s sister (the Braun sisters were also Jewish), who’s been impregnated by the Führer’s frozen sperm thanks to Dr Klauberg (in this scenario Merkel thus becomes not his niece but his daughter). Charlie Chaplin, the “Cheapside Jew” as E. Mullins used to call him, said Hitler was the most impressive actor he had ever seen and so, I don’t think he really needed manipulation to carry out his task of destroying Germany from within, a task taken over by Merkel who became Chancellor “hexactly” 60 yrs and 6 months AFTER the German surrender while her father (or uncle?) has been elected Chancellor (March 5th,1933) “hexactly” 6 yrs and 6 months BEFORE WWII broke out. In short, typical Jewish kabbalistic obsession for figures and symbols.

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