How to Identify Owner of Light Aircraft Flying Overhead

Anyone can easily discover the registered owner of light aircraft flying overhead. With the right video camera and internet connection to the FAA website, it’s rather simple –


Ever wondered who owns the small plane or helicopter flying over your home or workplace? These people are usually elite.

Whether piloting the craft themselves or simply the owner, it’s fairly straightforward to find out who owns the aircraft in the sky.

The first thing needed is a good camcorder with a powerful built-in ZOOM. I recommend Panasonic, whether new or used, eBay will have the best price.

Here are some recommend models :

Panasonic HC-V201
Panasonic HC-V110
Panasonic HC-V180
Panasonic HC-V210

As of posting, a good price on a Panasonic HC-V201 camcorder was found for auction on eBay:

The Panasonic HC-V201 is the one used for this report – purchased on eBay for around $35. It comes with a 72x optical zoom which works great for capturing the N-number off the back of the aircraft tail section, required by the FAA.


The ZOOM on the HC-V201 has three settings: 72x (optical) 100x (enhanced) and 2,500x (worthless). The 100x setting was used for this report.


It’s also great for shooting the MOON:


Panasonic’s tiny camcorders work better than regular SLR cameras. Besides the obvious zoom, you can slow the footage down on replay, zeroing in on the N-number with clarity, before freezing the frame and recording the aircraft registration number to enter into the FAA database to find its owner.

Once you have identified the aircraft registration N-number from the back of the plane, simply go to the the FAA website and type it in (omitting the letter “N”) to find the name or company of the owner.

For example: N79884 is one of the aircraft registration identification numbers (N-number) captured from a small plane (below) repeatedly flying over my property in Langley, Washington.

Captured N79884 N-Number with Panasonic HC-V201 Camcorder (100x)

After entering 79884 into the ‘FAA Registry N-Number Inquiry’ and hitting “submit” the results for this particular N-number revealed the owner below.

N79884 Laith Barnhill (Arlington, WA) – click to enlarge

Here’s a photo of the owner of that particular aircraft flying over my property. After conducting a name search, it turns out he happens to be a flight instructor based in Arlington, Washington – and a Jew.  Who knew?

Jew Flight Instructor Laith Barnhill (N-Number N79884)

Another plane captured flying overhead above my property belongs to Dr. Barbara G Schach of Kirkland, Washington, who also is a Jew.

N369TC Dr. Barbara Schach (Kirkland, WA)

Further N-Numbers include Todd Stabler, MBA, who appears to be a Mason based in Bellevue, Washington.

N4143N Todd Stabler, MBA, (Roche Harbor, WA) TODD STABLER & ASSOCIATES (Bellevue, WA)
Todd Stabler, MBA (Bellevue, WA)

Most however are LLC’s….

N250WW BLADES LLC (Arlington, WA)

N4127J VAN AERO LLC (Wilmington, DE)
N43RQ LLC (Bothell, WA)
N1658C CE-172 AIRCRAFT LLC (Wilmington, DE)
N186G Kirk Brown (Spring Branch, TX)
N97WH Thomas R Cox (Kirkland, WA)
N7291M Brainard E Lee (Everett, WA)
N13839 John G Deaton (Petaluma, CA)

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  1. This is all basic information that was taught to me at my elite high school in Seattle.

    But the true Elite have a way of hiding from your basic FAA lookup. They simply register ownership for the aircraft under a tax exempt LLC with a name similar to “Bla bla bla Holdings LLC”. The ownership of that LLC is then placed into a chain of other LLCs where it makes it nearly impossible to identify the actual owner of the assets. That is unless you’re part of the elite and can afford the extremely expensive licenses for the professional versions of LexisNexis or other versions of legal software only available to the elite who can afford it.

    The real question I have, who is flying the all matte black, completely unmarked and unlit helicopters and planes I’ve seen from time to time? They love to fly all over the Western Washington. I’ve even seen ones that looked some new multi-billion dollar experimental unit straight out of a futuristic video game. But I’ve hardly seen any of them since the installation of the the 4G/5G infrastructures several years ago. The new wireless tech provides much more terrifying capabilities.

    1. GOOD VERK!!

      “Wise Owl Aviation Co”……..”Jonas Aircraft & Arms Co Inc”?……Certainly sounds Creepy, which is par for the course here on Skull island…..~Possession shores…~Cult-us bay…~Deception Pass….”Long-Ears” Lane….

      May as well call it “Summers Isle” as in the old “Death Cult” film “The Wicker Man”

      Wonder if Jennifer Cox runnin for the city council seat in Langley is of any relation to “Thomas R. Cox”?

