Jew Leon Kos Threatens Lives of Entire Aryan Family

Leon Kos - "No Smoking" - Circa 1977
Leon Kos

City of Issaquah Administrator Leon Kos, an elite Jew, is not who he claims to be in his public persona portrayed by the local media.  In fact, Leon Kos could never even hold public office if the citizenry had the knowledge I have about him witnessed first–hand.

Around 1980, my mother and I were invited by Kathy and Leon Kos to attend a Little School auction dinner held in Seattle – where, after the auction was over, Leon Kos verbally threatened my life, and then the life of my entire family, including my then three year-old sister.

In the early evening hours of summer circa 1980, my mother and I drove together to the auction held at: Saint Demetrios Orthodox Church and Community Center in Seattle near the UW.

Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (Seattle)
Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church – Seattle

We met up with Kathy and Leon seated around a large table with other guests.  In which, Leon and Kathy began drinking wine before dinner, with dinner, and after dinner.

During the dinner auction, my mother spontaneously began bidding, in opposition to Kathy and Leon’s wishes, on an old pair of Harvard Exit movie theater seats, each containing four seats strung together, which my mother insisted we split with Kathy and Leon.  We ended up with the winning bid, and together, we were reminded not to forget to pick up the seats after dinner.

Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Ballroom
Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Ballroom

After the auction dinner was over, Leon and I went to pick up the Harvard Exit theater seats before walking them outside to the lower parking lot to be loaded into Leon and Kathy’s late 70s yellow Volkswagen Van.

As Leon and I were approaching his Van, Leon set his 4-pack of theater seats down in the parking lot, and while fumbling for his keys he became agitated, turned and faced me, then stated my name and said.“…I’d sure like to see you dead.”

Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Parking Lot
Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Parking Lot

I remained silent: I could see he was slightly drunk as awkwardly loaded were the seats into his van.  I set my seats down on the parking lot, Leon Kos turned and faced me, again looking me directly in the eye,  he stated my name and said, “…I’d sure like to see you and your whole family dead.”

There absolutely is no-doubt Leon was very serious about these threats made twice, and therefore, I instantly conveyed them to my mother, who said he was probably just drunk and joking around – and later my father, who didn’t want to believe me, and is still to this day friends with Leon Kos.

According to John R Bolton’s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Leon Kos is secretly the Jewish half-brother of current Washington State Speaker of the House Frank Chopp – who literally runs the State Legislature – and that he meant every word of the threats he made that night.

Dixon has told me on numerous occasions throughout my life that Leon Kos, along with his Jewish friends and family, including Frank Chopp [all Jews], all want me dead… and exactly how they are persistently pursuing my death, and the death of my entire family genetics on both sides.

City of Kirkland council candidate Marin Morgan, unaware he is an underclass Jew, Dixon says, but knows he is a descendant of the “House of Morgan” – whom are trying to dissolve his underclass genetics from existence – has also told me on multiple occasions that a certain prominent Issaquah city employee, also “an Attorney” whom is friends with my family… wants me dead.

Dixon said Leon Kos is a very prominent Jew from a very powerful Jewish family in California who financed Dianne Feinstein [Jew], Barbara Boxer [Jew] and Nancy Pelosi [Jew] – all of whom have ties to San Francisco in the 1970′s.

Dixon said Leon Kos secretly “HATES” my Aryan father and “wants him DEAD,” but needs me dead first, so I don’t make a claim on my father’s million dollar estate – one Leon Kos and other elite Jews are at present, set to inherit.

My father is currently surrounded by elite Jews that are poisoning him daily, Dixon said, and he hasn’t got a clue he is hated by the very people who surround him closest, most notably Leon Kos…


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