Issaquah City Administrator Leon Kos’ Christmas Death Gift: Homebase Uranium Tainted Mirrors

Nothing says Merry Christmas like the Jewish gift of Death.

Leon Kos
Jewish City of Issaquah Administrator Leon Kos

I have personally known Leon Kos (left) since the age of five, when he first mysteriously appeared in my life at the wake of an untimely death of good Aryan family friend named Mike Ferry, who this website’s source believes, Leon, along with Mike’s wife Kathy, conspired to murder.

According to former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant (source) deeply connected with Freemasonry, city of Issaquah administrator Leon Kos is secretly the Jewish half-brother of current Washington State Speaker of the House Frank Chopp.

Dixon said in Washington State, Leon Kos is also friends with Jewish city of Snoqualmie attorney Pat Anderson, Snoqualmie Police Chief Don Isley [Jew], Washington State Legislature House Representative Larry Springer D–Kirkland [Jew], Kirkland attorney Jeff Jared [Jew] and city of Kirkland Council candidate Marin Morgan, a “House of Morgan” Jewish descendant.  As well as many other prominent Jews he is connected with through Jewish HUBS he is associated.

Dixon further explained how Leon Kos is Walt Disney’s nephew, and literally grew up at Disneyland while it was being constructed in the 50s  – and by proxy of his very powerful Jewish family from California, whose bloodline descends directly from Illuminati Royal Bloodline of the 15-Families (below), Leon Kos’ father was handed control of the money politics within the state, where Leon became, and is currently, good friends with Jews, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi – all of whom have ties to San Francisco in the 1970′s.

Jews Leon Kos (Disney), Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer

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Over the course of many years, my parents have exchanged numerous Christmas gifts with Leon Kos and his wife Kathy. However, one year sticks out particularly in my mind as an anomaly based on the extreme oddity of the item Leon gifted both my parents.

At the time, around 1987, my parents were divorced living in separate homes, when both received the exact same cheap 2’x3’ “white” hall mirror as a Christmas gift from the Kos’.

I specifically remember thinking this was an extremely cheap item to have gifted my father, being that his income was averaging over million at the time.

Upon visiting my mother for Christmas, who received the exact same mirror, I took a closer examination of this duplicate mirror.

During the inspection, I noticed the mirror had been repainted white from its original gold color which also had tiny white and black specks throughout. This observation was made visible by an extremely sloppy amateur tape job all along the edge of the frame, prior to the re panting.

I assumed the two mirrors had both been re-gifted by the Kos’, and questioned my mother about the tackiness of their gift, and the fact it had been repainted.

My mother agreed that it was an unusual gift coming from the Kos’, but said they probably didn’t know what else to get her.

I asked what she wanted me to do with it, she told to take to the basement, as it was too cheap to hang up, she said.

As I took the mirror down to the basement, I remember wondering what my father must be thinking about his mirror, doubting that he would actually hang it in his home.

Why would Leon go to all this trouble to tape off and spray paint such cheap, ugly looking mirrors?

Not too long after my parents both received these mirrors as Christmas gifts from the Kos’, I was alerted to warnings being issued by the local Seattle news media about how Homebase, the home improvement store, had “unwittingly” been selling “golden” painted framed mirrors from China containing dangerously high levels of Uranium in the glasses backing material, used in creating the mirrors reflection.

This story ran for weeks, with the media urging people to bring the mirrors back to Homebase for a full refund, or potentially face dire consequences, but I did not make the connection.

Years later in 1998, Dixon explained how Leon had gained inside information pertaining to the fact that these Homebase mirrors contained dangerously high levels of Uranium in the backing material.

Dixon said Leon immediately went out and purchased a couple of these Uranium tainted mirrors from Homebase with preemptive plans to gift them to my parents, in hopes they would be exposed to the deadly radioactive Uranium and die.

Dixon revealed how Leon personally spray painted both the mirrors himself, and why the original color could be seen between the edge of the glass and the frame, due to the poor tape job.

Dr James P Haeg MD
Dr James P Haeg MD

Dixon further explained how Leon Kos secretly “HATES” my Aryan father, and “wants him DEAD,” but needs me dead first, so I don’t make a claim on my father’s multi-million dollar estate, Leon Kos and other elite Jews (named herein) are currently set to inherit.

Dixon spelled out other numerous times in which Jews connected to Leon, have made multiple attempts on my father’s life, and how his crypto Jewish wife is poisoning him daily – stringing him along just enough, without bringing on a full-blown ailment, so they can finish him off quickly, Dixon said, right after they kill me.

Dixon says I’m keeping my father alive simply by being in line to inherit is multi-million dollar estate, which requires I remain incarnate.

Dixon expressed how my father is a Aryan dupe, in believing that he is liked by the very Jews who surround him exclusively, yet in reality, are only there to facilitate his genetic demise, as my narcissistic father couldn’t make a non-Jewish friend to save his life – literally.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who the fairest of them all?

On August 17, 2007 I verbally, and explicitly explained the above information while testifying in a Bellevue, Washington court room for the record, via a Jewish female crypto family in-law court reporter on my mother’s side, a Dixon family female prosecutor, and pro tem Judge Elizabeth M Asher, who admits being related to my father.

Where, Judge Asher (also an attorney with a private practice) said she remembered hearing about the Uranium tainted mirrors being sold at Homebase on the local news media.

And in conclusion, Judge Asher, also friends with Dixon, said she knows of Leon Kos and believes my account of these events regarding the death attempt made on my parents.

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