      On a side note, interesting you should write about the Donahue family-as I had a few “Friends” with that very name while runnin round Everett/Seattle in my youth-One of em was Aaron Donahue(musician), forget his brothers name though…My two oldest best friends were both close with those very two Donahue brothers……

      Are DEAD now within just a few short years of each other. Both died young leaving children behind…

      ~Garrett Ralph Anderson March 15th 1975~December 7th 2010 -Weller funeral home, Arlington Wa…Worked in wireless/telecom industry….~Died during a nap…

      ~Jason Earl Anderson Feb 8th 1973~July 26th 2013 Memorial service: “Bauer Funeral Chapel” Snohomish Wa….Worked @ Kimberly Clark for many years then the lazy B…..~Brain tumor

      Of course before their untimely passing(s) my WhidbeyDeathCult V2K-(Voice To Skull)- perps were constantly commenting on killing all my TRUE friends off one by one if I didnt leave the island….

      Be well

      1. Don’t forget they also filmed the occult-laden movie “Practical Magic” in Coupeville. Whidbey is such a quiet island on the exterior, yet somehow it attracts the richest and most powerful people on the planet. Hell, the neighbors at my family cabin are the Nordstroms and the Robinsons (of Robinson Helicopter Co). The Robinsons own several hundred acres around there and they even have their own private Robinson Beach on MUTINY Bay. I even found out that one of my neighbors has been a major proponent and influencer of the new age movement since at least the 70’s, while his son owns a major corporation in New York that I won’t divulge here. This goddamned Island is like an onion that you can never stop peeling.

        1. Interesting. According to my source, John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon, Scimitar Ridge Ranch near Anacortes is the “Bilderberg” meeting place on Whidbey Island for the elite. Hosting top brass such as Henry Kissinger, who i’m told has visited the Ranch multiple times with the same elite clientele that attends Bilderberg meetings worldwide, now currently taking place in Montreux, Switzerland. The Secret Service surrounds the place during the meetings, and almost shot an RV’er vacationing nearby during one of their pow wows.


          Not to mention Island Def Jam Records, who also resides on Whidbey i’m told in a large white warehouse in the middle of the forest…

          1. Another hollywood movie filled with veiled messages about the NW: The Wicker Man. The shitty 2006 Nicholas Cage remake, not the 1973 cinematic masterpiece.

            In that version Summerisle is a private Puget Sound Island run by an insane pagan cult. Most likely it was based off of either Whidbey or Hat Island.

          2. GREAT info! Thanks for sharing!

            Im fairly certain the reason so many elites are drawn to this wreck, ONE-is the easy access local Pedo-ring I have to listen to via my V2K comms…

            & TWO: The south end has a Deep Underground Base involved in the manufacture of ADRENOCHROME….A >VERY OLD< D.U.B….Possibly used as part of/one facet of the east coasts Montauk project….Im one of the very few left from that "Camp Hero" abomination…

            ~Think island Reptilian human-hybrid DNA experiment…

            "DEF JAM" records takes on an entirely different meaning now considering the V2K/D.E.W/R-emote N-eural M-onitoring/Gangstakling network out here….They sure know haw to JAM one up QUIETLY?

            And people actually move out here to "Paradise" for the "Privacy" & "Quiet"?!….Thats what I mistakenly thought until the local ring greenlighted the "DEAF JAM" on me. Seems they dont care for lifelong MKDELTA E.T/Human-hybrid operatives in their midst?

            Stay Safe & Be Well Edmund Dantes….:)

            ~Creighton/Huron Lee Rose

        2. Greets SoloSides!….

          “Wars Of The Roses” was shot here as well…

          With a nod to “Practical Magick” Im sure your aware of Nicole KIDmans father, One “Dr” Anthony KID-MAN being a member of the Satanic 9th Circle Cult. A BRAVE woman going by the name of Ms. Fiona Barnett was abused by such a monster in Australia. She has a documentary on the cult/ring going by the name of “Candy Girl”…Not for the squeamish…

          They just recently had a daddy/daughter dance here this winter/spring on the rock going by the name/theme of “CandyLand”….uuugh

          Yes, MANY powerful peeps have a place here. The Hiltons as well, aside from many Hollywood execs/screenwriters/actors/ect…

          Your CORRECT in the assessment of this place having more layers than an onion…SOMETHING BIG is being protected most definitely..

          I have a short excerpt about all the movies shot out here on my targeting blog:

          ~The Warp & The Weft~ A Targeted Individuals Tale Of Life On Whidbey Island~
          LiveLeak UserName: KrasnayaZvezda

          Starts @ bottom of LL page for chronological order…

          Stay safe & be well SoloSides!


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